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Weight Gain
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Trying to recover...

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Hey, never posted in anything like this before but iv been looking for ways to find out what's normal in my situation and came across some of these forums, figured it could be a good way to find out!

So I'm 19, 5ft3 and weigh around 93-95lbs. Before my ED i weighed about 121lbs. That was about 2 years ago. It's been a fairly gradual thing i guess, and i always eat 3 meals a day +/- snacks such as cereal bars etc. and i loove chocolate. I guess it was just a matter of reducing what i ate - not restricting myself completely. But people are talking, my mum's confronted me and told me how worried shes been for the past year and a half and how i'll have to go to hospital and wont be allowed go interraling with my mates if i dont gain. She wants me to reach 7.5 stone before august - thats about 105lbs. That was 2 weeks ago and ive started adding an extra slice of toast to my breakfast, eating more at lunch, an extra cereal bar, full dinner etc.etc. my weight hasnt really changed since - possibly have put on a lb but hard to tell as you flucturate that much in a day anyway?

10lbs though? I don't know if i can/want to gain that much - which i know is bad - i can't make up my mind its like 2 people, in some ways i hate myself, i hate how skinny i am, i hate the way people look at me as if i eat nothing when infact i do! More than most really! But im afraid to put on weight. Except the last 2/3 days when ive eaten LOADS! But then i dont think thats good're supposed to do these things gradually...

But i dont know really, can anyone help with how many calories i should/shouldnt be eating/how much weight i should be trying to gain and how fast?! Thanks:)

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Hey I really hope I can be of help - in practically the exact same situation here, I am 20, 5'4 and 94lbs, 105lbs is my target for the meantime so we will be gaining together :) I never restricted totally either, just cut down and exercised more.

Firstly, you do NEED those extra 10lbs on you, for overall health and wellbeing.  The longer you stay at 95lbs, you are at increased rish of heart failure and osteoporosis (thinning of the bones) as well as low blood pressure.  I expect you don't have a period at such a low weight either which is a sign that you are not healthy.  By eating a few extra bars etc, you are very unlikely to gain weight.  When you talk about eating loads these last few days, that is what you need to be doing constantly to get the weight on realistically - I thought I was eating loads and wasn't gaining, it was only when I'm now eating toooons that I am gaining roughly a lb a week.  It's probably best not to weigh yourself but if you must, do it at the same time each week (e.g in the morning before breaky always). 

If you understand calories and stuff, it can be a useful guide to help you gain, especially in the 1st few weeks so you know how much you should be eating.  Aim for 2500 calories a day - more is better but start with around 2500 if you want to gain a lb a week. 

I completely understand your 'afraid to put on weight' thoughts. These thoughts are a sign that you have an eating disorder.  The best way to overcome this is to ensure you get 2500 calories minimum, it won't always be easy and sometimes you will probably feel like crap but the more you stick to it, the more these thoughts will fade I promise!  Message me if you like hun with any questions and stuff.  I also reccommend you read the 'Weight gainers, what did you eat today?' thread to get some idea about how much you should be eating but bare in mind that many who post there are struggling with overcoming eating disorders so their menus may be full of foods they deem 'safe' and healthy, but to gain, you can realistically eat whatever types of food you like.  Use easter as an excuse to incorporate lots of chocolate into your day! 

Basically your target is an ed weight.

I am in the same situation as you and I'm happy to finally hear from someone who seems to have gone what I have been through. I am not anorexic but I have an eating dissorder and count calories which is very bad !. After christmas my mum also started talking and saying she'd take me to the doctors if I wouldn't start eating properly because I didn't eat lunch and my dinner only consisted on vegetables. My family also started commenting on my weight and said I was getting skinnier and skinnier. However this easter I combined a lot of walking and exercise with eating easter eggs. I love chocolate and because I hadn't had it for such a long time I couldn't stop once I started. I have managed to gain a staggering 15 pounds  just by eating chocolate. It is very high in calories and because easter eggs appear thin you don't realise how much chocolate you're taking in. However I know it won't last I think it was just a silly binge, my weight will probably plummet down in a couple of days. I would also like to know if you have lost your period, I haven't had mine for 8 months and I can't regain it. Please reply

popcorn cat- was your "15 lb gain" just from one day binging or many? i binged soooo bad on easter and the day before ( like 10,000 cals EACH day) and the scale says im up 12 lbs and im freaking out!!! i hope that is mostly water weight but im scared that most ofit is real.


and alice - you should start increasing either straight to 2,500 or work up to it with a few hundred cal increases every other day. avoid the scales at first as u will retain water/waste at first - good luck!

it was after about 14 days of binging, this has happened before tho and my weight plummeted down again. Don't be scared that it's real, its good that you aswel gained 12 lbs. After saying that I'm feeling very sick and whant to throw up after all this binging. I'm actually feeling very poorly now.

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