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Weight Gain
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i need to gain weight, please help!

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hey guys, i figured this would be a good community to post my question in. im 22 years old, male, and my weight fluctuates from day to day between 131-135 lbs (not sure why). im about 5'8" tall, maybe 5'9". i really want to gain some weight, ive tried to eat a lot but it doesnt seem to help at all. one day ill be gaining weight, then it all goes back down within a day or two. i would feel a lot more confident about my body if i could get up to 150-160lbs. i dont want to be stick skinny anymore :P

my job is a lot of manual labor so i get a good amount of upper body exercise tuesday, thursday and friday, if that matters at all.

anyways, id like some tips on how to increase my weight to the desired amount. please help!! feel free to be as specific as possible (in terms of diet, etc). thanks so much.

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You came to the right place, welcome to the community! I will try to answer your question the best I can right now, if I didn't answer everything you need feel free to ask more or message me if needed.

First let's start with your metabolism... You are still young, as well as being a male... Therefore your calorie requirements are going to be higher to begin with... Next your job, you work a lot of manual labor? As a fence installer I can relate to what you are saying, this makes things even harder for us to gain weight, but it can be done.

Let's look into a bit of your calorie requirements. How many hours a night do you sleep?? What is it exactly that you do for work? How many hours are you on your feet standing, what about moderate activity, light activity, sitting?? This calculator will give you a good picture of that iture-advanced

As for keeping the weight on... Consistency is the key, you can't eat above your maintenance requirements one day, and then the next eat below and expect to see weight gain... You have to eat above maintenance for quite some time to start noticing a difference. 

I can give you a list of foods to eat but just let me know what you like and don't like first, then I will get into more detail for you.

- Frank

hey bud im in the same ship as you. recently ive been trying protein shakes with oatmeal and fruits in them.

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