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Long flight: what snacks are allowed in carry-on?

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I've got a 15-hour non-stop international flight in two weeks.  As we all know, snacks are a part of our life while trying to gain or maintain a recent gain.  So I'm taking food on the plane, but I don't want to break any rules.

Anyone know if  everything has to be in its original store-bought package?  My usual snacks are protein bars (packaged), nuts  (could buy whole new packs for trip) and dried fruits  (could buy new packs).  I guess I could check the airline website, too.  Also would appreciate additional ideas of what to eat.

Thanks.  SSkirt

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Things like your protein bars should be no problem. As for nuts and dried fruit I think they should fine if you had them in a little container, its really liquids they are concerned about so unfortunately that rules out anything like a yogurt.

You could also try making yourself up something like a peanut butter sandwich to take. On my last flight it was only a short one 4 hours but meant Id be missing breakfast so the night before I made up a batch of pancakes and took those with me along with some soft cheese wedges to spread on top.

You could also take little bags of museli and snack on it as it is.

Sorry I couldnt be of more help, airlines can be quite odd about what you can/cant take now adays so probably best to actually just check with them first.

Anything thats not liquid.

Original Post by betty1302:

You could also try making yourself up something like a peanut butter sandwich to take.

I'd avoid bringing peanut butter, just on the off chance that someone sitting near you is allergic.

Fiber cereal is good.  How about a trail mix (you made).  Do you have kids?  If you do you can bring liquid (juice just don't open it till you are at the x-ray) They will have you open it wave a special paper over it then test the paper. 

They allowed all snacks (even in sandwich bags)  The security guy laughed at me and asked if I was feeding the whole plane with what I packed (3kids + 2 planes + 6 hours = lots of choices)

Don't bring strong smelling foods.  Garlic,tuna,etc.

Have a safe flight, remember to wiggle to prevent swelling and flip-flops are your friend as are ugg (type) boots.

 Edited to add - You are tring to gain? you have so many options just keep to sodium in check

taking stuff on the plane isn't usually the problem, but taking it into the country you are going to might be the problem if you don't eat it on the flight. (for example fresh fruit, meat etc are not allowed into some countries)

I would also support the not taking strong smelling foods, and don't take things like citrus fruit, which stink when you peel them (and the smell of them does give some people migraines)

We've traveled on long international flights. Besides the advice above re no liquids or fresh produce of any kind I'd add medications. If you take medications you are really supposed to have them in their original, from the pharmacy containers. Because I take a large number of maintenance medications using 90 day prescriptions I took the receipts which listed the medications in addition to the normal containers I used to take them at the right time.

We also used to re-package nuts and trail mix into little snack bags, along with cereals. I also like to either carry an empty water bottle thru security and re-fill it on the other side or buy a bottle of water on the other side. Need to avoid de-hydration on long flights. Lastly remember to get up and walk around a bit, stretch if you can. I used to do a modified sun salutation in the galley area on flights from LAX to Singapore.

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