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marching band camp

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I start marching band camp on MOnday, the question is, will I gain weight or lose at camp because I will be very active but I might gain weight in muscle?

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You have other posts where you say you weigh 65 lbs on July 17. Is the marching band camp being held in the hospital?

no, I am not going in patient, if I gain , it will be at home.  Smile

Obviously whether or not you attend a camp is entirely you and your family/significant others choice, but I don't think it sounds that sensible at the moment. Can you discuss it with your doctor?

It is ALWAYS possible to gain weight (in a normal food plentiful society + with normal GI system) if you want to, even if you are at camp. If you don't gain then that is your illness stopping you from doing so.

I've been gaining whilst out all day many many times - most people here are probably at work etc all the time. Pack lots of calorific snacks (granola bars, crisps (sorry, chips to those state-side), PB sandwiches, dried fruits + nuts, sports drinks etc). You will do it easily if you want to. On the plus side you probably will put more weight on as muscle than you would have sitting around at home.

Good luck!

How can a forum tell you what will happen to your weight?  It's all down to you.  You clearly need to put the effort in to gain weight, you shouldn't even THINK about losing weight if the poster above is correct and you really are 65lbs.  Eat as much as you can and enjoy the camp!


I'm praying to god that you considered seeing a doctor beforehand? Physical activity + 65lb body.. Sorry, but you're on your way to IP.

dont even answer these posts. this poster is all about attention. dont bother your effort or energy...

Original Post by juicebox96:

no, I am not going in patient, if When I gain , it will be at home. 

 At your age and your refusal to gain weight, it may not be up to you for very long.

also, at that height and weight, it's not an 'if' situation it's a 'do or die'

As we have told you, if you want to gain weight you need to make sure your calorie intake is larger than 2500 calories per day, and much more being an active teen. What is your goal? Please specify as this is explicitly a forum for those SERIOUS about weight GAIN.

I am actually quite sedentary, I spend a lot of my time on the computer and reading books.

To support NYC Girl's most appropriate point about the forum for serious weight gainers, you might want to think about the amount of energy and effort you are using and asking of others to keep playing ping pong, and you might want to more considerately be directing that energy in an honest fashion to respect yourself as well as others. Marching band camp is not happening on the computer or inside of a book, or perhaps unfortunately not inside a hospital. It is happening in real life.

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