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meals at home or out?

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Does everyone eat meals from home, if yes, do you make yourself?..or go out to restaurants for meals? Just wondering!! Please respond as I'm curious!
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I try to get a mix so that I have the opportunity to eat in situations where I don't know the exact calorie-content, and thereby challenge myself to make healthy (as in non-ED), rational decisions about food. Also, eating out gives you a chance to try some yummy foods that just wouldn't be practical to buy in for home.

Normally, though, I eat at home/uni halls as I can't afford to eat out all the time. Often, even if I go out for lunch on my own, I take a homemade sandwich and then buy the 'afters' bit (I often do this with Starbucks frappuccinos). I normally only eat out properly when I've got the support of my parents, or sometimes friends, but when I'm with friends I sometimes still find myself restricting as they won't call me out on it.


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@lynn-good advice for those trying to loose however, this is the weight gain forum.


bella: you can take lynn's suggestions and do the opposite when you go out:

-eat it all or try to,

-don't eat a salad for a meal instead you could get a side salad with your meal with high fat dressing

-don't look up calories, instead pick something you would have enjoyed before ed.



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Yes I thought Lynn's post was a little off topic.. Haha! What about others?..what do you do? Obviously recovery is about integrating oneself back to society and normalcy..but while trying to gain, what are you doing?

I mostly eat at home and take care of my meals myself. But I am slowly starting to let my dad have a bit more control- such as him dishing out my dessert or having a part of my dinner cooked by him. I do try to eat out when I can with friends- I find it so helpful and a lot easier to eat out with my friends. I take advantage of it when I can but it has to be limited as I can't afford to do it all the time. But I try to challenge myself when eating out such as choosing places with no calorie counts; choosing unsafe foods etc. It can be scary but I can deal with it so much better when I'm with my friends so I love eating out- even if someone else chooses an uber scary place! I think it's a great time to challenge yourself if you can :) 

I usually eat at home because it's easier to measure out the calories and know when I need to eat more to hit my goal for the day. The carbonation in sodas messes with my stomach, and water is 0 calories (I usually drink milk), so eating out always makes me anxious in the "what if I don't reach my goal?" way. Not having an ED, there aren't any foods I tell myself I CAN'T have, but I'm more comfortable eating things I KNOW won't upset my stomach (i.e. anything but hot, spicy, greasy foods).

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Just trying to focus on being normal.. Not counting everything
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Finding myself ordering same meals as before at restaurants!! Anyone else?!

eating out (since the ED) has always been super stressful for me. it has gotten tremendously better but i still rather only eat food i make. its hard to eat somthing i have no clue what the ingredients are. i dont care about calories i just dont want to ever be putting something i deem unhealthy in my body. but if i can see the ingrediant list i am more likley to be okay with it but still not so much cuz i dont know the quantity of each ingredient. but more recently i have been forced to eat out and go out of my comfort zone and i have been coming to realize that not everything has to be a RAW food for it to be healthy and okay. also i now know more about weight gain and how my body responds to certain foods. basically i can eat whatever i want and be fine  :p

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