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Weight Gain
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How do you fix you Metabolism?

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Ok, so how do you fix it?

everyone has been saying eat 2500 calories but they have not gaven a reason as too why so many dont you think 2000 would be sufficient enough or no?

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People have been suggesting high amounts of calories so you can gain a bit of weight and properly nourish your body. But once you gain some weight, you might actually need more than that. 2000 at first might cause some weight gain, but that's merely because your body is in starvation mode. If you can get out of starvation mode, you'll need more and more to gain weight. Since you're 16, don't be surprised if you'll eventually need 2500+ to maintain.Wink

so i should stick to 2000 for about 2 weeks then bump it up to 2300? then alittle after that 2500?


2500 is reccomended for SEDENTARY FEMALES.

you, are an active male, probly should think about stopping the running, and as sedentary need 3000 to gain, MORE w/running.

increase in increments if ur scared, not 2 weeks tho, ur at 1800, id say tomm 2000, stay a few days then go to 2500, then 3000+ why wait?

The only reason i am scared of going that high in calories is because I am so used to eating below 2000 . I'm trying really hard to go above it I am its just my mind tells me that its too much but if it isnt too much then i will raise it up to 2500 you can bet on that. I just need alittle more help =]. I just need those little pushes to help me through.

[p.s. I cannot go see a nutritionist because i cannot afford it]

you dont need a nutritionist, theyre a lod of crap in my opinion.

you need to eat more+excercise less.

maybe u need a therapist but not a nutritionist.

u wont explode from eating more, ull get healthy, that IS the goal, isnt it?

good luck

Yea I'm going to try.

How long will it take my metabolism and energy levels to recover?

Original Post by dekkos:

so i should stick to 2000 for about 2 weeks then bump it up to 2300? then alittle after that 2500?

 Well, maybe not 2 weeks, but increasing your calories gradually is definitely an option. At least that's what I did. I increased my calories by about 200 a day until I reached a reasonable amount. Like agruskin said, tomorrow you could eat 2000, then 2200 the following day, and so on. You will see some weight gain initially, but by the sounds of things, you really need it. I'm also 16 and 5'6", but I'm around 122 lbs, and even that is the very edge of what is healthy for our age and height.

Yea im trusting you guys on this =]. Im going for 2000 tommorow then next 2 days bump it up 200 till i get to 2500  and get my metabolism going again.

Thank you guys so much for your support.

Thank you

skin and gooby.

NOT 2500, arent u a male?  you need 3000 SEDENTARY, at least.

its worth it, 2000 tomm then just go w it, as fast as ud like to increase, the faster the better.  i jumped by 900 overnight, nothing happened.

I dont think i can jump 1100 calories...

I can bearly finish having my 1800 calories a day..

there r lots of tips on this forum, get to 2500 ASAP then 3000 as soon after.

choose denser foods, higher cal, look around the threads for ideas, i did it, u can too

Original Post by dekkos:

I dont think i can jump 1100 calories...

I can bearly finish having my 1800 calories a day..

 I agree, I don't think jumping up 1000 calories in a day is the best idea. At least with me, it caused weight to come back too quickly. I've found that gradually increasing the calories and watching the weight slowly come back on works much better. It keeps me less anxious.

Well here is a basic outline I like to shoot for when adding mass. First thing we need is calories. And the right amount of calories in the right order in order to optimize the bodys capacity to add heathy weight in the form of muscle. First thing we are going to look at is the 3 macronutrients of importance. And there roll they will play in gainging weight.

Carbohydrates: These in my opinion are the trickiest nutrient of them all and where people seem to vary the most. Some people do well with carbs and others simply dont. Either way I Like to get at least 2gs of carbs per Ib of bodyweight so if you are 200 Ibs you would be taking in 400gs which equals about 1600kcals. Very important to have your carbs in the form of heathy carbs no sugars. Sweet potatoes,brown rice. these types of carbs control insulin levels better. Which brings us into night eating. I know the criticts dont love it but I personally think its a great way of taking advantage of the metabolism when it as at a vulnerable state...not to mention an * hour fast is the last thing a hardgainer needs... so set your alarm leave a shake in the fridge... or drink a bunch of water before bed and let natures alarm clock wake you.

