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Can I gain weight without eating saturated fats?

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I know it's impossible not to eat saturated fat, but I'm wondering if saturated fat is what makes us gain weight (excluding muscle). Say for example I didn't eat any  saturated fat and ate 3000 calories per day, would I gain weight without training i.e fat?

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News Flash:  You do not get fat from eating fat.  You get fat from eating more calories than you burn.

Saturated fat doesn't make you gain weight any more than any other source of calories.

Eating more than you burn does.

Why does saturated fat get such a bad rep?

There is actually more evidence coming out now that higher amounts of saturated fat are actually healthy.

Personally, I don't really worry about how much fat I eat is saturated, mono saturated, polyunsaturated, etc. As long as you're eating a healthy, balanced diet, then you shouldn't have to worry about it, either.

*sigh* another misconception...at least it isn't as bad as my friend who thinks that exercise makes you gain weight *rolls eyes*

Saturated fats is needed...without it your hair would fall out, nails would be brittle, and your skin will look dull and grey. 

Saturated fats does NOT make you gain weight. Fat never makes you gain weight, but stay away from trans-fat. Trans fat is found in lard, doughnuts, etc. Trans fat is not healthy for your body because it is man-made. Our body sort of thinks that the partially hydrogenated fat is saturated fat because it is straight like saturated fat, but since it isn’t quite saturated fat, it really confuses our bodies in ways we don’t fully understand yet. 

You gain weight by eating more calories than you burn, be it veggies, fruits, carbs, protein, fat etc. 

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