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Your favorite creations!

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Hey Everyone! My names Brooke and i am currently beginning my recovery from anorexia after 2 years. i am desperatly trying to gain weight and trying to find the foods i love and used to always enjoy. i find one positive of gaining weight that we can come up with yummy creations with whatever you want to put into them! Recently, i have been trying to come up with some good conctions to make me excited to eat the foods i used to enjoy so much!

What has been you favorite creation that you love?

Any recipes, snacks, shakes,desserts that you have created during recovery that your so glad your eating again?

So far.. my favorite has been velvetta grilled cheese with extra cheese and ham and tomato, or pumpkin almond butter ice cream.... YUMMY!

What's Your Favorite's??

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I am absolutly addicted to:

1. Chobani Peach Greek Yogurt mixed with cooked oatmeal!

2. Cottage Cheese mixed with Cooked Oatmeal! 

3. Clif Z Bars and Instant Carnation Breakfast

4. Gramcrackers with stringcheese

Spaghetti with tomato sauce, oregano, melted cheese and maple syrup!


Avocado tuna olives lemon juice toasted seeds crunchy salad grated carrot -all mixed . Yum!

On a conpletly opposite note

Ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and maltesers-aaaawwwwww yeeeeaaa

pumpkin almond butter ice-cream- that is incredible, if only!


combos created in recovery for me ;

  • sweet brioche roll topped with 100g hummus and a broken salmon fillet (495)
  • 2 crumpets toasted with feta cheese and salmon fillet on top
  • my fave home-made pizza now is 300g flour, hot water , yeast.Base sauce (1/4 can plum tomato, 1/4 bell pepper, 2-3 stuffed olives blended alltogther) heated with a touch of black pepper to thicken.50g feta cheese, spinach leaves and 1/2ed baby tomatos. 
  • croissant stuffed with banana, loads of nut butter and raaspberries and dates
  • crumpets with 150g philadelhia on top and a broken up salmon fillet
  • Tuna lime fishcake inside a pitta with cheese and EVOO
  • my healthy vegetarian style burger !!
  • Crumpets with 100g hummusORwith 100g crunchy PB and tbsp honey
  • Frozen Big pot petit filous topped with 8tbsp crunchy PB and let to set again, with walnuts too
  • Giant genesis pancake, topped with 6 tbsp mixed fruit jam and walnuts
  • muller corner with sunbites and nature valley ginger crunch broken inside

i think i should stop now?

Original Post by vicgirl:

I love making a sort of "jam" by putting 3 medjool dates, juice of 1/2 a lemon and a wee bit of water into a pan and simmering it until a paste forms.  I mush it with a fork..let it cool and then spread it on bread that has been thickly spread with tahini  Sometimes i top it with sliced banana...yum! 

has anyone else tried this it looks awesome?! 

Original Post by sophiec96:

my favorite this week: greek yogurt, add some granola, mix pb and banana and melt in microwave and pour on top of the granola! top with stwwwabewwies(:

im having this later WOW! and im the only one posting on this thread rght now *cheers -_-* :P

Coconut milk, mashed squash, honey, lemongrass and mashed carrot-all mushed together to form a mashed potato like consistency. random but good.

Original Post by liney_line:

hey blueberry!!!! i created that smores oatmeal a couple weeks ago!!! lol but i topped mine with an addition of ice-cream and lots of rainbow sprinkles! i cooked the marshmallows and chocolate in though with cinnamon.... by the end it looked like pudding... no one knew it was oatmeal ;)

mmm i love warm peanutbutter.... there is nothing better!!!! i cant stand peanutbutter on bread, it has to be toast with cinnamon or maple syrup!

my favourite peanutbutter sandwhich has dates, cinnamon and banana inside of it..... mmm gooey goodness! =D

im trying that asap !

not super creative, but cheesy potato soup is really yummy. Add a little sprinkle of your favorite cheese on top and serve with a plate of crusty bread for dipping. Perfect for chilly nights.

try using cake batter in your waffle iron to make huge fluffy waffles and then top them with whipped cream, and melted pb chips

At the college I used to attend they had this whole wall of cereals you could choose from and the best thing to do was to try and put a little of each into a bowl. I had some of the yummiest bowls of cereal ever!

Get 1 banana and plaster it in crunchy oeanut butter, roll in 30g crushed branflakes and shower in dessinated cocnut. freeze overnight and thaw for 15-20 minutes before eating. gets a bit sticky but its worth the mess when you get to eat it the next day (!) 

jvau6524 ah cereal combos are insanley nice right !? those waffles look awesome, shame w e dont have cake batter in the UK! or pb chips for that matter :P

I haven't had a banana in forever and that sounds really good, I might have to try that. I love peanut butter and coconut together, so sweeeeet. :) 

Combining cereal is like a magical way to make every cereal instantly more tasty. I think I could live on cereal and almond milk alone lol.

:( I'm sorry ya'll don't cake batter or pb chips but I'm sure regular waffles piled high with regular pb would be just as tasty. Peanut butter is a superfood lol.

Uk and Ireland people: chocolate digestives or hobnobs in the microwave for 10 seconds: that is all ;)
Chocolate hobnobs obviously!!

smooth tasty sandwich= turkey breast,avocado,banana and pb..and if you want something a bit more fresh on it add tomato!

anything made from canned pumpkin!!!! i made pancakes with it the other day! add it to the instant mix and its so fluffy and delicious!!! top it with greek yogurt and maple syrup! yup its delicious!

any type of waffles (i use kashi blueberry, 7 grain, etc.) topped with almond butter/peanut get the idea. but THEN....add some plain (or flavored if you want) greek yogurt spread on top, and taadaa!!

simple, but you can do SO MUCH to that "base"; like...add raisins. add chocolate chips. i use agave nectar and/or honey. you could put fruit on top....the possibilities are probably endless!

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i just had this last night - marshmallow fluff and honey bunches of oats-- (major fear foods but) pure amazingness!

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I know this may sound nasty but I love to add bacon to my peanut butter and banana sandwich... I do not recommend if you have heart problems due to the fact that it sometimes gives me bad heartburn but it should bump the meal up to about 700 cals. add some chocolate milk is always good too

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