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Weight Gain
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how fast do you/did you gain weight?

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hey everyone! i'm trying to figure out how fast i might gain weight :D i just entered recovery for anorexia this january, but i've only gained 4 pounds since then… my doctors are NOT happy lol! so if you'd please share the following info it would really help me!!





time it took you to get from lw to cw:

thanks so much everyone! :D x

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anybody?? :) please!

sounds like me lol. at one point in my recover it took like2 months to gain like 2 pounds. then i took it seriously and stuffed my face. it was from my lowest weight but it was from the weight i was at for the longest so i will call it my LW


LW: 145lbs

CW: 160lbs

AGE: 18

Height: 6'1

sex: male


February first was when i was at 145. when i took it seriously and started eating like crazy i gain 15 pounds in 4 week. the first two i gained 10  then the second two were slower.


 now that its almost april i have basically maintained which im happy with. im about 162 which was the weight i was at last year this time when i was healthy and just starting to get into running and working out. looking back at pictures i basically look the same as i did back then except twice as much muscle and a bit older.


anyway. if you decide to go balls to the walls on this weight gain and consume calories like you consume air then u will gain weight rediculously quickly at first but a lot of that is water weight... depending on how underweight u are right now and how much muscle u have.

 hope this helps. best of luck! :)

oh well i'm 5'3 78 lbs. up from 74 lbs. and 13 years old right now! probably should've included that info in my original post haha! the gw i set for myself is 88 lbs., any higher than that and i think i'd die of embarrassment D: so i really don't have that much more weight to gain :) i guess i have a lot of muscle, i mean i have a really low bf% and all so i probably do. but i don't look buff or anything!! hehe. what do you mean about the water weight?? does more muscle=less water weight? sorry i'm a bit new to this stuff and my nutritionist doesn't explain anything to me! sorry!! i'm not sure how i want to gain my weight though :\ i've heard that the more calories you eat during recovery, the faster you metabolism will be so i'm like reeeaaallyyy tempted to eat a whole bunch and look like a sumo wrestler while eating.. buuut i'm afraid that if i do this, i won't be able to stop when i reach my gw and develop bed D: on the other hand, if i keep eating the way i eat right now (3,200 calories) i'm afraid that my metabolism will never speed up the way i want it too! and i'm just really scared about that because i don't want to have to be worrying about calories for the rest of my life!! ugh. omg yah, thank you soo much!! your reply helped a lot :) and wow your really tall. i mean REAALLY TALL lol. that's so great how far you've gotten since february.. i've barley even gained 5 lbs. while your basically all recovered and mighty muscle man now! ): ugh. why can't i try harder!? not that i'd want to be mighty muscle lady when i recover or anything haha, that'd be kinda creepy.. :D

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Age: 17 Height: 5'8 Cw: 150 Lw: 117

Took me a mere two months because I legitimately stuffed my face!!

oh wow you are tiny! even 88lbs is small but since ur only 13 you have basically just started puberty, which may have been stunted from the eating disorder...idk your current condition. anyway. because your so freaking young your not going to have to worry about being fat for a VERY VERY long time. i promise you. eat as much as you want and you will get to a healthy weight. trust me, you wont continue eating until you get really fat. your body doesnt want to be overweight, just like it doesnt want to be underweight. you just need to lsiten to your body and keep eating until it feel right. also when your blood work comes in normal. get your blood tested monthly and make sure its getting better. if its not then discuss plan of action with ur nutritionalist. but i know what its like. nutritionalists are often pretty useless. and more muscle in a healthy person = more water. muscle holds water.  its why bodybuilders will drink up to 10L of water a day leading up to a show so they can saturate their body with as much water as possible to look even bigger.  but anyway. do yourself a HUGE favor and stuff your face! you wont stuff your face forever. your body wont let you (if you listen to it) so u really dont need to worry about getting too big or whatever. my ex-girlfriend is about 135 and 5"2 and she looks fine. mind you she is 19. but still. just  to compare. your not evne close to being "big"

ok well i'll try and stuff my face for the next few days and see how that goes :) i don't think my growth is stunted (yet) because just last month i was only 5'2.5 and now i'm 5'3. my blood work is fine too, the only thing basically wrong with me is my low weight i guess. yah my nutritionist is terrible!! i'll try and cut down on the worrying also :p and eat more! ok well maybe i'm not physically 'big' but i do feel mentally 'big' haha. thanks again for all the help!! :D

coach_k: oh whoops so sorry about this!! i guess i wasn't thinking when i posted about other people and their triggers haha.. :)

Happened quite fast for me, in the beginning slowly, then gaining rate increased and now I'm "healthy" says he'd like me to gain a little more but I think I'm done with gaining now - I hope;)... weight doesn't really change much now and my intake requirements are getting less.

age: 18

height: 5'1

cw: 106

lw: 83

time it took you to get from lw to cw: about 2 1/2 months (one lapse where I lost 7lbs in one week)

I think you really should up your cals! Don't be afraid, trust your body, it will use all the food you give it in order to repair and turn you into a healthy, happier self:) your metabolism will speed up eventually and slow down the healthier your body gets (but that takes quite some time).

