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Weight Gain
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That's where it typically goes at first, but it redistributes later. Don't let it freak you out to much, just focus on your health.

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Hey, I know exactly what you mean. Today I had one of those days where I really felt like the weight was creeping all over me - like my body was just tingling with it (it didn't help that my school counselor came up to me and said, "Oh! Hey, you look like you've really gained weight! Good job!" - Seriously lady? Really?)

I too need consolation. It's funny, it'd be so nice to have a little person sitting on my shoulder constantly cooing into my ear "no one can tell you've gained weight, you're not fat, you're gaining health - not fat"

ANYWAY. For now I will coo into your ear: The reality is, yes you're going to gain weight. But this is what you're gaining with it:

1) BODY REPAIR - your body is literally rebuilding itself from the inside out. Organs, Brain, Blood, Bones everything. All the weight you gain isn't necessarily fat - it's, well, it's a body!

2) FREEDOM - Walking into the lunch line at school and saying, "wait a minute...I don't have to just eat raw broccoli with vinegar...there's...oh my god...I can eat that?? A sandwich? Yes!! Yes I can eat that!!" - Yeah. Those moments feel good.

3) TRUST - from your parents, coach, doctors, teachers, friends, and yourself. It's amazing, since I've been eating more and gaining weight on my own, my parents have trusted me with so many more responsibilities, not nagged me as much, and generally just backed off. It feels SO GOOD. And I can trust myself to be able to handle that responsibility - which is essential if I want to be able to continue on to college next year.

4) STRENGTH - Know what's cool? I can actually walk up the stairs at school now. And carry my backpack. And stand up and sit down without blacking out. Yeah. Pretty nice.

5) LIFE - These things kill. Ruthlessly. They cut lives short, and cut short the QUALITY of life. You're so young with so much living to do. 15 lbs is worth it, babe.

6) SEXINESS - Hellz yeah a HEALTHY body is more attractive that an emaciated Auschwitz one. 

7) CHOCOLATE - Need I say more? Didn't think so.

And a bajillion more. Message me anytime and I'll coo away with much more. :)

Weight gain is uncomfortable.  There's no way around it.  I'm struggling with the same thing.  I don't like seeing fat accumulating in places I don't want (and of course, my mind distorts a little weight gain WAY out of proportion), but it's necessary for health. 

About weight lifting--that is something you will want to ask your doctor.  You are still underweight, and you don't want exercise to put too much strain on your body or stall your weight gain.  As you gain weight, you will naturally gain both fat and muscle, even if you don't work out.  Anyway, congratulations on the 9 lbs!  Keep persevering!

Vangogo:  That's a really encouraging list!  Thanks for posting it!  I was actually talking with  my therapist today about my struggles with gaining weight, and he told me to write out a list like that and recite it out loud every time I'm feeling anxious about weight gain.  This way, it gets ingrained into your mind, and you start thinking more rationally about all the positives of weight gain.  

God works in mysterious ways and I believe He knew I needed this thread today.  I am supposed to be gaining and even though I will admit that I like the freedom of not having to restrict my foods, I still am really struggling with this!  I have gained about 7 lbs since October and deep down I absolutely hate it, and yet I'd really like to be around to enjoy seeing my kids grow up.... It was reassuring to read some of the other replies about how the body really isn't just taking on pure fat, that it's using the weight gain for good, not evilSmile  I wish I could truly make myself believe that.   If it were someone else I'd be able to encourage them and be proud of their gain and absolutely reassure them that it's HEALTH and not just fat.... but I can dish out advice much easier than I can accept it!   PBandJelly3 - I'm glad you have the love and support of your mom and coach, hang in there, we're all with you!

vangogo6 i salute you. your post made me feel a trillioooon times better about my afternoon snack haha, thanks so much :)

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You are so welcome! I'm so glad it did. WORD

oh my god, word spelled out looks so strange to me at the moment

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