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Weight Gain
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i was juuust wondering, what do you guys miss about you before your ED.

i miss my booobs, and having legs.

i even miss my period.

and i also miss how food wasnt such a big part in my life. i would eat whatever, when i was hungry.  now i constantly think about it.


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Not knowing the definition of a calorie.

Hanging out with friends and being able to have 3-4 cans of pop and chips and popcorn without guilt.

grt idea i miss having girly nights with popcorn and icecream , i miss the energy i had , i miss going to parties and socialising

Not thinking about food so much-definitley, and going to dance classes, but im getting there.xx

Well.. let's see. I've had food issues since I was 5 and started with bulimia when I was 11.I didn't start being underweight or really restricting on purpose til after the birth of my first child in '06. So I'll divide it...

Before kids started being nasty about weight, which was when food issues began... I miss not thinking there was anything wrong with dinner, or ME for eating lunch.

Before bulimia... I miss the freedom of family parties, holidays, of breakfast. I miss not feeling guilty... you know?

Before restricting - here's a big one - I miss my hormones, my regular period, I miss cramps, I miss my old naughty parts, I miss my boobs! My 34-D boobs! I miss them so much. I miss my hormones sooooooobadly. I don't miss ovulating really because I don't want to have kids but I miss all of the good, "hey hubby, whatcha doin?" wink wink nudge nudge type stuff that we still share but dear God its different.

There. I'll end my old-vagina-envy rant!

I definitely miss not having a CLUE (or even caring) what a calorie was.

I miss being able to be spontaneous and flexible with eating times and meals.

I miss being able to eat what I wanted if I felt like it with no guilt whatsoever (memories of huuuge bowls of ice cream with nutella, pizzas with the fries, making a cake that nobody liked but me so I ate the whole thing just to spite them haha)

I miss being able to laugh at the fact that I had that chubby part on my stomach under my belly button. It just didn't register as a bad thing back then.

MOSTLY I miss just NOT having my life/mood/emotions/day revolving around food and what I weigh! It's so smothering!! :(


I can't wait to be better.

I miss my period so so soooo much. I will probably burst into tears when I get it again.

I miss being able to be spontaneous with food/mealtimes.

I miss my healthy, shiny, thick hair more than I can say.

i miss the freedom. of everything.

I miss everything everyone else has mentioned.

I miss how I used to be able to go anywhere and eat anything and not think about calories. I miss being spontaneous. I miss going to parties and not caring about what foods we did/didn't eat. I miss not having to care about weight and food. I miss my boobs, hahah. And I really miss my period, as wierd as it sounds. I felt so grown up and happy when I had it and now it's been gone for over two years. When I get it back I will literally run in circles and scream around outside my house.

I miss looking normal.

At school they have noticed my skinny body and have harrased me but i could care less now.

What I miss since losing weight....


Fitting into clothes that aren't from the juniors section

Not having to plan my day around eating

My boobs and butt. I'd love to have curves again

People giving me compliments rather than telling me how thin I am

Being able to spend time on school rather than going to so many doctors appts

I miss my hair :( 

I miss not having such a rigid schedule about food and exercise. I miss living my life a little more. B)

I also miss being able to truly enjoy desserts without thinking about calories, fat, etc.

i miss having a life.

and i miss the 3 years i've wasted so far!

Original Post by eediee:

i miss having a life.

and i miss the 3 years i've wasted so far!

 i second that but 14 years :(

Word. Seven years for me.

I miss being able to eat half a pizza and cinnastix without even worrying about putting on weight. I miss knowing and believing that I was fine as I was and not thinking about my body.

I also miss not looking in the mirror and trying to decipher if I look OK or if I need to gain a few more pounds. I almost miss thinking that I looked alright. Now I look in the mirror and see myself for what I really am. And even though my brain still says "You've gained 35 pounds!" I can see now that its not enough. And that in and of itself is a bit frightening.

Oh, Lordy Lordy...where do I begin...

I miss my boobs; I miss my butt; I miss carefree nights out; I miss dousing my corn on the cob with salt; I miss icecream cake on my birthday; I miss eating at little restaurants with no nutritional info posted; I miss Venti Carmel Frappuccinos with whip; I miss my period SO MUCH; I miss eating out with my parents.


Original Post by tessa1223:

Original Post by eediee:

i miss having a life.

and i miss the 3 years i've wasted so far!

i second that but 14 years :(

:( at least we can try our hardest to not make it another year though!

we can do it mate its the future that matters h x

I MISS SOCIETY WHEN IT WASNT SO CONCENTRATED ON BODY IMAGE DANG IT!! And none of these **** ads like 'lose 5pounds in 2 weeks' or 'drink these shakes instead of eating like a normal person and you'll have a flat stomach in days!!' Argh. Anyhoo haha...

i miss running and walks along the beach, i miss studying/working full time and not having to go to appointment most days, i miss having the rare 'treat' (which werent so rare haha), i miss my period!, i miss restaurants and i really miss cooking and baking!

I miss the time that I lost and the experiences I missed out on. I wish I had more good memories from those years. I regret hurting people and distancing myself and not really living. I miss not knowing what calories were.

But I don't really regret having gone through the ED. Of course I wish it had been different. But in recovery I learned how strong I am, learned a lot about myself, met a lot of amazing people, began to understand mental illness better and appreciate how much good health really means.

Here's to good health for everyone! Laughing

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