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I am too skinny! How can I gain weight fast? Plz HELP!

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Hey guys,

So I am 18, 5'11" and around 120-125 lbs. depending on the day.  I am aware I am quite underweight so please don't tell me "OMG!!! your underweight". 

 no, I do not have an eating disorder, I eat more than enough.  One thing this site did teach me was that even eating fatty foods constantly doesn't always help you gain weight.  The thing is I have been told I just have a really crazy metabolism rate (i can drop or gain 5 lbs. in a day!). and my dad was really skinny until about 19 and then he fattened up too.  I am just getting worried because I have grown up but not out yet and I am already 18.

 Does anybody have any help on what can help me to gain weight fast?  Are there any good vitamin supplements or pills out there that are SAFE and actually give me everything i need? Do you guys have any tips on what kind of foods to eat, etc?  I wouldn't say I eat very balanced or healthy and I eat out quite a bit but I usually thought that wouldn't really affect somebody like me who would burn it off easily.

 I do not go to the gym and have stopped playing soccer a year ago (my only form of real exercise).  I know I should exercise more and I am going to start lifting weights and going to the gym now I have more time off work.  But will lifting weights actually help me gain weight or just build some muscle?  Muscle is good but I am actually looking to just even gain 20-25 lbs. of fat so I am of average BMI for my age and height you know?

 Sorry for the long post but I really just needed to see if anybody has been in my shoes or knows of what can help me gain weight fast.  I really appreciate anybody's reply, even if it seems obvious.  Thanks so much!

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I know this posting was back in Jan, but if you are still needing advice, i can tell you that none of those weight gainers that you buy at gnc work! I have tried everything and nothing has worked...from protein...to shakes.

My dr did recommend that i try this powder stuff that was made for health patients who need to gain weight like cancer pateins that adds about 600 calories to anything you mix it with, like ice cream, drinks, etc. i will let you know how that works. i also have been working out and all it does it build muscles no weight!
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Hey takyira2!  Even though it was posted in January it doesn't mean I'm not still taking advice.  I have bought a weight gainer but haven't tried it yet as I am first trying to stick to a strict HEALTHY diet and maintain a calorie intake of 2500 calories a day (3000 if I am active).  It claims to give me 10 lbs. in 10 days which I too think is a bit of a tall tale, but I still think it will add weight because it is giving me 1010 calories a serving.

So if I work out (which it says I should do if I'm taking it), and maintain an intake of 2500-3000 calories, AND take the weightgainer (QuickMass its called), then I am sure I will start to gain weight.  That's around 4000 calories a day and combined with working out there is no excuse for my body not to gain weight.

That being said, I am finding it very hard to find time in my schedule to consistently work out and also maintain 2500 EVERY SINGLE day.  Some days I can do it, other days I don't have time to or I forget to.  I guess I just need to focus more, which is what I plan to do. Thanks for the advice though, and let me know how your weight gaining powder from your doctor works.

I will tell you first off I am an old lady, 7,362 years old is what I tel all the kids I volunteer for. I have a 12 year old son. We bought our house two weeks before he was born. I have a group of boys that used to be 8, when I first moved it. I would pay them a nickle for each present they would wrap for my children. ( I Hate to wrap.) I have watched them go through stages. 12- 15 when they knew everything. 15-18 experimenting with life, cars, girls, other teenage things. Especially skate boards. I was always afraid some of the skinner boys would break something because they were so frail looking. Guess what, they did not. Now that they are in their twenties, not only do they not wrap for a nickel anymore, they are well built men. My son is one of the skinny boys, but not the skinniest in his group. I imagine one day he too will be a well built man. We all want something right now. Your body will do what you want it to as long as you are treating it right. With girls it seems to be different, but boys it seems to be , do some kind of exercise, and eat when you are hungry. As healthy as you can. Do not try to force your body to do something it does not want to. IF you have seen a Dr. and there is not a reason for you to be thin, then just have patients. You will get there and I bet, with your personality you have shown on here, you will be a practically perfect man!

Hope this helps!


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To be honest, I've kind of always thought that.  I really am actually not too concerned about it.  I guess it's just the odd comments from people that start to get to you sometimes like "man you're thin" or something.  It makes me think "hmmm, maybe I should be helping my body out by eating more or finding some supplements".

Honestly I thank you very much for your words of wisdom.  They gave me more confidence in who I am.  I also realized I might not always be looking at myself from my point of view, but also from what I think others think, which is a bad habit to get into.

While I don't mean to offend or be prejudiced, I have to say that if you are as old as you say you are then I am extremely impressed!  Not everyone your age (or my grandparents and maybe even my mother) could find this website, sign up, understand how an online forum works, and reply to people's posts!  Good for you for keeping up with technology!  Thanks again for the kind words.

Well , I might have exgerate a little bit with my age. Well... lets just say I exaggerated. I am glad you heard what I was trying to say. I hope to one day hear that it all worked out fine for you, and you are a happy healthy man!

