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Meal Plan for 3000 calories a day!

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a meal plan that's going to give me the appropriate supplement to gain weight! I need roughly 3000 calories a day. If anyone can help, I'd much appreciate it! Cheers
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Well what do you eat now? What do you like? What don't you like? It'll be easier to answer your question with some more information!


If you are struggling to eat that amount, then here's my advice. Nuts and seeds, nut and seed butters, avocadoes, coconut, olive oil, butter, and cheeses are some good ways of increasing your fat intake and therefore your overal calories. Also, I find that grains are less filling per calorie than other sources of carbohydrate, which makes it easier to get more calories.

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Thanks for the advice. Im not fussy about many foods tbh and will eat anything. All I'm finding hard to do is have a set Rota so to speak, to tell me what to eat at different times of the day


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Well im not the best at making meal plans, but here is a way that i use to get a good amount of yummy calories in!:)
I make smoothiesss! Heres an example of one i make...
1 frozen large banana, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 1/2 cup of milk (i use soy), 1 scoop of quality protein powder, 1-2 tbsp coconut oil, or 2 tbsp nut butter is yummy too, 1 tbsp flaxseed, vanilla extract, and sweetener of choice. That easily racks up 450-500 or so calories! And its so yummy:)
You could even use ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, cocoa powder, chocolate milk, etc....
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Thanks for the help guys, appreciate it :)
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This is the meal plan I generally start with when gaining:

Breakfast: 2 servings of cereal (eg 4 weetbix, 90g sultana bran etc), 250ml full cream milk & serving of fruit.

Snack: See below

Lunch: 4-point sandwich (2 pieces bread or a roll, marg/butter/avocado, protein and salad) with a dairy snack.

Snack: See below

Dinner: 150g protein, 1 carb (cup of rice, 1.5c. pasta, fist-sized potato) & vegetables.

Snack: See below

Snack options
Two of the following:

-2 pieces toast or crumpets (with butter/marg & spread)

-~40-45g Muesli bar-200g full cream yoghurt (flavoured)

-250ml full cream milk (or cafe latte, cappuccino)

-1/4 cup (40g) nuts

-half cup of dried fruit (tightly packed)

-Slice (size of deck of cards) eg mint slice, chocolate etc etc.


-2 to 3 biscuits (depending on type - eg 2 tim tams, 2 mint slice, 3 gaiety, 3 scotchfinger)

-Snack pack of chips (~21g) & piece of fruit

One of the following:

-Leda bar

-Big M milk drink (~250ml) & muesli bar 

-3 crumpets (with butter/marg & spread)

-Large muffin

-Giant cookie

-200g ice cream

-2/3 cup muesli & 200g full cream flavoured yoghurt

Or if that's too overwhelming you could also look at supplement drinks such as ensure plus for snacks. =) Candie94's suggestion of smoothies is also great - they are delicious. =D I'm currently obsessed with a mango/passionfruit smoothie: 100g full cream passionfruit yoghurt (I've been using Ski Divine), 100ml full cream milk & a mango. I generally pair it with a small snack too. =) Or you could always double the amount of milk/yoghurt & make it a single snack.

Hope this helps a little. xD You can play around with the snacks.. I was given a huuuuge set list so this is just a small selection of some of the options. However I find having a set list makes sticking to a meal plan easier, because it's harder to "cheat" the meal plan.

Sorry about the length of this post & the odd spacings.. My browser doesn't agree with me today. =P

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