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Weight Gain
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Want to gain 10 lbs quickly

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What is the quickest way to gain 10 pounds (all in fat)?

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That's a very difficult question to answer, because no one knows how your body will react, but the only way I can think of gaining 10 pounds in solid fat is not a single thing of exercise, and eating fast food and full on hamburgers with loads of cheese and such. But that will leave no nutrients. So try to balance out having a few fruits and veggies and healthier carbohydrates with your junk food.

But the reaction I am talking about is, your body may not gain quickly if you have a high metabolism.

But eat, eat, eat and no exercise should get you to where you want.

But be careful.

...Why would you want to gain it all in fat???  If you are underweight, your body will naturally gain some of the weight in muscle, which is a good thing. 

Eat like a million raisins and peanuts :D ah... how I'd love to do that

Ok, so you post on 2 different forums asking people to comment on whther you are 'skinny/slim/slightly chubby/chubby/fat?' one reply says you are very thin, one says you are skinny, so here you are a few hours later asking how to gain 10lbs in fat very quickly.

What is going on here?

Yes, I'd say you look to eb on the thin side, but I'm more concerned that you don't have a clue whether you are 'skinny' or 'fat' or somewhere in between, then based on the judgement of a couple of strangers, (no offence to those who commented!) you want to gain 10 lbs of fat right away...

This seems a little inappropriate to me. Why the hurry? i would have thought a slower plan of gradual healthy weight gain and muscle building would be the way to go. Try asking the guys on the fitness forum for advice on that. Gaining 10lbs of fat very fast wouldn't do you any favours in the long run.

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