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Help from Women please!! Breast Weight!?!

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Why is it that when I gain weight it goes primarily to my breasts?! I've hit a 36G! Some weight will go to my stomach or my face but the obvious growths are in the girls. It's causing me serious back pain which leads to me laying on the couch to keep from holding myself up. Walking can be a huge pain so going to the gym seems like torture! When I go, I lose but leave in even more pain. Doctors have said I just need to lose the weight... not easy when it's hard to keep your head up all day while holding twenty pounds of weight on your chest. Please tell me I'm not suffering alone!

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LOL at the first reply ;-)

I have a somewhat similar situation (which may or may not help), but here goes.

Just a 5# gain or loss for me really shows in my breasts.  At a slightly lower weight I'm a C, but just 5# up and I'm a D.  I've never really been overweight, but I imagine if I were, I'd have ginormous breasts.

For other, mostly unrelated reasons, I went on a more paleo-type diet in January.  The main focus was to reduce grains (wheat, mostly), reduce omega-6s (which are highly inflammatory), and eliminate added sugar.  One unintended side effect of these changes was that I no longer have heavy, water-logged (for lack of a better word) breasts.  My main problem was about a week before my period I would get crazy bloated and my breasts would get big, heavy, and sore. It made me miserable for a week or more. This has completely gone away with this new way of eating.  My breasts don't change size over the month at all that I've noticed.  No more "PMS bras" that are larger than my regular bras.

While this could be the result of a combination of things, the research I've done suggests that it is likely a result of limiting my omega 6s. There is lots of good info on this all over the internet, but essentially the main changes I made were to stop eating peanut butter (I ate it 4-5x a week), stop cooking with vegetable oil (real butter or coconut oil instead) and not eating packaged foods with any type of veg. oil (corn, soy, safflower, etc...)

I think it's definitely worth trying to eliminate these things.  I am thrilled about this unintended side effect of my diet change.

Hope this helps you!!!

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