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food for a sensitive stomach

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does anyone have any suggestions on things to try, for a sensitive tummy? i just came back from my cousin's wedding in boston, and it was good because i challenged myself to try new things and even wedding cake =) the problem is, my stomach's not used to some of those things so i'm feeling a little bleh.

in general i find that i can stomach bread very well, not whole wheat or anything with a lot of fiber though...but bread with butter or jam and weak tea with milk seems to settle well. but i'd like to know of some other things that might help.

thanks so much you guys =)

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If you are talking about a temporary diet for an upset stomach/flu then the BRAT diet is what lots of doctors recommend.  Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast with plenty of clear fluids.  But that is only til you're over the bug then you slowly add in other foods to get back to your healthy diet.  Stay away from spices, milk products as they can upset your stomach more.

I have similar issues, my stomach doesn't handle grains too well. Have you tried sprouted grain breads from food for life? They sit just fine with me and they are super tasty too. Bananas are good, I would also say most fruits. Try alot of smoothies and I would avoid real spicy foods :) but thats just me though.

I've been having horrible stomach problems for years.  Lately, the blender has been a savior.  I find liquids easier to stomach, but I have to make sure they're calorie packed.  Soups seem to sit well too.  As part of my breakfast, sometimes I'll blend cottage cheese with a sliced banana, frozen fruit, peanut butter and a bit of milk into a soup-like consistency.  Then I eat it with a spoon out of a bowl.  It's protein and nutrient packed, and the way I make it is about 500 calories!  You can even stir in some cereal or nuts to make it heartier.  Cream based soups are good for getting calories and fat in.  Saltines (plain crackers) are often given to people with a stomach flu, so they're good for upset stomachs.  Eat slowly.  If possible, aim for more frequent, smaller meals (3 meals, 3 snacks).  You know your body the best though.  Write down when a food upsets your stomach, and keep a log.  Look for a pattern so you know what foods you can tolerate and which foods you can't.  Good luck!

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