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Weight Gain
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Let's all post with putting our gaining weigh ins and stats!

What are you doing to gain?? How much have you gained?? And what is your goal??

I am 5'7 and currently 118-122. My lowest was 94 so you do the math!!!

My nutritionist says that 130ish is where I should be..anyone else?

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congrats passionschild!!!!!  good luck in the future!!!!!

lowest: 85.5

highest: 107

last weigh in:92

todays weigh in: 91.5

IM PISSED OVER HERE!!! ugggh i felt like i was eating enough but i guess spring break got me a little off schedual...not as many snacks and stuff...but like twice the amount at main meals.  Im feeling a litte sick to my tummy though cuse the past two days ive been havin alot of like random sugar stuff like cake batter, frosting, chocolate, candy cuse its eater weekend and i think that since i havnt had this stuff in forever itsupsetting my tummy.  but im gonna ignore the upset tummy and eat EVERYTHING cuse theres just so much yummy food with my whole fam here. 

But over the past couple days ive been havin like random stomach cramps and if i remember correctly they felt like period cramps and sorry if this is tmi but ive been havin a little u know stuff like discharge since these cramps started.  What do yall think it is??


I am 29 years old

My lowest weight was 88lbs

My current weight is 92lbs

My goal is 100lbs (where I was a year ago), but I would prefer 110lbs.

I started going to the gym in January, just doing weight/strength training.  I have a personal trainer and I can see results in gaining muscle, however not in weight.  I just don't know how I can eat 2000 plus calories a day.  How does everyone do it?  I eat peanut and banana sandwiches everyday and I am starting to bring nuts for lunch. I am not scared to gain weight, I want to, however I need suggestions on what to eat.

My clothes do not fit properly and I would love to look good in a swimsuit again.  I am so frustrated!


peanutbutter banana sammiches are great calorie wise!!! wash it down with some whole milk and its even better!! basically if you want to gain weight you really need to just base your whole day around food...have set times for your 3 snacks and 3 meals.  Make each of your main meals 600 calories and each of your snacks about 300 and thats 2700 cals right there.  There are many things you can add to the foods you are eating now that add a bunch of calories and you wont even notice they are there. 

There are alot of really high calorie breads out there so make sure your bread is nice and dense, dried fruits or canned fruits to replace any low calorie fruit your currently eating, toss your veggies in some olive oil((120 per tablespoon!)) any kind of dressing will be your best friend, basically just dont eat anything plain, like i have a friend that eats EVERYTHING with ranch.  That would b perfect lol.  Pastas are great for gaining, same with oatmeals because you can add anything and everything to them and they are very easy to make high cal.  Granola is great to add to things like oatmeal and high cal yogurt, ful fat dairy products are easily high cal. 

If you want to gain you must expect to be a little uncomfortable due to the fact that your eating more than usual.  Its the same uncomfortableness those trying to loose must face because they are trying to eat a different amount than normal.  Its not difficult once you get used to it...and granola bars are also  great because some are a good 400 cals for hardly anything.

Hi, I'm new here.

I'm 22, 5'4

CW: 98 lbs

GW: 105-110 lbs

eek, TUNK, your GW is still UNDERWEIGHT, is that just a first goal to be followed by a higher weight maybe??

Yes, I want to weigh more than that I just want to reach that goal right now.

Hello fine people :)

I also am a newbie to this site.

I'm 14, 5'8"

Lowest: 104

Current: 108-110 (my scale fluctuates a lot lol)

Goal: 115

I know my goal is still underweight, but I am small-boned and my doctor and parents said 115 would be a good base.


Thank you for that valuable information.  I am eating dense bread from white bread and I drink homo milk everyday.  I like pasta so I definetly can eat that more than I already do.

I am trying my best and I think with the help of my dietitian, PT and self confidence I will soon see results.

Thanks again:).


It seems like there's mostly ladies posting on here, but ill join you-

Im 6ft 3inches, male.

At my lowest, about a half a year ago, i weighed between 120-125. (ridiculously skinny, i know)

Its taken a lot of hard work, but Ive reached 170 pounds just recently.

