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Weight Gain
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large stomach

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I've been gaining weight and I have about 10lbs left to go (I think :S) but for the last couple weeks my stomach is so big all the time and it makes me feel so fat that its hard to keep up with recovery. I've been sticking to my meal plan for the last week and a half, before that I'd go on and off. I know that some of it is fat because I can grab it but I also think its bloat. In the mornings its much smaller than by the end of the night but at night its ballooned out right up to under my chest. I also notice I have a lot of gas towards the end of the night but my bowel movements are normal. Is this just weight gain? Has anyone else experienced this, is it normal? Will anything help? Should I take laxatives? I've tried eating more veggies and less veggies, nothing seems to help. I've also tried activia yogurt.

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Don't even touch laxatives. Weight gain on your stomach is totally normal and keep going with the gain and it will re distribute! I know it's hard but well done on gain so far!

If you are that concerned about your bowel movements go and have a word with your G.P

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When you deprived your body of food for so long, your stomach shrunk to less than the size of a peach. No exaggeration. So now, as you increase the food you eat, your stomach is stretching, hence the feeling of fullness and bloating. A small anount of fat may well have been gained around your tummy, but this will redistribute, only once your body is at a healthy weight and can trust that you are not going to starve it again ( this means you should be consistent with your meal plan). Dont try laxatives. They are awful things, the experience would be much worse than feeling full im sure. Gas and bloating are normal during weight gain, stick it out and these problems will subside :)
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