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Ways to make Ensure taste 100x better!! =D

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I think that Ensure tastes horrible and revolting, and its nauseating to drink. I'm pretty sure that some of you guys drinking these nutrition drinks agree with me, right? =p

Well I experimented, and made a Berry Ensure Smoothie tonight and it was actually edible!

  • Vanilla Ensure (prepared as directed), frozen
  • Frozen or fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries or raspberries)

I used the Vanilla Ensure powder and mixed it as directed in a cup and put it in the freezer overnight. Then I took it out to thaw out a bit (otherwise it gets stuck in the cup lol) and chucked it in the blender along with about 10 frozen strawberries depending on how fruity you want it.

Tasted like a berry smoothie! No revolting ensure aftertaste as well =)

If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to post ^^

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Hah, I hate Ensure, gainer solutions/drinks/formula and suppliments full stop, but I have made smoothies and juices from time to time. We have a brilliant book in my house called "Super Juice" by Michael Van Straten which I can share a few mixes out of - if you want to add Ensure and stuff to them, feel free to try! Switch out soy milk for whatever dairy you use, though. I have a lot of them down with soy because I can't drink milk. >>;

Monkey Business
6 apples, uncored and quartered
2 bananas, peeled
1 tbsp smooth peanut butter
Rich in potassium, vitamin c, vitamin A, pectin, ellagic acid, protein and iron

Lime-e Shake
2 oranges, peeled with pith remaining
1 lime, peeled (unless key lime)
1 banana, peeled
Soy milk, 10oz
Live natural yoghurt, 5oz
2 tbsp wheatgerm
Rich in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, B vitamins, vitamin E, bioflavanoids, iron, and magnesium

Spice Island Special (very nice warmed up!)
Soy milk, 10oz
Coconut milk, 5oz
Plain frozen yoghurt/vanilla ice cream, 5oz
Half a tsp cinnamon, ground
Half a tsp cloves, ground
Rich in protein, calcium, iron and B vitamins

Agen Provocateur
6 prunes, soaked and stoned
4 apples, unpeeled, uncored and quartered
4 pears, unpeeled
1 dessertspoon blackstrap molasses
Rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin E, and iron

Mock Mint Choc
6 leaves mint
5 brazil nuts, shelled
10oz soy milk
5oz live natural yoghurt
1 dessertspoon honey
2 dessertspoons carob powder (works when switched with unsweetened cocoa powder, or melted dark chocolate)
Rich in calcium, protein, selenium, potassium and iron

I have LOTS more juices and shakes in here so if you want to know more, ask! Lol.

I always hated Ensure. When I did still depend on high cal drinks I liked to make my own smoothies and shakes. 

One of the best Ensure recipes I came up with was orange cream! Freeze an Ensure, then stick it in the blender w/ 5-6 ice cubes, maybe 1/3 cup orange juice and more sugar if it's too tart.

Have you tried pouring it over cereal and then eating as you would with milk? If you like cereal, this takes some of the "ick" off the aftertaste.

I'm wondering, though, why you constitute the Ensure yourself ... is it cheaper? I actually have never heard of powder that you mix up ... just the already-mixed cans or bottles. If you're using powder, couldn't you just plop the powder into something else without even mixing it up? Like envelopes of hot chocolate?

I've also heard of people eating the pudding with crumbled up Luna bars, ceral, Cliffs bars, fig newtons, Nutragrain bars, etc. in it.

Ensure milkshakes! Take a chocolate ensure, vanilla ice cream, milk, ice cubes, and protein powder (cinnamon, too, if you like), mix in a blender, top with whipped cream. This was the highlight of my day when I was on a 2-month liquid diet.

EDIT: I once tried the pudding... I would not recommend trying it, unless you want to be afraid of food for the rest of forever. It was, without a doubt, the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted.


Thanks lala! Those smoothies sound so yummy =p Do you have the nutritional info for those smoothies or should I just add up the cals in the ingredients? Because sometimes if I don't know the cals I tend to overestimate which leads to not having enough cals for the day.

forgotten - Here in australia they've only got the powdered ones. I had a can ensured once, but it tasted even more disgusting than the mixed powdered one lol. And I think it would taste a bit weird if I just plopped it in any drink xD

No nutritional info, you'd have to add the calories of each ingredient.

btw they allowed Boost in cereal(which is less gross than ensure but still sickly sweet) when I was at Princeton back in the day and it helped a LOT with the taste

Go with boost! It's so much better :) I like taking the chocolate flavor and microwaving it like cocoa.

