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Weight Gain
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hi! new to cc and need help :(

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Hi, I have just begun to recover from anorexia, I'm 5ft 6 and 96lbs currently. I used to eat 350 cals and now I eat 700 as I was told I had to raise calories slowly. But, I've also had bulimia in the past and the more I add calories to my diet the more I'm having urges to eat more food. How slowly do I have to go to raise my calories safely? Part of me just wants to get this initial bit over with because I know it's going to be the hardest but another part of me worries about that refeeding information. I'm more hungry now eating 700 than when I ate 350 cal what the hell?
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yeah ur gonna continue getting more hungry til u get to ur body's healthy weight. i dont see any harm if you start eating 3000 right now.  its just since ur used to such a low calorie intake that it would be hard to get 3000 in a day...but it can be done. you dont have ot increase slowly it just is probably thought to be easier. i suggest eating peanut butter... try to eat like a cup of it a day and maybe down a few huge swigs of olive oil. thats a sure way to get calories in.

They are right, it's your choice if you want to take it slow but binges are unavoidable for any person who has lost a lot of weight with ED. If it helps I am 5'11 118lbs, and went up to 1000cals and maintained, now I'm up to like 1600-1900 and still maintaining although initially I gained like 4 pounds. There's always going to be weight gain with recovery unfortunately but anything is better than being afraid of food forever and not being able to live your life while everyone else is out laughing and having fun. The increase in calories is good and will not kill you, now I feel much better and more optimistic about life (:

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