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Help a female athlete gain please!

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I'm a recovering anorexic up to 116 from 98 at 5'7".  I want to get to 125, but I want to make the majority muscle.  How fast should I be gaining weight?  I was 120 before summer then sunk to 115.  October 11, 2010 I started at 2450 cals a day and am now about 116.  Any advice?? I'm scared I'm going to get fat, and the body image thing doesn't help calm my desire to restrict.  All of you are so inspirational!!! KEEP IT UP.

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AWESOME awesome awesome job!!!! i'm too recovering from anorexia and 5'7" and i'm up to 95lbs from 84lbs. the best 11 pounds i've ever gaining, and i plan to get much higher. do not be afraid to get fat!!! when your body reaches it's set point, probably 125ish, it will settle into place and require about 2500 calories to maintain. your body will look amazing at that healthy weight for you... and athletics will be a lot easier with more muscle and fuel!!!

i hope so badly to be an positive response to you and to encourage you to keep it up!!! :D

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That's such a nice response, I really appreciate it!! Since I've only gained about a pound in a month in a half on 2450 what should I increase to do you think?

Best of luck in your recovery as well! you are doing AWESOME!!!

oh my only a pound in that time? definently time to increase ;) and it's not so bad, you can actually have fun with it! i'd say increase to 3000 a day, it's very normal for active teens to have 3000 calories a day and it can be really healthy. it will also boost your metabolism! i eat 3000 a day and i usually gain about a pound a week, sometime only a half-pound. it's a healthy rate of gaining.

so to add about 500 calories, i usually just increase the portion sizes of what i'm eating to not make it too complicated. good luck! :)

I am 5'7 recovering anorexic as well! Just curious as to whether or not you all are still exercising when trying to gain? I have been trying to gain for awhile, but I am running 5 days a week and i have not really gained. My RD added to my plan, but its hard for me to eat that much. I do not know if it is better to try to eat more and cont. to run, or to cut back on running...i am afraid the weight will be flabby if i gain without exercise.. advice?

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Yes I do exercise, I do college track and field so I can't stop.  That said, it's hard for me to say what would be best.  If you dont mind eating more with exercise go that route, but if you do not like eating a lot and don't mind not exercising, I'd do that.  The weight gain won't be flabby either!!! You are recovering from anorexia, the weight will go to filling in the damage you have caused it :) In treatment I gained 2-3/lbs a week for about 13 weeks and I wasn't pure fat haha, try to challenge that ED thought, I know i still am

Ya its super hard for me not to exercise..so i guess im gonna just have to face the fact that I need to eat more to gain...thanks for the advice!

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