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gluten free, dairy free, egg free and looking to gain weight

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i am a 28 y/o female, and i am restricted to a gluten free, dairy free, and egg free diet because of allergies. altho i feel better eliminating these foods from my diet, i have lost weight, and i was already considerably underweight. would love to gain at least 10 lbs, and if anyone has any tips for weight gain using this diet, i would really appreciate it. also interested in a gain buddy!

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Hey there! I am allergic to gluten and dairy, and am vegan so therefore do NOT eat eggs!:) I recovered from an eating disorder, anorexia, and so I had to gain over ten pounds, so we could definetly be buddies!:) Anyways, here are some ways that I gained weight:

-Add peanut butter/almond butter to toast, fruit, crackers, anything!

-Oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast to add calories to, if you like it and can still have gluten free oats. (I like Bob's Red Mill's) Peanut butter is great on oatmeal, too!

-Smoothies/Protein shakes: Another way to make fruit high calorie, blend with soy or almond milk or add some nut butter. Make sure you get either plant protein or soy protein to avoid dairy if you want a protein shake.

-Vegetables: you bet you can still have these! Cook them in olive oil and garlic, or roast them with oil, yum! Season to taste.

-Gluten-free wraps: you can add anything to wraps like brown rice, black beans, avocado, and you've got a high calorie wrap! (I like the Food for Life brand, yum!)

-Trail mix can easily be made high calorie with dried fruit, nuts, cereal, etc.

-Larabars, if you like them, are 200-250calories a bar and made from dates and nuts/dried fruit...I love them!

Good Luck!


NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS NUTS. No seriously, nuts rule the world. 

Peanut butter, almond butter, pecans, walnuts, macadamias. There's a whole world of nuts out there waiting for you to discover them!

Also, even though you can't have dairy, you can still have dairy alternatives. Full fat soy milk is a great option. Also, if it's lactose that's the issue, you can still get full fat lactose free milk. 

Also, oils like olive oil. It's full of healthy fats. Add it to stir fries, vegetables, salads, and a million other things. 

There's also dairy-free margarines. Look for seed/nut based ones. 

Avocados are fantastic too. A whole avocado can have like 350-400 calories and it has amazing health benefits, it's like jam packed with nutrients. 

Good luck!

First, are your allergies diagnosed?  Could you be re-tested, just to make sure?  Because malnutrition is a serious problem, and it sounds like you're pretty underweight.  You should definitely see a doctor, even just to check on your physical health (esp. things like blood pressure).  
Have you looked into nutritional supplements?  You might want to look around the products on this site to see if they work with your allergies:

http://www.nestle-nutrition.com/Products/Prod uct.aspx?ProductId=f5f4d29a-d26e-4152-85a4-31 ba79059fd0

I agree with allipali about nuts.  They are great!  Healthy and high in calories.  There are also a lot of gluten-free alternatives now, so be sure to look for those.   

I have a cashew, almond and raisin or cranberries mix I use. It is awesome. You can get it at any bulk section of any grocery store. It serves as a good filler and its healthy. Also I am not sure about how severe you allergies are, I have a client that recommend an awesome protein shake to me, been on it for almost 4months and no problems. I had a lot of gastro issues and its been excellent, I can forward you the link email me if you want it, I would atleast check it out. Need to respect the forum rules, so not going to post the ling on here. Happy Thurs :)

Thank you all for the great info!

Since you are basically already on a paleo diet maybe check out some of the websites pertaining to that? There are TONS - and keep in mind that this diet is popular with cross-fitters, many of whom tend to be pretty built.

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