Weight Gain
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Let's all post with putting our gaining weigh ins and stats!

What are you doing to gain?? How much have you gained?? And what is your goal??

I am 5'7 and currently 118-122. My lowest was 94 so you do the math!!!

My nutritionist says that 130ish is where I should be..anyone else?

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110 today!  Although seeing as how I was 108 yesterday and 105 a week ago, I'm not sure that this is actually real.  I have a distinct feeling that its glycogen storage and water weight, although I've been drinking water in mass amounts to try to stop feeling so bloated. 

17, 5''3.. and a bit lol!


CW: 100 lbs

LW:   83 lbs

GW: 104 lbs... (that I really, really, really dont want to gain!)

I know its only 4lbs, but Im happy sitting just on the triple figures ta :(



CW: 113
GW: 118-120

I have to start the weight gain again, I got up to 117 but lost 4 pounds recently :S


CW: 98?!?

GW: 118-120

So I had went up to 103 and today I was at 98 but I just had a huge lactaid free milkshake and feel like the size of a large porpoise. Not a whale yet, but a porpoise :). Not sure why I lost, the doctor mentioned inpatient and I freaked and burst into tears so I must pack on the pounds STAT for Greece. A lot of it has to do with water weight, etc. so I shall see. Nevertheless, its all about being positive!


LW: 78 lbs (ew...really)

CW: 92-95 (fluctuates)

GW: 100-102...it would be SO NICE to have some boobage and derriere ;) (plus thats where i tend to gain weight anyways, so I'm not opposed to going above 102 if thats where my body takes me)

I love how supportive everyone is of each other in this forum...weight gain isn't always the easiest thing :)

18, 6'0

LW: 109.5

CW: ... 110. Just beginning recovery.

GW: Realistically, I should be at about 144lb just to get to a healthy BMI. I'm going in stages, though: first goal of 120, and so on. I miss having a chest and the energy to go out and do things.


I have gotten rid of my scale! It's unneccesary and was becoming too stressful. I had been really good about not weighing, but I noticed I was finally starting to look healthier and was curious about my weight so I started again. It's crazy how even though I'm happy about looking better, seeing the numbers go up is still scary. So the scale is now packed away underneath all of my winter sweaters  inside a container in a back closet.

however, my last weigh in last week put me at about 106/ 107, I'd estimate I'm even up to 108 or more this week.

height- 5'8
lw- 98
gw- 115-120

i know 115 is still low but that's where I want to get for now, however I can manage to get there, and then begin packing on some muscle which will add more.

Been to see the GP today. She was actually very helpful (I was wary she might not have experience with anything in this area) and has referred me to the local ED clinic for appointments with a nutritionist and such (: My next appointment with her, though, for the time being, will be in two weeks - and so will be my second weigh-in. Today's put me at 108, which is depressing as it is two pounds lower than I thought I was. I'm determined to get that up for the next time I see her. She hasn't given me a goal weight yet but I personally think a weight of 144 would be realistic as a final gw.

I also have a blood test in a week's time and am bricking it! >< Needles, ickickickcick.


HW: somewhere around 135-140 lbs.

LW: 105 lbs.

CW: 111 lbs.

GW: 115 lbs.

Its not an amazing feat, as I don't have much to gain, but I finally gained a pound and am up to 111 this week :) Unlike some of you who are suffering from hypo-thyroidism or whose bodies are still recovering from the starvation of anorexia, I'm pretty normal right now, so when I reduce my cardio activity and eat extra to gain I do.  Its been pretty hard for me to feel okay about to reducing my activity (cut my running distance in half/do more resistance work), while trying to eat about 3000 calories though, so I guess I can be proud that I've been doing better w/ shutting the ED thoughts out.  Its been seeming to help lately when I just try to picture myself with stronger muscles/larger breasts/more curves, etc. to fade out the ED voices and blur the ED pictures.  I'm curious about what other methods any of you have used if you don't mind sharing.

Good luck eveyone!!

Up to date stats now I've seen my GP:


HW: 144-145 lbs.

LW: 108

CW: According to my scales, it fluctuates from 108-110 (water weight?) but I am trying to move away from checking day to day.

GW: I haven't been given one by my GP yet, but I have an ultimate goal weight of about 140-144.

I'm kind of wondering about my thyroid, too. I seem to get hungry really quickly after eating, and my temperature shoots up when I do. It's odd. X:

Although you certainly want to be sure everything is okay medically, the things you are experiencing often happen when one starts eating more consistently.  I remember being IP and feeling so hot, walking around in shorts in the middle of winter (I was, and still am, someone who is always cold).  Several people on here, myself included, have experienced an increased hunger once we began eating again.  It was almost an insatiable appetite but that does go away to where you just get normal hunger pangs - it just takes time.  Keep up the good work.

last weight: 113

CW: 115 :)

GW: 118

15, 5'3

LW: 87.5

CW:92-93 ish

GW: around 95 pounds, a bit afraid of gaining more weight


LW: 90ish

HW: 120

CW: 104

Doctor said today it was a lot of water weight but hey, I'm taking what I can get! I don't eat 3000 cals a day and not exercise for nothing! Its good to finally see some positive results.

LW - About 88lbs with clothes

HW - 112lbs

CW - 102lbs

I'm 5'4 and I should be about 112lbs again, but I want to maintain at 108lbs first and see if my periods come back. I relapsed last year after getting to 106 and lost about 12lbs, I've gained 8lbs since September. I'm on about 1800 cals a day at the minute, I've tried to stop counting them everyday now. I just want to get to my goal weight now, its been too long.
I'm eating 2600 calories a day and that's been enough to bring me from 110 to my current weight of 117 in about two months. My goal is 125, and then I'll go back to maybe 2100 calories, but being able to eat 2600+ calories sure is fun! Eventually it would be in my best interests to be at about 130-135 (height is 5'7)

After weighing today, I seem to have gained about 0.5 a lb. \: The doctor's scales and my scales differ slightly, but the numbers there and here had both increased by the same amount so that's what I'll go by. So, on my home scales: 110.6, and the doctor's: 108.6. Yay!

Well I figured I should probably post here. Maybe it will help keep me motivated.

current: 133.6lbs
goal: 150lbs

I'm 5'11" and have a terrible time gaining... Highest I think was 143lb

I haven't weighed in weeks, but I've been totally pigging out, eating almost 4000 calories daily and I have felt like I'm looking much bigger (in a slightly scary but obviously good way). the weight has begun to distribute a little bit better, into my legs and arms. I'm really happy about that since the average temp here has been about 95/96 every day and now I don't look so ridiculous in shorts! I've added in some strenght training and feel like I'm getting stronger and gaining muscle. Yesterday at a party, a guy I had just met even commented on how strong my arms look! That was so great to hear because up until now I've been so self concious about how stickly they are.

However, for the last few days, since I have felt so much bigger and have been eating at the 4000 level for like 2 months now, I've been really really wanting to weigh myself. Part of it is just curiosity and part is this crazy ED voice telling me I NEED to know. This morning I gave in and dug out the scale from the back of the closet promising myself that the number would not affect me no matter what. But it hasnt changed at all! I don't understand! I swear I feel like 10 pounds heavier! And while the eating disorder in me is slightly relieved that I haven't ballooned up in the last few weeks, I feel a little cheated. All of my eating, not allowing myself to do the cardio I've been dying to do, what has it all been for???

Sorry, I just had to vent! I guess I am still happy about the redistribution :)

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