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Weight Gain
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how to gain weight when you're lactose intolerant ???

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I am 5'2" 105 lbs. and I want to gain about 10 or 15 pounds just to make myself not look so sick and make my clothes feel better. I have been looking at other peoples diet plans and have a hard time following them because they have a lot of dairy products in them. Are there any high cal foods or recipes without dairy that actually taste good ?

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Nuts and Nut butters

Olives and Olive oil


I'm sure there are more, but these are from the top of my head.


thank you. Smile

Could you still use soya milk? If so you could make up bowls of cereal and oatmeal using that and then make them more calorific by adding in your nuts and dried fruits. You could also eat soya yogurts.

Easy things to add to meals and snacks are nuts, dried fruits, eat higher cal fruits like bananas instead of an aprioct, add in flax seed, cook your meals with olive oil, add some avocado to your sandwich at lunch, put some nut butters in your cereal/bread, chose the denser types of bread. Little things like that can all make a difference at the end of the day.

Also you could try higher calorie fruit juices like plum or make up your own smoothies for a change.

I second soy milk, im vegan so I dont consume and dairy products. To get my calories i eat nuts (almonds ect) seeds (flax, sunflower ect) and avocados. I use EVOO and nut butters too.

Eating fresh fruit drizzled with almond butter and maple syrup is yummy and full of calories. Or try making a huge fruit salad with apples, bananas, ect and then top with soymilk (if you can) and a drizzle of maple.

I second all the other ideas.

Almond milk is awesome too...especially the vanilla flavored kind. And, soy protein shakes/proteins are a good way to get some protein.  I eat a lot of the Spiru-tein shakes. 

Hey queenie :) 

Soy yoghurts and soy cheeses are also really good, and if you don't like soy milk, rice milk, almond milk (as somebody has already mentioned), and even oat milk are great alternatives. But when the emphasis is weight gain, concentrate on the healthy fat sources everyone has been mentioning. Good luck hon :)

Have you ever heard of Lactaid?  It's a company that makes products specifically for lactose intolerant.  The simplest, most versatile of their products is a lactaid pill, which you simply take before or during a meal that contains lactose.  I believe it works by giving you the missing enzyme you need to digest dairy.  It really does work!  But if you don't want to take a pill, they also make Lactaid milk which tastes soooo good (much better than milk), cottage cheese & ice cream (all of which are lactose free!).  Heres their website for more info:

As for other ideas:

oatmeal with extras (nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, CIB, etc) stirred in, eggs, large bagels, dried fruit, trail mix, nuts, dark chocolate, peanut or almond butter, "heart healthy" oils (olive, canola, etc), flax seeds, wheat germ, Ensure or Boost Plus, protein bars, hearty beef or turkey chili, granola, mayo, whole wheat pasta with heavy sauces (pesto, alfredo, etc), granola bars, juice, heavy salad dressings, seeds, etc

One more thing:  Have you always been lactose intolerant?  If this just suddenly came on, it may be related to your weight loss.  It happens to a lot of ppl with eating disorders, but then once they've been eating properly, they are no longer lactose intolerant.  

Wonderful tips and advice, swimfan. I wasn't aware of this company, Lactaid - it sounds great! I also wasn't aware that a lactose intolerance was sometimes prompted by an ED. Very interesting, and I suppose it makes sense due to the fact ED often compels its "host" to eliminate dairy products, and given time the body is then conditioned to do without them; the fact that the reintroduction of these would then cause some internal distress seems reasonable. I believe I experienced this myself. Milk was initially a disaster, but after a period of eating plenty of yoghurt and then adding a little milk in here and there, it was no longer a problem.

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Believe it or not alot of the new proteins shakes are all lactose free, And yep lots of alternative milks minus the lactose as well.

This is a big breakfast:

1cup oatmeal made with water

1 oz of chopped almonds

1 large banana sliced into small pieces

2 tbsp of Peanut buttter

2 slices of whole wheat bread



I rarely have dairy, just a personal preference, but weight-gain is fine:

-Soymilk/almond milk/Mootopia (lactose-free milk) with granola or oatmeal
-WHEAT GERM!!!! (Can I stress this enough? Omg. I still owe it my life. :) )
-Nuts/nut butters
-Avocado and mayonnaise on sandwiches instead of cheese (but there is soy cheese if you like)
-Olive and canola oils
-Protein powder in soy/almond drinks with fruit, possibly nut butter, too
-Rice or soy ice cream? I like them but they're not for everyone. Also there are a lot of lactose-free ice creams at my grocery store, don't know about yours.
-Toffuti (tofu cream cheese), jelly, honey, and nut butters on dense whole-grain bread and bagels
-Dried fruit instead of fresh

Good luck! You can do it! :)

I am Lactose Intolerant and trying to gain weight aswell. It actually is not any harder than a person without Lactose Intolerance to gain weight. As far as milk goes, I recently switched from 2% milk to vanilla & chocolate almond milk by Almond Breeze and Silk plain and chocolate soy milk. I never drank milk to begin with (always hated the taste), until I was forced to drink it when I was in IP treatment in the hospital. If you don't want to do that, you could always try lactose pills, if you have not yet. Although, I found the lactose pills were not taking much of an effect on me after awhile. That's just my body. You may want to consider them. Even though milk seems to be the dairy I tolerate the least, I switched to soy puddings, etc. too. It helped that I never was a fan of cheese or ice-cream and all of that (though there are soy cheese and non-dairy ice-creams available). I mainly stick to soymilk (or non-dairy milks) and yogurt. These are what seemed to of helped me so far. Good luck!

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