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hey mdrake123,

I was in pretty much the same situation as you, a couple months ago, I was 18, about 5'10, and only weighed in at about 125 pounds. Recently, I started eating breakfast consistently (every weekday), and within a few days, i had gained 5 pounds and STAYED at that weight! So, I decided to add a bit more to my breakfast menu, and then within 2 weeks of the first day I started eating breakfast, believe it or not, I had gained over 10 pounds. So now, everyday, I eat about the same amount of breakfast, and I am able to maintain my weight at around 140 pounds. (It took only around 2-3 weeks or so to gain 15 pounds!). I think I read somewhere that if you maintain your current eating habits, your weight will of course stay the same, but if you purposely eat a bit more everyday consistently, you will of course, gain weight. Something like that...

Anyway, I am now a LOT more happier with my weight at 140, but I'm looking to up it to maybe 150 or so and keep it there.. so I'm gonna try adding maybe a 4th meal between lunch and dinner or something like that =) Anyway, I dunno if you regularly eat breakfast or not, but like me, you can start from there! (Instead of trying different minerals or w/e there is out there). Add a bit onto your daily meals consistently, and see if it works out for you! Oh btw, I was stuck at 125 for YEARS.. soo you can imagine my surprise a few days into eating breakfast, when I suddenly jumped up in weight haha.. anyway, Good Luck! Hope I helped somehow!


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Hey g2nok,

Thanks for the tips! Althought that may sound rather simple, I was shocked at how similar you are with me. I NEVER eat breakfast. If I do its something very light as I usually am always in such a hurry for work or something. I guess I should eat breakfast, a BIG breakfast and stick with it. Thanks for the information.

Also, are you a guy? Because I think this would apply differently if you were a girl. But thanks again for the advice and I will start making it a daily routine. Another question though: were you working out or not?


Thanks again for the information and I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Yup, I'm a guy. And No, I WASNT working out. I just continued my normal, daily routine of life. And just like you, I used to NEVER eat breakfast, and on the rare occasion that I did, it would just be a quick bowl of cereal or something... but now I eat really filling breakfasts :P (which in turn makes me feel STARVED if I miss breakfast, since my body is used to the extra intake now haha)

again, Good Luck!

oh btw, in case you were wondering, I just calculated that I currently eat about 1141 calories for breakfast. So thats around 5700 more calories that I eat per week compared to what I used to eat.. 0!

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Hm.  I guess that's where it all adds up eh? 5700 more calories!  Damn.  I gotta start eating breakfast.

But with me I KNOW there are days when I won't eat breakfast, like on the weekends if I go out theres no way I get up in time for breakfast, I just go straight to lunch.

I picked up this QuickMass powder that basically as like 50% your daily intake of almost everything you need (carbs, protein, minerals, vitamins), and each serving contains a 1010 calories so I guess I could just make a shake of that with lunch to catch up if I miss breakfast right?

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i guess so! haha.. but like i said before, i only eat breakfast on weekdays, cause i wake up after lunch during the weekends lol.. it hasnt really affected me sooo you should be fine

So...... have you gained any weight? How is life? Just want to keep in touch!



im sure im a little late but i saw the comment that kate posted about eating to many calories is unsafe this is very untrue. To prove it i was in the United states marine core and in basic training we were requried to eat an MRE (meal-ready-to-eat) they contained over 6 thousand calories. i was in the marine core 4 years and i am still healthy. were did u get ur info from kate???

I'm sure that you can gain weight if you eat "way too much" whatever that mentally tells you.  Just do it three times in a row at each meal and you'll see weight gain.   The more meals you treat this way, the more weight you might gain...snack inbetween with say celery and creamcheese or 25 tortilla chips and three small avocados.  The best way is to just combine Meat and Carbs together with some fat...say cooked hamburger with cheese sauce in a bunch of pasta.  Make that the basics of your meal and you'll gain weight.  I know because I am obese.  I always had a protien with pasta at dinnertime and I had two large cereal bowls if my stomach could hold it.  Without the rules of dieting, the body does not think there is a such thing as "eating too much"...well if you do, your body will either give you an aching tummy (which goes away if you rest and is the best thing for gaining weight) or you'll throw it up to where your stomach can handle that much.  Either way, if you wanna gain weight you have to eat "way too much" about three consecutive times and then some weight will come on.  All the healthy nuts and grains are great too, but if it is wieght you want to put on, then hamburger and cheese with a bunch of pasta is the easiest way to do it. 

Although this is my truthful opinion coming from an obese person, I do reccomend healthy grains, nuts, lean meats and veggies.  But this food is not going to make you gain weight unless you eat a large amount or "way too much".  I've eaten this way too and it doesn't make me lose, just not gain.

