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Weight Gain
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post surgery and can't gain the weight back!

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Hey everyone, I had surgery last summer. First of all I am a guy, 5'11 and pre-surgery weighed about 165 to 170 pounds. I was muscular and in good shape. I felt confident. After surgery I couldn't work out for almost 8 weeks and it was really hard to eat because of the type of surgery that I had had done. I lost an insane amount of weight due to this. I am down to about 140 pounds and can't put it back on.  It's really depressing I have no confidence any more. I'm just wondering - what kinds of foods should I be eating to help me gain this weight back? I understand I should be eating at least 3100 calories and doing resistance training but I'm looking for advice on the types of foods that help build muscle the best and if possible, the quickest. I want to stay healthy though and not eat junk food... Anyone?
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Here are some ideas for calorie dense foods: nuts, peanut and other nut butters, granola, full fat dairy (yogurt, cheese, milk), avocatos, power bars or shakes if you need extra calories.   These foods are high in calories but they're not too filling so you can eat more of them.  Plus, they're way healthier than just eating a bunch of junk food to gain weight.   I'm also trying to gain some weight and I find that nuts help a lot!  Also, try eating wraps for a snack or maybe part of a meal.   Wrap bread is really high in calories and you can load it with deli meat or tuna and cheese and then use hummus, cheese, or other types of toppings.  You can make a pretty high calorie wrap that isn't too filling! 

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im going through the same thing b 4 surgeries i had 2 within 2 1/2 months b4 surgery i weighed 115 lbs i now weigh 90 after the surgeries  i feel ultra disgusted with how skinny i am i had my first op on 11/15 the 2nd was done on jan 30th  i  also have no appetite i have to force myself to eat even though i want to because i want to gain weight i just have no hunger feelings no desire. when i do eat i barely eat i cant fit much in my stomach b-4 im full im scared ill lose more weight in case your wondering i had cervical and lumbar spine surgery so excercise is still not an option for me im still hurting pretty bad. and i hate hospitals so im really scared ill wind up in one due to my weight. 90 lbs is disgusting im 5'3 i should be 115 to 125 thats a healthy weight for me anything more is to much for my body type im telling you this for 2 reasons

1 your not alone

2 maybe we can help each other

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I too am in the same boat! I had surgery in November and went from 135 to 114. I am 5'4" and am feeling VERY uncomfortable with this. My legs look like sticks! I have been trying ever since to put some weight on but I just do not feel hungry and I force feed myself a little food every day. I haven't gained not a single pound. Now when I eat I get dizzy. I don't know what to say to be of any help except, like above, you are not alone. There's a few of us right here. I too am hopeful we can help eachother. It is really hard to go through. I hope you guys post somemore and we can keep together and help eachother out. I know what you all are going through. Wow on those surgeries Ellieeh! I hope you will feel better soon. Talk to you all soon I hope.
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Hey it's nice to know that there are others in my boat. I hope your guys' surgery was sucessful! I know mine was and I'm sooooo very thankful that I'm better! I just want to be my normal weight again. But, of course, most of all I'm just so happy to be healthy! : ))) Well, I'm going to take the advice on eating things like nuts, wraps, yogurt and other calorie-dense foods. I've been trying to eat things like whole albacore tuna for a low-fat high protein source. Lentils and beans I think are a good idea too. I think it's time to budget a lot more for food each month. msluv5 and ellieeh, I am totally here to encourage you both. I know I could use some support too. What's the best way to stay in touch with you both?

Same story here! I lost 20 lbs off of 110 after surgery 2 months ago.

If you're excercising a lot (like me) make sure you get enough protein... personally I found it really had to eat more solid protein (even nuts) because it just filled me up way too quickly. You may want to add protein supplements to your diet (like whey or soy powder) so that you can up your protein without eating tonnes of meat (and having high cholesterol and sat. fat levels because of it!). Try finding some shake or smoothie recepies that you like: you can get lots of calories and nutrients all at once without feeling too full (I find this works really well for me).

For example:

1/2 cup yogurt/ cottage cheese (awesome for protein)

1/2 cup milk

Fruit (banana, avocado, pineapple, berries... whatever you want)

Protien powder


Also, you can add extra stuff in if you don't mind the change in taste/texture, like sunflower seeds, nuts, oats, etc.

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