Im shootin for 210 by 2010 tho, ill keep you updated.

pshh the face that theres a bunch of us lovely females on here shouldnt scare you guys off =] haha your meal plans are probably wayyy better than ours and we could use a little kick in the butt every once ina while!

ha congrats for the amazing success so far and keep working hard!!! you goal isnt as far away as it may seem =]

haha i feel retarded though cuse it took me a while to understand the 210 by 2010 lol...but good luck!! muahhh!

Kuhristenn; you sound like me when I was your age. Even before my AN returned with a vegenace - I literally made myself a 1,000 + calorie shake every day after school just to stay at the 107 lb mark ( 16oz cup stuffed with ice cream, soda, and strawberry syrup. Prescribed my doctor)

I'm fighting to get myself up to 105 at the moment. :sigh: Being tall means you need A LOT of calories. 3600 is currently giving me 1/2 lb a week. Its been slowing progressively though, not sure how much longer that will last.

I really haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd let y'all see my progress.

Height: 5'8.5"-5'9" Age: 20

LW (this time last year just about) - 78 lbs

CW as of this morning: 103/103.5

GW: 105. my third goal, almost met!

Rebelchick forgive me if i have missed part of this thread..but at 5 feet 8 inches isn't 105 pounds waaaaay too thin still?  Im 5 feet 6 and they want me at 115-120.  Though i'd be happy with 110 because im small boned and think this should be taken into consideration.  Just a thought. 

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Hello all the names Elmer.. Long story short use to be a chubby kid, now an underweight kid :(.. I am now on a path to just look healthy.



LW: 101(about two weeks ago)


Goal Weight 150( hopefully more muscle then fat)


I am recovering from anorexia, and I am gradually accepting that I need to gain weight and that it is healthy!


Low weight: 102

Current weight: 110

Goal weight: 120-125

Vicgirl - I've been setting myself small goals so I wouldn't feel so far away. My first goal was 85, second was 95, third is 105. I know I still have weight to gain, but my doctor determined that after I got to 105 - I was out of medical danger and didn't have to push for gaining quite as much as I have been. I have a very small frame too, and he is taking that into consideration. Apparently, my predicted height based on childhood weight/bone structure was about 5'2". o.0 That's why my doctor feels I should let the rest of my weight come on slowly so my body will find its set-point. I'm figuring that will be about 115, perhaps a little more.

Low weight: 73 

high weight: 110

current weight: 87-88

height: 4'11

Slowly but surely, i'm packing on the pounds...i ate so much good food this week too!! it really is great!! :)

Ok... so I'm new... and gaining weight stupidly fast! But I'm feeling so much better :)

Age: 22

Height: 5'2"

LW: 83/84lb

HW: 114lb

CW: 99lb

GW (for now): 105lb


I have a teeny tiny frame which is why I think I've gained so quickly (10lb in two weeks!) and why my goal weight is just under BMI 20 for now. I do want to get to that point though, I'm just worried it'll look bad on my frame :(

Welcome!!! wow you are gaining fast...any advice? I think it will look good on your frame. As long as you feel good about it thats all that matters. Whatever it is that you're doing keep up the good work.  Wink

girllaurality and shantell: a gain of 10 pounds in 2 weeks is not realistic.  It is water weight and it will go away.  This means it is not actual weight and you may not have even gained.  This is experienced normally during the first two weeks of increasing and thi is the reasoning behind alot of people saying do not weigh the first two weeks you start upping because it can be triggering to see the scales go up so fast.  In order to gain 10 pounds in two weeks you would have needed a total of around 35000 calories consumed OVER what you burned meaning 2500extra calories per day OVER what you burned and most females burn between 1500 and 2000 on a regular day without excercise.  This is not realistic at all.  sorry to burst your bubble but it is highly unlikely this is real weight and an extremely fast weight gain isnt neccesarily good and can have severe consequences on health issues.  A steady gain of 1-2 pounds a week is healthy and normal.  I am in no way saying to slow down your gaining though.

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