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Do I really need to gain?

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Hello everyone i am new here so I hope that if I say anything that is not allowed u would let me know and understand. Thank you so much!

Um basically I suffered anorexia and lost 80 pounds from 160 to 80 at 5'1 3/4 in about two quarters of my first college from major new envrionment adjustment and homesickness. At my worst I would starve myself of anything for the school week and eat 1000 calories during the weekend.

My parents threatened to put me in the hospital if I did nt gain so I ate again but suffered major hunger issues, stress, and irritable bowel syndrome from my messed up organs and gained to 97 pounds from binging and everything.

Now I eat normally and don't deprive myself of anything as I find that helps me from binging. So I can eat anything like ice cream, cheesecake, etc.

But now I eat normally at about 1900 calories and am maintaining weight at about 88 pounds or so and was wondering if weight gain was still necessary. I just feel like I don't want to gain weight if I don't have to. I mean, a lot of the girls I hang out with only eat one meal a day and all and exercising at the gym everyday which is so triggering cuz i feel like if i did that I could lose more weight. But basically I was wondering if these girls don't have to gain weight and they could maintain their skinny body do I really need to gain weight if i eat more than them and dont even exercise anymore but walk about an hour daily?

My only concern is that i still havent gotten my period back. That is my only question. But other than that I eat till I am satisfied and feel I don't have to force myself to eat more if I am not dizzy or weak or anything? Is my concept still disordered or is it okay? Because i learned in my nutrition class that a lot of these super thin girls saying they have a fast metabolism is mainly an excuse and they may think that they are eating normally but a lot of times they will not eat past a certain time, skip meals frequently, and all ( even though they may not necessarily have an eating disorder if you know what I mean) So yeah, sorry for so much blabbering I just feel like there needs to be more motivation for gaining such hard-lossed weight. I suffered alot to lose it and I feel sad to have to gain it back if I dont really have to you know? Thank you so much for any supporting answers

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You really seriously do need to gain a fair amount of weight back. 88 lbs is not healthy by any stretch of the imagination

Aw, well done on the work you've done so far. The effects starvation has on the body are endless, and the things you struggled with (IBS, hunger...) are all really common, some things I'm going through at the moment... 

88 pounds is really not healthy for you I'm afraid. I know its hard to hear, but you are still very underweight and you need to boost your calories up again. Especially if you haven't got your period back yet. If you are recovering an eating disorder, you should be gaining weight until you have (and are maintaining) your periods. Up your calories throughout a week or so to 2,500 and see if you start noticing improvements after a couple of months. As you've gained weight before, I'm sure you'll know what to expect (bloating, the occasional nervous breakdown <3 Just stick with it! Smile

People who eat one meal a day & exercise and manage to look healthy and happy will not be able to do that for long. I remember during my worst restriction with anorexia, I didn't even think about breakfast or lunch, just surviving off diet coke & soup in the evening. It was a terrible cycle, and after half a year I was hospitalised. The body needs food to give you energy and good health. Naturally very thin people do eat the right amount of foods, but there body burns it quicker (like you mentioned), so if they are only eating one meal a day, I doubt there bodies are getting the right amount of energy that it requires. Unfortunately, that will not end nicely if they continue restricting. You need to think about your health and happiness in the future. Do you want kids? What do you want to do? Give yourself motivation to gain weight & happiness, you can fight through this! 

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