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Meal Plan Advice?

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I have searched high & low on the internet for meal plan advice for my activity levels. I am very thin & although I eat what I consider to be enough, I also believe that numbers matter to an extent. I am 5'4" & 94 pounds, running approx. 25 miles per week. The idea of gaining weight is not necessarily appealing; however, it may be necessary... A sketch of my current meal plan Breakfast: 1 1/2 cups of cereal with a cup of milk Snack: A large apple Lunch: A turkey sandwich on wheat, a salad, a fiber one bar or triscuits or chips w/ salsa Snack: Pretzles Dinner: A large serving of meat (usually roast beef or meatloaf, or 2 large chicken breasts), 2 cups of steamed vegetables, one large baked potato or sweet potato Snack: an orange & cottage cheese or yogurt. OR an orange & oatmeal Is this sufficient? What else can I be doing, should I do? Thank You!!!!

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If running is absolutely necessary for your lifestyle you'll definitely have to increase your calorie intake tenfold. I've given up running in order to gain the weight necessary to be healthy.


I eat high calorie meals, lots of meat & poultry. Veggies & fruit for snacks in between. ALWAYS eat a high calorie breakfast, it truly is the most important meal of the day. Someone told me to eat every 3 hours, but depending on my schedule it can be more or less.

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