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Weight Gain
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Hello Please someone help or explain this to me!! PLEASE!! D:

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I have been struggling with anorexia for around five years now and have been in and out of treatment but have managed to be out for around two years now i have just turned 18 and have never had a period! D: 
My bmi is just under 15, but i don't look underweight, so everyone thinks i am fine even though i dont feel it, but anyways thats not the problem i manage to eat and eat alot and normal foods however, my glands in my neck are swollen and have been for around 7 months now they ache and make it and have made it difficult to swallow even fluids i am knackered all the time and  have no energy and find it difficult to think straight, i get really stressed and always have a jumpy stomach and cramps, i know i need to gain weight but am struggling had anyone experienced the facial swelling and swollen glands in their neck/ looking healthy and being okay with food and eating anything just not getting over eating above normal to gain? Please someone give me some advice or answers or even just let me know that i am not alone!!! Thank you , PLEASE REPLY!! x Also my ears are always blocked/my nose always runs! and i never go out i just stay in bed or force myself to watch t.v becuase ii am so tired and sore and anxious rediculous i know but please someone help me!! :(

Also my bum and legs are really flabby which makes me feel more rubbish pro due to muscule wastage as i dont move like all day!!

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Get a blood test- not to freak you out, just so you know about hormone levels etc in your body- sounds from the lethargy maybe you have a thyroid problem- easily treated and all, you just have to know you have it ;) get yourself to a doctor ASAP so you don't worry yourself any more than you already have and they can tell you of there's something wrong :) sure it'll be fine, and hope you'll bounce up soon :) xx
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Yes i agree you should visit your physician it may be something with your thyroid, which is what hppnd to my mom so you get that taken a look at, take care

You need to gain weight.  Period.  A BMI of less than 15 normally warrants hospitalization.  I've been in and out of treatment for anorexia & depression since middle school...I'm 18 now.  You are very underweight, though you may not be able to see yourself this way.  That is the eating disorder.

Anorexia is deadly.  I've had all sorts of complications, and what you're describing sounds like it may be thyroid related, though I'm not a doctor.  The swelling on your neck often indicates this.  One of the meds I take is lithium, so I got my thyroid checked as this can be a complication and it turned out my thyroid levels were all out of wack.  My main side effect from this was being extremely tired, headaches and digestive problems.  

But once I started taking meds to regulate my thryoid I felt a lot better.  You should go to a doctor ASAP and get blood tests & I would even ask for EKG.  Please get the care that you need, it is very serious.

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