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A great day of eating!

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So I gave in tonight and logged my calories for the day, this was probably bad because I've managed to not log anything on here for weeks. but I was curious :X. I've still been semi mentally counting so I know I've been hitting around 3000 on most days, but I wanted to confirm it.

and guess what! Today's count came in at 3381! go me!

a few months ago that would have been unimaginable, I was barely making 800 and I would freak out if I went above that. but I feel good about it today because I know this is working. My clothes are gettting tighter and my face is fuller and brighter, and hey, what normal person could complain about having to sit around eating ice cream and peanut butter all day, right?

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Well done, gibbit! Keep it up. You're doing so well.



That's awesome! This post makes me want to eat more :)

Congrats!  Your post is so inspiring to me.  I am with toridl, makes me want to go eat more, too!  Way to go!

Thanks for all the encouragment! We an all do this! Before joining this community on cc I was really trying to "recover" on my own, though not really trying to and I had no one to talk to about this, so I really credit all of my improvement to everyone here. I'd still be trapped by my ed and most likely in a hospital bed somewhere if it weren't for all the support I've found here. Thank you all so much!

This post made me go eat a coupletablespoons of peanut butter- which is a good thing, saying I have only eaten about 720 calories today, and was not very hungry Smile

good job Jonasfreek! I could live off of peanut butter! It's a great way to get in a bunch of calories and good fats without taking up too much space.

I'm really glad I can inspire people, since I usually come here for motivation myself. Let's keep eating Laughing!!

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