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LaraBars v. Luna Bars v. Bars

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I have been wanting to incorporate some convenient snack items into my day, but I can't seem to find any bars that I really like.  I tried to peanut cookie and the brownie Luna Bar and I didn't like either of those, but i don't want to keep waisting money trying to find one that I actually like.  I do really enjoy the Quaker Oats chewy bars and Nature Valley bars, but those do not seem to have as many good nutrients as say the Luna or Lara Bars.  Does anyone have any suggestions? 

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I don't like too many bars because I think they taste kind of dry and what in my head I assume would taste like "cardboard"

That being said, I like Optima Bars, Rich Chocolate Brownie and Cookie Dough. They both have a little bit of dry taste but mostly sweet and delicious.

Snickers Marathon bars taste pretty good as well.

I just finished eating the Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Clif bar and I have to admit, it was pretty good! Especially since I warmed most of it in the microwave for about 25 seconds. It is probably my favourite Clif bar so far.

I tried Maple Nut Clif Bar today and I liked it. Very sweet, but it has a good maple flavour.

The Kashi Trail Mix bar has a nice nutty taste but I find it way too sweet compared to Kashi PB bar or Kashi Almond bar.

Luna bars are okay, I tried Cranberry Toasted nut, Smore's and Nut'z over Chocolate (or somethin like that, forgot the exact name). The cranberry was okay/nice. The smore's was disappointing. The Nut's over chocolate was the best (has a PB/nutty flavour).

I'm completely addicted to Luna bars.  I think they're really good in terms of protein content considering the number of calories they contain!

My absolute favorites are the Berry Almond and Trail Mix flavors.  They're softer, chewier and not covered in chocolate like the rest of the Luna bars; they taste much more like a Chewy Bar or a Kashi bar.  The Berry Almond actually has real berries in it (which makes it an awesome purple color), and you can definitely taste it.  The Trail Mix is more of a plain, mildly sweet, honey-like bar.  If I want something chocolate-y, I go with the Chocolate Peppermint Stick.  I don't often care for mint things, but I think it's just about the perfect balance of peppermint and sweetness/chocolatey goodness.

I've eaten many Clif bars, and I really don't like how they've made me feel.  They're just too dense for me, which makes them sit poorly in my stomach.  And really, the extra two grams of protein isn't hardly worth it for the added sugar and thirty calories.

I've tried Lara Bars as well, but I don't remember which flavor.  I remember them to be a bit dry and dense, but you know - to each his own.

I really like "Eat Good Look Great Pure 20g Protein Bars".  My favorite flavor is chocolate peanut butter.  Mmmm  They are tastey and with 20 grams of protein, you can't beat it!  To me, it's like I am being bad eating candy, but I'm not. 

I buy mine at BJ's, but I see they have a website www.eatgoodlookgreat.com

Give em a try Cool

I LOVE lara bars. My favorite is cashew cookie and banana bread. They are delicious. 

Today I went to Whole Foods and they had a new flavor! PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY. it was DELICIOUS. I definately recommend it and it tastes exactly like pb&j. 

I also like Luna bars. My fave is s'mores and chai tea. 

Original Post by thattsarahgirll:

Today I went to Whole Foods and they had a new flavor! PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY. it was DELICIOUS. I definately recommend it and it tastes exactly like pb&j.

 I have been looking high and low for those babies! I found the boxes for the German Chocolate and the Tropical Fruit Tart (the two other new flavors) at Whole Foods one weekend, but all the bars were out of stock. Now the display boxes aren't even on the shelf anymore and PB&J is nowhere to be found. Hmm... may just have to order some directly. Hahah.

Does the  banana bread flavor actually taste like banana bread?

Original Post by dekkos:

Does the  banana bread flavor actually taste like banana bread?

Once you keep eating it, I think it actually does have a slight banana bread taste to it. Although, I did have this bar awhile back, so I cannot fully remember. However, I do remember this bar being very tasty. Then again, I love anything banana flavoured! Laughing

Chocolate raspberry luna bars are AMAZING.. I've tried other types, but I don't like them as much.

Clif Mojo bars (dipped) are the best! The top part is like trail mix but the bottom is coated in chocolate. Mmmm (:

i have a deep devotion to larabars. but! when i need something more substantial...

probars. they range from 350-400 calories per bar. they are very small, yet dense. and they are SO GOOD. they taste like a fresh, chewy granola bar. also: organic + 70% raw. full of protein, vitamins and minerals. nuts and dried fruit! my favorites remain the original and berry blast.

I love Larabars, But Luna bars, i do not like the taste, never really have, too dry?  though I have not had  a lara, in a bit of time! they are a perfect complete snack(fruit/nut/fat/sugar..protein, and fiber not high in either by any means, but an okay amt!....or a larabar can be part of a snack, whatever the case may be)...i think they are great, but not too filling.

As brookelove said, when I want something more substantial, i go for an odwalla bar, KIND bars(they are reasonably good for energy.  Kashi makes great bars too. I have tried a ProBar in the past, THEY ARE SO GOOD! and like, life savers! for a busy gal. agreed, berry blast is amazing! that's the one I have tried! - only wish they were a bit cheaper, heh?! (but worth every dime :)

sadly they only have like 4 flavors of larabar's by me (cashew, cherry and apple And the regular jocalat) although i was lucky to find a PBJ yesterday! they are so good and as Ingrid said they are a perfect complete snack of fat, fruit and protein and unprocessed, no added artificial protein sources and such few ingredients!

but i must admit i do rely on luna bars and clif bars sometimes for energy if i am out and need that extra boost...becasue i find them more filling than larabars, and i do  like the flavors, especially the  chai, chocolate brownie caramel, peppermint chocolate, and white chocolate macadamia nut; those are the best i think......

but i am starting to try to "watch" how much soy i eat, in bas, cereal etc..so i havent had one in a couple weeks.

Brookelove- ProBars i have never seen those! they sounds really good!!! i checked out the site such great flavors and nutrient PACKED! and also agree with ingrid about odwalla bars and kashi protein bars and clif (although the soy) they make good "life saving" bars for on the go or a meal, but i want to order these Probars now lol ;p

I used to be a Luna girl because I was afraid of the fat in Lara bars, but now I mostly eat Lara bars. I still like a few of the Luna bars. I like the peppermint and cookies and cream. I also like Kashi crunchy granola bars. For Lara bars, I agree with everyone that the PB&J is really good. I also like the cinnamon, jocolat chocolate coffee,cherry pie and chocolate coconut. Snickers marathon are pretty good too.

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