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Weight Gain
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I'm recovering, like most people here. I'm very underweight and I have a really hard time seeing it, I've been to treatment and I'm headed back if I don't turn things around. I'm eating, but it's not enough.. I just want to get back to playing sports, getting my period and being a normal 16 year old. Does anyone have any motivational advice or meal ideas? I'm so afraid of gaining the weight back but I don't want to go back into treatment :(
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You are sixteen years old! you have your whole life ahead of you, the sooner you embrace recovery the better, and you will be so proud of yourself when you get your period back and when you can do sports again, because you'll have your life back. It's not too late, it would be tragic to throw away your teenage years now and spend them in treatment centres.

What's more important? a number on the scale or a life without worries over food, the chance to have babies, enjoying food again!

It's scary, and it's going to be really hard, but it get's easier, once you start gaining you'll see how wonderful food can be and you'll relax a lot more, once you get more curves you'll start to look healthier and softer and much prettier i assure you :)

As for meals.. this is just a basic idea of a 2500calorie plan, you might need more depending on your stats etc

Breakfast: Bowl of wholegrain cereal with full fat milk, 2 pieces of toast spread with butter/peanut butter, a glass of fruit juice

Snack: Lara bar? clif bar? any kind of calorie dense bar really

Lunch: 2 thick slices of bread spread with butter and filled with whatever you like (cheese/ham/peanut butter) a piece of fruit, a glass of milk

Snack: Big hanfull of dried fruit and nuts

Dinner: Protein (chicken,lamb,pork,fish) some sort of carb and it must be a decent sized portion! (Pasta,rice,noodles,large baked potato) and loads of vegetables (don't worry about quantity!) also have another glass of fruit juice

Dessert: Challenge yourself every day to a dessert you love, don't worry if you can't have a full serving to begin with, but then again, don't worry if you start having two servings!

Snack: try and have a milky drink before bed (hot chocolate,milk,horlicks) and a couple of biscuits if you can manage it!

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Lowri93 thanks so much :) I have a meal plan from my RD but it's such a challenge to constantly stick to it. as for stats- I'm almost 5'8 (5'7 and 3/4) and currently about 105, upon leaving a program I went from 99 to 116 and I thought I looked so good, I felt so much better but since then I just can't seem to maintain the weight. I'm really trying this time though.
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