You can also take the vainilla variety and nuke it, then, mix in some decaf coffee. It's like a cappucino.

And if you still can't tolerate the taste, give MuscleMilk a try. 240 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 22 grams of protein :) Something to be happy about!

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Kind of late, but I warm the chocolate in the microwave for 60 seconds, sprinkle cinnamon on the vanilla and warm it in the microwave for 60 seconds, and freeze the strawberry 2 hours before I have to take it and mush it up like a slushy :)

I suppose I'm the odd one... I love Ensure. Boost is a bit too rich for me, so I dilute it with a bit of milk. And the Wal-Mart "Equate" stuff is bland, but not too bad overall.



Ensure's website has a bunch of recipes. Some for drinks, some for solid food! The only one I think is a bit too weird, is "Vanilla Soda"... Vanilla Ensure and club soda together? I just might get curious enough to try it some time.




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Actually, I like Ensure, but I think that warming it up makes it sooo good.

My doctor is reccommending to my treatment team that i be required to crink ensure as i have an ED and have become unwell, i also have gastritis and cant tolerate solid food due to that.

I was under the impression that ensure came ready made in a can. You just open it, and theres the liquid ready to drink. Is this not the case, do you have to make it from powder??

Does it really taste that bad, is there something you can describe/compare it to??

Kayeanne - If I remember right, somebody in the UK said they could only get it in powder. In the USA, it's generally pre-mixed. You can get it in a can, or in a plastic re-closable bottle. A'course, when I drink it, I never close it again...I take it all in one glug! LOL


There's also Boost, which is a bit cheaper. And then as I mentioned, Wal-Mart's generic "Equate" version. That's what I get, cuz it's cheapest... $5.75 for a 6-pack of cans (I don't think Equate comes in bottles).


I tried a SlimFast meal replacer drink/shake. I was at work, and forgot to pack a lunch, so figured I'd just get something from the vending machines. Now that stuff is NASTY!!! I literally spit out the first sip, into the breakroom sink! I had the chocolate... maybe the other flavors aren't so bad, but now I don't even dare try.

Ironically, I do like the chocolate chip cookie dough meal replacement bars from SlimFast...

Currently (in in treatment for my ED) I have to drink 4 ensure pluses each day on top of a huge meal plan!  Here are some things I do to make it a little more tolerable:

-heating the ensure in a mug (hot chocolate or warm vanilla milk)

-blending it with ice to make a milkshake

-blending the ensure with frozen fruit (esp. bananas or frozen strawberries)

-making a "latte" by foaming the ensure and adding coffee

-adding coffee to heated ensure

-freezing the ensure and eating it like a slushee


Good luck--Ensure sucks!

Oh man...the days of Ensure...ugh! I used to pour it over my cereal. Or use it to make my oatmeal. I found I can't really handle it straight from the bottle.

If you're only on a bottle a day, I'd use it through various times throughout the day instead of chuggin' it down all at once. Example: in the morning you can use it in your cereal (the chocolate is pretty good with Cocoa Krispies...), at lunch, make a milkshake to have alongside your meal, same with dinner. Also, as someone said before me, you can make some hot chocolate out of it with your night time snack.

Have a good one. Hope this helps!

I have to agree with mosunshine. Mixed with cereal, Ensure is more tolerable. Almost tasty even...only if you like really sweet stuff though.

Kayeann: The chocolate tastes like really thick and a bit sweeter chocolate milk. Vanilla...almost like very thick and sweet vanilla soymil. And strawberry I've never had...so I don't really know how it tastes.

Coco:  Sorry to hear that you've been zapped up to 3 Ensure Plus per day.  I hope this thread has some ideas for you--includes some recipe ideas.


They actually have a bunch of new flavors:  dark chocolate, vanilla, milk chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, coffee, wild berry, banana cream, and orange cream.  

Now, some of these flavors are hard to find, but most you can order online (usually in bulk).  The varieties are ensure, ensure plus, ensure high protein, ensure fiber, and ensure high calcium.  So, depending on your needs, choose accordingly.  

My personal favorite is vanilla, followed by milk chocolate.  Once you get used to drinking ensure regularly, it's not so bad.  Enjoy!

I'm on Carnation Instand breakfast's,, I'd acctully rather have ensures because there are so many more flavors!

But if you go to the carnation breakfast website there are so many different smoothie ideas!

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