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OK thx for the advice around the globe in here. Here's a question tho. I'm from the ukraine, now living in Canada. (yes i do have biological parents), but never went back yet. I just don't know if the hard times with my family,  impacted on  my body, or tho the increasing of medication since (9-18)yrsold. I don't know any medical/past down history of my biological family. i'm now 20yrs old very afraid with my weight (105lbs 5"11). I do eat a lot of junk(Everything) and im lazy to cook. I basically eat while im watching TV(NHL) or computer stuff or playing video games (Ps3FF13) I'm on the protein shake weight gain diet once again, and idk if i should work out. Can some people be interested and not interested in what they eat at certain times. Reason for that is i will eat a big meal sometime during the day and not feel hungry at all untill my stomach growls or am i not interested! I'm confused with that! Can someone eat a whole lasanga in here in a day? I never tried warm milk yet & lacking veggies, but i love carrots and peas, bananas, paste u name again, but I hate salad. If i'm lacking anything idk what it is. My iron level is good as well as calcuim and my thyroid is check. I have funding issue, off meds for a year now, (nothing to do with my weight) i live independently,(not with parents) 50$ on food each week, trying to become more active(joining sports league), should I increase the grocery budget, what should i do need some advice. I will post a pic soon!

i know how you feel; my wrists are insanely skinny and i can put my whole hand [which is 5 inches] around my ankles. i am constantly called anorexic and "skankles". i eat PLENTY too. you can easily see my ribs and hip bone, and my knee pops out. whatever fat i have [which isn't a lot] goes to my stomach. i also have a crazy metabolism. i'm from 68 lbs to 74 lbs. ughh.

I too am trying to GAIN weight. Im 21yrs old female, 5'4, 102lb.  My goal is to be 110-112lbs.

I am eating 5-6 small meals a day-well mainly Breakfast & dinner, with a bunch of snacks in between. I am eating foods high in calories, Protien, and carbs (for energy), and staying away from foods high in sugars (because I am hypoglycemic)

For snacks, I eat about three bananas a day, or a bag of Beef jerky, slim jims,or I eat 2 slices of whole grain bread, with PB and banana, or cottage cheese mix with low fat yogurt, and dried fruit. (OR sometimes cottage cheese mix with tuna). For a real fatty type snack maybe twice a week I'll eat tortilla rolled  with avocado! Also, Ill east a serving or so alone  of brown rice as a snack too.

For breakfast I am eating oatmeal with a handfull of peanuts/banana chips, OR 2 eggs + bagel+ 8oz OJ.

For lunch & dinner I eat pastas, skinless chicken breasts, salmon, brown rice, sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli etc. ( Not ALL that everyday lol but a mixture of these everyday)

I drink NO MORE SODA. LOTS of water, Oj, Natrual Black/green teas, and when I feel like I need an energy rush- a cup of cranberry juice (mix with 1/4 water).

Additionaly, I take Vit C,B complex, E,& Fish oil Omega 3 daily. Also, I take one protein shake daily, usually at night after working out- consuming 1300 calories from it. ( Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass)

My work out is 3-5 times a week, all weights, minimal cardio. Focusing mainly on stomach and thighs. This is because most of this weight is prone to fall in these areas, so I work these areas out hard core to "push" the weight gain everywhere els.

Now, Ive been doing all this for about 2 weeks now, and I weigh 105 this morning. So, It MIGHT just be working, but its too soon to tell!

Hope this info helps a bit. :) 

P.S: I will be posting my results again in about a month. Also, if anyone is reading this, feel free to help me out if you have any suggestions to my diet.



Hey mdrake, I realise you haven't got an eating disorder but as you're trying to gain weight I thought maybe some of the stuff I'm having during anorexia recover might be helpful. These are all bulky (high in energy) but also balanced with plenty of minerals, vitamins and not too much saturated stuff:

Toasted bagel filled with almond butter + sliced banana

Ensure Plus


Tuna Sweetcorn Mayo

Nakd Bars/ Eat Natural Bars

Whole Milk



Seeds + Berries

Oh crap.. I just realised this was 4 years ago -.- awkward...

Lol I'm 22 and haven't begun naturally gaining weight. Dad didnt until he was 30, so I'm in the process of fighting genetics. Have to get a 3000 calorie a day diet to gain a pound A week. You don't want to gain weight too fast otherwise your going to be adding on the wrong kind of pounds via fat that's virtually impossible to burn off. 3-4 pounds a month is the healthiest way to bulk up anymore than that and your just getting fat. Try adding a couple tablespoons of peanut butter to your diet. I know I can't stop at a couple it's so good I end up eating like 12 tbsp's worth and that's like 1000 calories already. I like the natural peanut butter with honey as its not so hard to eat plain and is easy to swallow ( the honey makes it a little more liquidy but not overbearing and keeps you from choking on a mouth full a peanut butter). Another good one if not my favorite are the strawberry ensures you can get at just about any store. The ensure plus has 350 calories per container and it's a lot easier to down 3 of those for 1,050 calories than eating that many calories worth of food and they are pretty healthy. I was drinking like 7 tbsp of olive oil for the extra 800 calories a day but that much olive oil would give me terrible headaches. I know it's easy to go to McDonald's and get a thousand calories in one burger but it's empty calories that serve no good benefits besides bad saturated fats. Stick with whole foods and 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and you'll be on your way. Think big to get big. Google how many calories you burn a day so you know how much to take in as you need to consume more calories than you burn to gain anything. Good luck, hope this helps some. Remember peanut butter is your friend and is a godsend for extra calories that are healthy
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