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How much does a normal person eat?

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I read a previous post and saw that a lot of other people here measure their food with a scale as well. I was curious- how many ounces do you tend to consume in a day? I'm trying to find out how many ounces of food the average person consumes in a day so I know what to aim for as I try to increase my daily consumption of food. I've gotten over restricting on food types but I still find myself unable to eat large portions whenever I go out to eat with friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you all so much

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ounces?  i can't tell you in ounces, but in a normal logged day my total is around 2000g, or 2kg, which is almost five pounds.  i probably eat less than "normal" or average, because i'm almost 40, not particularly active, and not overweight.
I'm a teenager and I usually eat around 2000g also, that's 70.5 oz.
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3-4 kg 

I eat about 2000 g a day (give or take 500g...) and that's on a 2000+ calorie diet.

If you're looking at something to aim for, I would focus more on calories, since different foods have different calorie densities. For example, one oz of spinach (28g) is 6 calories... so 2000g of spinach is only 460 calories... definitely not enough for one day. On the other hand, one oz of cream cheese is 98 cals and a day of only cream cheese is 6980 cals... probably way too much unless you run marathons daily...

I eat around 1700 to 2300 a day & am a moderately active person.  I would guess that it is more important to take note of what is in the food & portion it out that way.  Then again I am new to this site!  Good luck!
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1100 grams on average. I eat a lot of PB.
let's call it 2000 grams on average

I would estimate that an average, sedentary person who eats about 50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein, consumes at least 2Kg per day.  That percentage is based on % of calories from each source.  But, I am just guessing.  Besides, what is 'normal' really?


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Thank you. This is letting me know that I'm really not eating enough because I'm getting around 25oz of food daily since that's all that it takes to fill me up. I'm underweight though so I'm going to try to increase the amount of food I eat regularly

I eat 70-74 oz. I am 47 y/o 6' tall and 140 lbs. When I'm exercising I eat a little more but I can't work out now due to an illness. 
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