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Is there any way to increase your appetite??

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I'm trying to gain 12-15 lbs.. I started really trying last week at 103 and now I'm at 109 lbs :) I'm 5'6". My lowest weight was 89 lbs. I've been fighting cancer since I was 4 (I'm 16 now), and during my treatments I lost my appetite completely and had to be fed through a "g-tube" into my stomach. So for a while I didn't eat very much at all because I was just fed through the tube. So now I have a very very small appetite and it's hard for me to eat. I've been off treatment for a while now, and I've never gotten the appetite back. Just wondering if there's anything that increases your appetite? I've heard excersise works but I'm afraid it will just make me lose weight again!

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DON'T EXERCISE!! your weight is too low to try to increase your appetite that way, and even if it did work then you'd have to make up for the calories burned so the increase in appetite might just leave you where you started!! 

maybe try eating something decadent that just tastes amazing, like a slice of cheesecake or a fresh baked brownie/cookie/piece of bread from a bakery. maybe having something that's just really well made might bring your appetite back. it's worth a shot and you have nothing to lose!

See that's what everyone tells me. Eat something yummy like brownies or cake or chocolate. But it's like I have no desire to eat that. At all. I have no cravings. I'm never hungry. It really sucks! :(

well eat it anyway...sometimes the taste of the food is all it takes to spark the desire to eat it...just try it.

simple, refined carbs can stimulate the appetite - get started with something sweet and then fill the craving with a peanut butter covered apple - OR better yet, bake some banana bread with lots of real banana (for the nutritional value) and healthy oils, and while its still warm put the PB on that. It's calorie dense and you can eat a lot before you realize you're full - plus,while cooking, it may make you hungry;-)


also go to a pharmacy. they have this stuff called FOSFAR. it gives energy 9ie phosphorous) but also provides a good appetite boost. its used for ppl post-operatively or recovering from illness.

tis good stuff!

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seconded. at a high enough dose it will have mad effects on your appetite.

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 Find your self a high calorie protein shake that taste very good, add a few table spoons of peanut butter to it. I normally freeze a couple of them and have them several times a day. This may help you add a few pounds without really eating. I am surprised that your doctor did not or will not give you anything to increase it for you. I use American Whey protein powder. I mix chocolate with banana and add the peanut butter. It is so good.

Good luck, any questions feel free to email me.

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giftb, doesn't that have a nauseating effect on some? I mean the whey protein

I've had the same question.  I could really use something that would give me a good appetite in the morning when I wake up.  I would rather have juice and nothing else until about 10 AM. 

When my beloved cat was on chemotherapy, his wonderful vet prescribed small portions of cyproheptadine tablets (brand name= Periactin).  They are an antihistamine with side effect of appetite stimulation.  I think they worked somewhat for him.  Has anyone here taken it?


Forgot to say that B vitamins increase my appetite.  I take a B complex tablet.  Helps my mood and appetite.  You might want to ask your dietitian or MD first.

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See that's what everyone tells me. Eat something yummy like brownies or cake or chocolate. But it's like I have no desire to eat that. At all. I have no cravings. I'm never hungry. It really sucks! :(

 actually sugar increases your appetite and swwet foods in chinese herboligy and chinese medicine, so eating sweet things will improve your appetite~erica

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