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Weight Gain
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High calorie, low bulk easy to eat foods!

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So far I have discovered nut butter, cous cous, rice, nuts, dried fruit are all so light and easy to eat a lot of! I was amazed at the amount of calories in cous cous today when I weighed my lunch, i can eat tons of it, i love it! I find it helps me to have an appetite at meal times when I eat more of these foods.

Any suggestions for more easy to eat foods welcome :-)

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cream soups! full fat yogurt, smoothies and mousse are all rather light on the stomach but usually high in calories.

I am the queen of low bulk high cal theory!!

  • HUMMUS, literally i can 3/4 maybe a whole tub
  • An Avocado whole, mashed up inside a baked potatoe
  • Pesto: Green or Red (red goes nice on top of avocado)
  • Yoghurt
  • Olives
  • Ice cream
  • Seeds
  • Crisps (dipped in guacomole or mayo or sourcream)
  • larabar+a tbsp nut butter=300 cals, and really small
  • granola-if you make it at home, you can make it with extra oil, honey, and wheat germ, and grab a handful whenever you go past it
  • smoothies-with nut butter, ice cream, etc
  • 1 cup full fat yogurt, 1/2 cup granola, a tbsp honey=650
  • when you're out, lots of things are high cal-like a large starbucks drink w/ whip? very high
  • figs/dates/pruens+nut butter=really small, high cal

good luck with gaining!

yes! couscous is so good in wraps!

random list: large sweet potatoes, yogurt or chocolate covered dried fruit, granola and dry cereal, ice cream, desserts or baked goods (brownies, muffins, cake, sweet breads, cookies, scones) pancakes, french bread & oil/balsamic vinegar, nutella, honey, fresh juice, frappuccinos, hot chocolate, graham crackers (uk, biscuits?) pretzels, hummus & white pita bread, larabars, dried dates or figs, milkshakes, cinnamon toast (butter, cinnamon-sugar) tortilla chips & guacamole.

these are some good ideas

i find my appetite has been nonexistant in the last couple weeks, the idea of eating/chewing has become a chore... I've been like living off almond butter and protein shakes for the last while just to keep my calories up

Some great ideas, I really fancy the avocado in jacket potato deliciousnutritious! I usually eat avocadoes with cous cous, raisins and flaked almonds. Yum! Pesto is definitely a new favourite mixed in with tagliatelle x



 jumping pn the avocado band wagon - avocado and raisins on toast

avocado and tuna wrap

avocado stuffed in a chicken breast and coated in breadcrumbs - this is a real 'must try ' btw soooo gorgous!

nut butters are my lifesavers! Also just eating nuts. Not only do they pack healthy fat, but are very high calorie and not too filling Cool

Some cereals have 150-200 calories for one portion. Add some nuts, dried fruit, and milk and you have a high calorie snack.

Whenever Boost is on sale, I buy it and make oatmeal/smoothies with it, in place of milk. One I had just today upon being short on calories...

1 Boost - 250

1 BIIG nanner - 120

1 cup spinach - 30

2 tbsp (pea)nut butter - 180

1 serving greek yoghurt - 110

TOTAL - 690

It'll fill ya but it's low bulk and certainly better than eating like 12 sandwiches : )  And has plently of good fats and proteins. I also live on Clif Bars w/ nut butter.


hey these type of threads have really helped me maintain weight gain and gain weight after several relapses with my screwed up schedule. since i go to a really intensive college i always have to eat as much as i can before i head to the studios in the morning and finish the day with coming home to a bunch of calories i still need to eat. nevertheless i get the job done and it can be done in a healthy-ish way depending on what foods you turn to

nut butters- obviuosly a good choice as always. i find the ones infused with flax, found at whole foods and trader joes, good choices because they're freshly ground (raw) with added omega-3 for energy and really healthy fat and fiber content, as well as low sugar.


almost every night when i get home i make oat bran/cream of rye with greek yogurt and protein powder. if i need even more calories than usual i double up the serving of whole oats and eat them raw with heated almond milk and dried nuts/fruit for homemade museli. 

also for grains, some toasts and breads are up to 150 cals a slice and really healthy like high fiber 5 grain harvest and bakery oatmeal/oatnut breads. i find these are good if i'm really not into eating a lot of volume yet craving some comfort food. i usually warm this up with some almond butter

other little things like full calorie salad dressings, canned beans, flaxseed, milk (of any kind- i like almond breeze with 120cals per serving), even weetabix crushed up is pretty light- sometimes i have to double the serving to get enough cals and it you heat a bunch of them up with milk and yogurt for protein they almost shrivel down into nothing. 

goodluck, hope i helped

I find nuts and nut butters really heavy on the stomach. For me the easiest way to pack in the calories is to eat cereal. A portion size never seems like a lot.

