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A question from a girl with depression to those suffered/have suffered with an ED

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Hope you have all had a good day. So I went on a bike ride yesterday as it was finally sunny (I live it England- it rains so much!) and I was thinking....

I have depression and on my down days half of my brain tells me to lie in bed, cry all the time and that feeling sad is good and forcing me to stay that way (this happened to me on sat and its so horrible). However, the other part of my brain is telling me that this is not good and I need to get out of bed and talk to someone. The 'logical' side of my brain always wins but it can take up to a week to do so!!

So, I was wondering, is this the same with an ED (I would like to point out at this moment that I have never had one and totally have respect for those living with an ED)? Does one part of your brain tell you one thing and another tell you something different?

If so, maybe we could all share tips on how to ignore the wrong thoguts and to listen to the right thoughts

haha hope this made sense!!


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I feel the same way sometimes. I don't know if I'm depressed. I feel depressed. Sometimes I get so bummed out because i look at all of the things I have to do or should and think am i a bad person for not....but what exactly is depression....when is it bad enough to look for help or when is it normal or not....I'm completely confused on the matter. 

I definitely feel that way once in a while. I'll go eat something like tonight, for example, I started eating a big piece of chicken and while one side of my brain was going "yay! protein! you need this!" the other side was still telling me that eating that not-so-low calorie chicken dish was going to make me fat. But I ate it, and feel like each time you overcome that 'bad' side of your brain, you become a bit more closer to success. I also developed depression in association with my ED so I feel that way in non food-related situations as well. It's definitely something good to talk about, I think.

wow this is cool- although I hate the fact other people go through this it is so good to hear other people say it.

toridl- I totally agree with your statement that 'each time you overcome that 'bad' side of your brain, you become a bit more closer to success'. I think it has to be a small step at a time but thats what I'm aiming for.

I'm a psychology university student and I'm now wondering whether this 'feeling' has somehting to d with hormones ect in the brain? If people with ED and depression has the same tug of war then maybe the same thing is causing it?!

An interesting one to do my dissatation on?!?!?


That would be an awesome dissertation! If you haven't read it yet, there is a really good book called "Gaining" which explains some of the psychology behind eating disorders and the relationship to OCD, depression, etc. I recommend checking it out!

that's like what i go through.

every time i get hungry i know i should eat something with protein (i haven't been getting enough lately) so i start to reach for the pb. then one side of me is like "no, just get an apple. you've already eaten a TON today and if you eat that pb you can't eat the rest of the day."

it's something i struggle with but it's getting better all the time.

Depression/Anxiety runs in my family.  I've found myself in the same situations on the weekends (when I actually get to sleep a little). I find that if I sleep late, lounge around, watch t.v., don't get out of bed I feel horrible and sink into the deep, dark cloud.  If I get up, get moving, set some errands to run, I don't allow myself to fall into the pit.  Try and keep positive things in mind as well too.  There are so many things in life to be thankful for. 

Good luck!Wink

I suffer from depression and before I went on antidepressants I had a lot of those days! Just not wanting to do anything, would sit and mope and feel wretched. Since starting on antidepressants and getting help I have firstly learnt that somedays I will feel like that and it's ok, but also that I can limit the "bad" feeling by getting up and doing something, even if it's just going for a quick walk! I am also turning to food less for comfort!

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