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Weight Gain
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Weight gain and hands

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I know this question is strange, but I really need to know.

I suffered from ED and I'm still sligtly underweight and in recovery.

I play the piano. I began lessons when I was very young.
When I lost lot of weight I also lost strength and control in my hands.
The sound I was producing was weak, the fingers slipped and the hand would not open wide.

I remember a time when I noticed my hands were getting skeletical and small.
I'm trying to get my old life back, starting with finally taking the piano seriously and practicing regularly.

The problem is that I feel my hands are smaller than before ED.
They don't open as wide as before, the fleshy part of the thumb is flat,
the fingers are unbelievably thin, the palm is thin and frail (I can see all veins, tendons, bones and the skin is so thight against the bones)

Suddenly my hands are smaller than those of my mother who is shorter than me. I have lost power and control and they don't feel "mine".

I discussed this with a friend but he told me that there are no muscles in the hands, that fingers are controlled by arms muscles and that your hands can't get smaller or bigger, thinner or thicker.

I'm sure I'm not delusional !! My hands are definitely smaller, my palm is less wide, the thumb flesh non-existant, the fingers skeletical.

Can you please tell me what's wrong with me?
Can you please tell me that you noticed changes in your hands too as you lost of gained lot of weight? Can you please tell me that my hands will fill up as the rest of my body will fill up with muscles and fat?

I hope I haven't screwed my piano skills for ever :(:(

Thank you

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how much weight have you actually gained so far? are you in a healthy weight range?  im thinking w/ more weight will come more stregnth.

The only reason I can think of, is to do with your calcium levels

There are bones in your hands, and you might have deprived yourself of calcium which could have affected your growing hands/bones.

Hands and feet grow longer then our height I think I heard, so maybe lack of calcium stunted your hands growth?

I'm still underweight but almost there. I need another 15 pounds.

But my hands are smaller, less wide and thick then they used to be, so it can't be a growth thing. Just below the thumb I used to have flesh but now it's flat and nothing but skin and bones. Also I feel pain in my hands if I try to peel oranges or even write with a pencil.


have you gone to the doctor? 15lbs is not so little, seems like its due to the low weight,  when you gain more, youll have more skin+fat on your hands+more muscle too.

Yes, I'm monitored. But since I got no answers about this matter I wondered whether I'm the only one who noticed hands shrinking and getting thin and skeletical during weight loss. I've been said there are no muscles in the hand just bones, so it's unlikely. But again, I'm not delusional!

I play piano, too.

Do you have any gloves you can try on? See if they fit any differently than they used to. Physically, it is impossible for hands to "shrink". Oh - but there are flexibility exercises you can do with your hands.  My grandmother is in her mid 70s and does them so she can reach for the octaves. You may have a similar condition to carpal tunnel, but in the hands themselves.



Original Post by danny_fjeldmose:

Yes, I'm monitored. But since I got no answers about this matter I wondered whether I'm the only one who noticed hands shrinking and getting thin and skeletical during weight loss. I've been said there are no muscles in the hand just bones, so it's unlikely. But again, I'm not delusional!

There ARE muscles in the hand.  Think about it.  They just aren't as prominent.

Also, when you are underweight, you are also usually dehydrated, which can show in the hands...the skin just looks really tight and hence you look more 'veiny'.

And, 15 lbs is still significantly underweight.  So you do have a ways to go.

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You're not delusional!  I, too, experienced at least thinner fingers during my sickest time with ED.  I couldn't really tell visually, but when my wedding ring kept falling off, I knew I had a problem.  I wrapped some medical tape around the under-side so it would fit tighter, and although I have gained some weight, I still need the tape.  I did not need the tape when I weighed this amount on the way down, but since I'm still underweight, I'm hoping it will normalize soon.  (oh, and I don't talk triggering numbers, but my weight loss/gain has not been that drastic either)  

I'm not sure where you live, but now that it's getting colder, this could affect your hands too.  If you are adequately warm (including your hands, which is hard I know!), maybe you'll feel more strength?  I agree with previous posters that more weight gain should help, but for now make sure you are hydrated, warm, and even getting enough salt (although most people do . . . )




Yes, danny hands do definately lose and gain as well as the rest of you.   Just try getting on or off a ring once you have gained or lost weight.  I had to take my rings off completely for fear of losing them the last time I was in weight loss mode.... keep gaining and indeed add calcium and omega 3,6 and 9 supplements to your diet to stregthen the bones and lubricate your joints and skin.  just keep focused on gaining....

I do not suffer from an ED where I need to gain weight but I am a piano player.   Certainly you probably lost muscle in your hands and arms but also your skin may not be as elastic... not enough fatty acids in your diet... which may have affected your span...  just a thought.... 

Ps check out wikipedia.... there are muscles in your hand...  as well as fatty tissues

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