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Weight Gain
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Ideas and thanks

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I have been feeding myself after all my blood tests,heart tests came back normal. I have a great deal of muscle wasting and I want to know what types of food will repair and if I should tone up at the same time especially since I am 39. I do not eat red meat,pork ,nuts or dried fruit.I have gained 2 pounds and then lost it. I have upped my cals to 2400 which has been a struggle.Meals are hard to put together too. Thanks lalabanana for being tough on me-I feel like I am too old to know better and have tired out after 25 years of this.My doctor said I am not in need of a hospital and we do not have an eating disorder clinic. I have found 2 on line support groups-we even talk on the phone as a group.  I even sent letters to Oprah and Dr.Phil .I am hoping I will fill out my loose skin again and at 5'4 I am aiming for 115-120.

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Hi. I know people who have had ed's for even longer then 25 years and they DO recover. They have to be willing to do what ever it takes to get well. I know for myself after 15 years it feels like all I have ever known and even though it has been horrible it is still a battle. There is a reason why you do this and have been like this for so long and I hope you can at least get into outpatient treatment with a therapist and nutritionist. I know your doc rec inpatient. I went out of state for some of my residental so you may want to look into that. Also general pscyh units in hospitals I think many of them can ber very helpful to getting one to a better point so they can recover op. To repair your body it is not going to be just one food for ex to repair the muscle wasting. First you need enough calories to gain and repair or the nutrients you take in can't be used for what it is intended like repair and gain. You then of course do need a healthy balance of protein/fat/carbs.

You're most welcome, but also know you may well need more calories in the future. And as Abbi has said I really hope you find outpatient treatment at least. This isn't just about getting your weight up, but sorting your head out else relapse is a high likelihood. I'm facing the mental side of things now even though my weight's okay and it's extremely challenging even with support - so without it it's worse. Keep a rapport up with your doctor and make sure he aids you in everything.

I have an appointment in the next state for nutrition and my mom's psychiatrist will try to help me on a payment basis-although he does not specialize in eds-I guess it is a start. I have been keeping a journal of what I eat and calories but I have I am too obssessive when I do that so I am just going to eat and my husband is going to prepare my dinners-I can not cook very well. In the mean time I am trying to cut back on diuretics -every other day decreasing by 1.I can not wait to see how a normal body functions after all these years and I hope there is not too late for it to get repaired.I am also going to donate my size 0 jeans to teens in need program and not weigh myself for 2-3 weeks.Thanks again.

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