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Taking pills to increase appetite --> gain weight

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I know this subject can be quite challenging and I was hesitating whether I should make this topic or not but decided to ask it anyway. Do any of you have experiences with weight gain pills? Something that increases one's appetite? I am complitely aware that this forum stands for gaining weight in a natural, healthy way and using pills may lead to a number of problems. So I'm just asking this for informative reasons, not to promote anything! :) If anyone has tried, read, seen etc something related to this topic, I'd be interested to know :)
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I used pizotifen in the past. Another med is cyproheptadine, and they are both antihistamines with a secondary effect of increasing your appetite. I worked for me and gained weight, but it make you incredibly sleepy! I don't recommend it, but if you want to try, ask your doctor first.

There is also a seed called fenugreek: it's natural but its effect is much lower.

Hope it helped!

Ive been taking something called maca root. It is an herbal supplement that makes you feel hungry and regulates your hormones so its easier for your body to do whats needed. Also puts you in a better mood as well as other things. You should google it. :) Its also pretty cheap and obviously over the counter. :) Let me know what you decide!

Thank you for replying! Smile

I ordered 4x10 Ciplactin pills. These are meant to relief hay fever but will also increase appetite. Will get them in the mail by next week probably. I'll keep you updated with whatever happens. I came across these pills after seeing a blogpost about a girl who gained 14 lb in one month using these... I don't want to make that big of a jump, a healthy, STEADY 2 lb weight gain in a week would be awesome. We'll see how it goes.

So here's my update on taking Ciplactin:

I received the pills on Wednesday, last week (shipping to the UK took 9 days). First pill made me really tired, which is one of the side-effects. Had my dinner and went to bed at 9pm! This hasn't happened in years! lol

Thursday, day 2. I woke up extremely hungry and had three-course high-cal breakfast. Everything tasted so delicious, never enjoyed my breakfast as much. Did some work, readying etc, constantly thinking about food, snacking, eating. Took my 2nd pill in the afternoon and went to bed. Spent my evening eating and snacking.

Skipped 3rd pill on Friday because I really didn't need it any more - I had never felt that hungry. After breakfast I went out and did some grocery-shopping to restock my snacks' stash lol Spent the rest of the day eating.

Saturday, day 4. As always, I woke up late and spent the next few hours in bed, eating my way through endless food and cherry Bakewell tarts (yummi!) Had to work from 4pm, so I took in another pill and the rest of the evening was insane. I ate everything I could possibly find - biscuits, made myself wraps, found a box of mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets - gone. Ordered Chicken Feast pizza with chicken strippers and potatoe wedges from PizzaExpress - everything just disappeared from the table. I swear I was like some sort of BEAST.

Sunday, day 5. After 12-HOUR sleep (yes, that's right) I woke up, took my 4th pill and went down for breakfast. And then McDonalds (Quarter Pounder, large fries, large Coke followed by large milkshake and sugar doughnut...) Followed by two wraps. Followed by 12 (!) cherry tarts. Followed by random snacks, anything I could find.

Monday, day 6. Cereal, Full English, toasts with tomato and melted cheese on top, fruits, biscuits, shortbread... Not to mention I had 12 (!) Waitrose lamb meatballs with large bowl of couscous and a whole pack of Waitrose tzatziki for lunch. My cravings were out of control. I ate and ate, never feeling full enough.

Tuesday, day 7. Copy-paste from Monday. Constant eating. Note that the last pill was taken on Sunday. At 10pm, in bed, ready to go to sleep, I drank 2 pints of full-fat milk and ate 6 cherry bakewell tarts!

So my conclusion would be - these pills really work. It's amazing how they managed to open up my appetite and since then I've been eating like crazy. And the best part about it is - you don't even have to take it every day, just in the beginning and from then you can "eat your way up" ;) I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I'll continue eating and gaining and will take a pill only when I need a boost. The only downside is feelingtired but I only experienced it on the first few days. My 3rd pill on Saturday didn't make me tired any more. But overall - on the scale of 10, Ciplactin is a certified 20 ;) I went from 152-154 pounds to a 157 now. My goal is 165, if I still feel that I need some more curves, I'll go up to 176.

Have a good day, girls and guys! :) If you have any questions, just ask!

I hate pills, but maybe I should try that before eating on Thanksgiving tomorrow...

Judging by your experience I should take one tonight, sleep it off and wake up gorging on turkey!!

I took/take cyproheptadine (Periactin) and gain weight successfully with it. U can order online or get a RX from ur doc.

I just orderes this Ciplactin i hope it works for me

Depending on what state you live in, you can always resort to marihuana for hunger.

I am sure it'll make you ravenous.

Hey I'm wondering where I can buy the ciplactin pills from online. Thanx!

Yeah Ive been looking and I havent found anywhere legit. :/

You can get them from masters direct. I ordered mine Wednesday and received them yesterday. Type periactin in the search box
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How many weight have you gain so far and where can I order them?

Well.. I could only find one American place that accepts mastercard so I got it but its the syrup form. I take it before I got to bed because it KNOCKS ME OUT. I wake up with a ravenous appetite, which is weird cause I usually hate eating earlier. If I could just regulate my schedule, Id be a lot better with it but for now Im maintaining 2500/2000 a day, which is good.


At this rate, Ill be reaching my goal finally after all these years but I dont wanna get too carried away. It has potential.

I ordered mine from UnitedPharmacy or UnitedPharmacies, cant remember the name any more. Do your research, Google is your best friend.

I maintained 162 lb for quite a while but then got stressed and now I've lost like 15-20 lb... Just waiting my payday to buy some decent food and start all over again! lol

How it your weight gain going with the pills? Why did you lose weight and was there any side effects?

They say it's for anxiety, but almost everyone in inpatient for anorexia was prescribed olanzapine and I can't help but think they did it knowing a common side-effect is increased appetite.

where did you order the Ciplactin pills from? I have looked everywhere.

Hey girls! To answer your questions:

Why did I lose weight a year ago? Simply because I changed my whole life, moved houses, started a new stressful job, I was running around all the time, physically very active, no time to eat, lost my appetite as well, stressed big time etc. Alllll the weight I had gained and worked so hard for dropped in two months!It took me a good half a year to get my life back to stable, change jobs, houses etc and now I'm back at a point where I can finalllly focus on gaining weight again.

Where to buy Ciplactin from? I don't know. The site I used to purchase it from doesn't sell it any more so now I'm taking an alternative called Periactin. Google and you'll find an online pharmacy easily.

How much have I gained on those pills? Back in the day when I was taking Ciplactin, I was in the end of my weight gain journey. I went from 127 lb to 147-150 lbnaturally with a litttle bit of help from protein shakes. With Ciplactin I went from 150 to 162 lb in no time.

Now I'm taking Periactin and so far I've gained around 7 pounds in a month.
At snowcastle or anyone : where do you order those pills from ?
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