Yes i agree cereal is very easy to eat - granola is great at about 40 cals each tbsp! I eat about 60-70g in the evening.

I also love milky drinks like hot chocolate/cocoa which I can add lots in. It doesnt fill me up and I can get 200+cals from a small cup.

Avocado - I sometimes make a sandwich with just mashed avocado (or made into guacamole). Simple, easy, and tastes great.

Walnut cream is pretty light compared to heavier nut butters. Whizz a cup or two of walnuts in a food processor until very finely ground, then keep adding water until it has a whipped cream-like consistency. Goes well with anything - slices of fruit, stirred into cereal or oatmeal, banana and walnut cream sandwich (best combo ever!), etc.

Quinoa is so light you could eat it all day (I had almost 3 cups of the stuff for lunch today!). Very nutritious and a good replacement for rice or cous cous. It's great with some milk and lots of dried fruit/nuts for a not-so-heavy-feeling breakfast or snack.

Oh the walnut butter sound great, will try that!

Also never tried Quinoa so that's on my list of new foods to try. Thanks.

You've gotten a lot of good suggestions!  Here are some high cal, low bulk things that I've used:

  • trail mix (very portable, small and high-cal!)
  • have a caloric drink (i.e. full-fat milk, juice, smoothie, latte) rather than plain water or diet soda as often as possible
  • dried fruit
  • clif bars (higher cal than most protein bars, especially if you add a nut butter to them)
  • granola, esp. mixed with full-fat yogurt or milk
  • smoothies or milkshakes
  • pasta with pesto
  • cheese (either as a dip/spread, on crackers, or a cheese stick, etc)
  • candy/chocolate (scary, but you can do it!)
  • nuts
  • muffins/baked goods
  • eggs, esp. fried or scrambled

Good luck!

There are such great ideas here! i'll see if i have any that have not been suggested :]

*Cream, full fat dairies. (creamed soup, cream in coffee/tea, creamed potatoes etc.

*grains. Gentle on the stomach, quinoa, millet, soft cooked rice, amarnth, porridge, oats. (cook oat meal or oats, or grains in milk/cream/supplement drink)

* cheese(swiss, feta, goats cheese) cream cheese, Parmesan cheese.

* high calorie dense bread, I find bageutte to be easy! smaller for a bit higher cals. bagels, wraps.

* chocolate! chocolate chips, candy bars.

* honey, maple, golden syrup, agave. Jams

* olive oil. any oil really (cook veggies in it!..or anything in oil, good added calories!) And butter.


* granola!

* nut butters, seeds, nuts(almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts...etc..) coconut, ground flax seeds, roasted flax seeds. Sesame seeds.

* i dont know if i am alone, but i find pasta easy to digest and not too filling? ;] so yum with pesto and cheese and more nuts on top!or a cream sauce?

* salad dressings.

* coconut milk, NOT the light kind, full fat. (saturated fat is great for recovering eds !)

* Juice, smoothies etc. (blend nut butters in smoothies is good)

* baked goods(muffins, scones, cake, loaves)

* egg yolks, the whole egg, scrambled with butter and whole milk or cream.

* ice cream (full fat)

* graham crackers, savory crackers, flat breads, cheese straws, tortilla chips.pop corn with butter(?) sweet potato fries, or chips.

* mayonnaise, chutneys(condiments with calories, jams, and so on...)

* dried fruit, and fruit and nut bars(or homemade ones)

* hummus, avocado, pesto (pesto is a great one!)

Great suggestions here, thank you. I think we have covered most foods!

Here's some more specific foods i have eaten recently:

Small mackerel fillet (250)

Small nut burger (250)

Fox's jam & cream biscuit (80) Tiny - I have about 3!

Tesco fruit scone (small) (140) I eat 2 of these with fruit spreads added - add butter too if you like it

Tesco individual raspberry jam sponge with custard (400) yum!

Rice pudding (200) small can, great for adding fruit puree/dried fruits

Skimmed milk powder (50 tbsp)

Whole milk powder (75 tbsp)

I'm not on weight gain anymore, but my stomach really can't handle a ton of food, so these things help me tons...I've been loving protein powder lately!

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