Protein: Simple to add weight 1 to 1.5 Grams per pound of weight. I like to do 3 meals Chicken,beef,fish, eggs and Cap the day off with 3 or 4 shakes.. This one is pretty simple.

Fat: The king of tipping the scales in my opinion, the right fats can really help adding weight become easy, remember fat harnesses 9kcals per g so if ya get good fats from Fish oils (omegas) and nuts, almonds are great cashews as well. I reccomend 0.5gs per Ib of bodyweight.

Try this it has always seemed to work with adding weight to just about anyone that I have tried it with. And remember with gaining weight that the body needs time to adjust to this new you so give it time. If you eat like this for 4mths and continue to readd the numbers in so that your kcal requirements meet the new you, hope this helps

So my body will get use to 2000 calories and i will not be gaining on that amount so thats why i need to increase my calorie intake, right?

first off, I have not read all of the other replies, so I apologize before hand, if I end up repeating stuff

I assume your question "how do you fix your metabolism "refers to how you can increase your metabolic rate" or "how can I improve my metabolism".

all of the below information is based on this.

the best and most effective ways to increase your metabolic rate for natural fat loss is 

- eat a diet based on a macro nutrient ratio of 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, 20% fat

- good sources of protein are raw fish as in Sashimi and Sushi (beware the rice), Whey and Soy Protein shakes, lightly cooked meats (with a emphasis on wild game meats), lightly cooked poultry (turkey and chicken breast), seafood and fish, also tofu, especially the hard type

- protein is highly metabolic, the metabolic rate is 20%, which means that by eating 100 kcal of protein, the body uses 20 kcal only to digest and utilize it, in contrast carbohydrates have a metabolic rate of only 10% and fat of only 4%. so it makes sense to focus on protein rich food sources

- protein sustains and builds muscle tissue. to illustrate the importance of protein, always remember this: we need carbs for energy (excess energy is stored as fat), we need high quality fats for protection and bodily functions, but we ARE protein (and water and minerals). 

- even a sedentary person should have at least 1 g of high quality protein for 1 kg of bodyweight in smaller meal portions throughout the day

Another important way to speed up your metabolism is to start exercising. exercise increases your metabolism during and after exercise

Furthermore, reducing or eliminating all harmful foods and drinks such as processed food products containing white flour, sugar, salt, artificial agents, trans and hydrogenated fats as well as all sweet drinks and soda pops, even diet soda pops will result in greater health, a recovery of an upset body biochemistry, a loss of adipose tissue (fat mass) and an increase in lean body mass

hope this helps

To fix your metabolism, you need to be eating more. I upped my cals from under 500 to 1800 overnight, then to 2500 a couple days later. I was gaining on 1800, but now it takes me 3000 a day to see a real gain and I'm a lightly active 18 yo female! I would say you'll need AT LEAST 3000 to gain, but maybe even closer to 4000. I know guys your age that eat 4000/day and maintain!

And I know it's scary, trust me. You'll probably be very uncomfortable at first, but don't give up! Backpeddling will just hurt your metabolism in the long run.

Check out the stickies for some resources on what to eat and calorie dense foods, they really helped me!

Good luck!

I love youguys thank you for all your support i dont know were i would be without you guys im planning on upping my calories 100 a day. by the time i get to 2500 you think i should stay there for awhile or keep on going up?

Keep upping to 3,000. I think somebody said that's the minimum for SEDENTARY males to gain.

But, were does it say 3000 calories is minimum for males to gain?

That sounds crazy to me but im new to this gaining so..

a link please or explanation.

Original Post by ecwk6:

Keep upping to 3,000. I think somebody said that's the minimum for SEDENTARY males to gain.

 It really depends on their metabolism. I personally have always had a really slow metabolism (must've inherited the slower thyroid from both my parents -_- ). I'm actually gaining at a fair enough rate on 2500 calories a day.

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