You won't develop BED!! I always thought I was a BED-person but I wasn't, overeating happened when I deprived myself of food and it was actually what saved me, I think;-)

Don't worry if you happen to have cravings, it's not a sign of BED or anything, it's just that your body likes what it gets - food is medicine really - and naturally wants more (which is a great sign!!) They'll go away once your body realises that you don't want to starve it again!

Good luck to you - you'll get there:-)

hi rose! :D thank you soo much for replying! are you sure i won't develop BED? haha sorry, i just need to double check :) yah i know i need to eat more calories :\ today i upped them from 3,200 to 3,400 but so far i don't feel any different. then again, it's only 2:45! how many calories do you think i should up to? i mean will eating a certain amount "trigger" my metabolism? or is the speeding up of it just a random occurrence? sorry for all the questions!! my nutritionist like i said earlier is not exactly the most marvelous person in the world lol :D and it's not that i fear my cravings, i actually love them! they make me feel alive, as crazy as it sounds :p i'm just scared of what could happen if i give in to them too much. i don't want to be one of those people who eats so much that they pass out and forget everything.. like an alcoholic with blackouts you know? (most of my cravings are for things like dried fruit and oats by the way, so nothing too unhealthy!)  thank you! congratulations on recovering, you must feel really proud of yourself! :) x ali

on a side note, i've noticed that 2 months appears to be the time period in which most people gain their weight. hmm..

well remember, recover takes a while... you gotta look at ur progress in bigger intervals of time. like after 2 weeks see how much weight u gained. a few days wont tell u anything usful. alsof or the height thing. your body fluctuates up to 1 inch daily so that half inch difference you saw probably doesnt mean anything. when regards to height u have to compare it in 6-12 month intervals. its like gaining muscle. it happens real slow, and its different for everyone. like i said, your still so young, u have so much growing to do. (not just in height but in body maturation. im sure u have learned all about this in school)

I can tell you again if you like: you won't;-) Haha I know...some things you need to be told a hundred times:P Congrats for upping you cals - proud of you:))

Sorry, I can't really give you any advice with how many cals you should up to, it really depends you know and something that you should leave to the professionals to tell you! 3000 is the minimum for teens (great - you stick to that!) and from there I think you should increase until you gain enough weight - I gaining 2 pounds a week would be great?? But hey, that's really different from person to person and if you gain slower that's fine!! As long as you DO gain:-)

You are very young and still growing and all that so don't worry about there being a limit for calorie intake! Of course there's a natural limit but you know, I heard about anorexics in recovery taking in 7000 cals (no bingeing - normal eating amount!) LoL;) so really don't worry! I think the more calories the higher your metabolism - certainly it's triggered at some point!? Also you know, your metabolism I guess is already quite fast and burns calories off quickly - therefore no (or hardly any) gain! I'm glad you don't lose but it might really be good if you gained a bit faster... However, DO allow your body time.... that's soo important in recovery - we abused our bodies for too long!!

And haha erm won't pass out;) LoL You can't eat too much at such a low weight! Okay yeah, technically you could...but not too much regarding weight gain or anything, it's more about too much at once, you would simply start having physical pain which is not nice and you're likely to stop then at the latest;)

So don't be afraid of giving in to your cravings - as you say, it's sooo great you have them!!:) You're wanting to eat, that's great and means your comitted to recovery:-) Never ever listen to stupid ana voice that maybe you shouldn't give in...that it could be too much etc... Only tip I have for you is that maybe try to fit your cravings within a regular meal plan (guess you have one?). Not because it's bad if you have them in between - NO WAY!! - but only to give your body a bit of rest between meal times and allow it to process the food. Otherwise, if you feel like having something in between, go have it - it's what healthy people do;)

Btw, your craving-foods (LoL, like with me!) very healthy&nutritious - great!!:)

Okay sorry, this post has gotten quite long now and most of it is just blabla ;) so I'll leave it to that and only recommend you to read hedgren's post: upport/helping-starvation-mode-down

Maybe you read it before, it's highly popular between those who wan't to weight gain and has helped so many (including me!), I think, that it's really good if you read it from time to time just as a reminder of how it all (basically) works!

Thanks, yeah, I guess I am proud of myself for gaining...:) I'm hesitating there because it's still all kind of new...  it all happened so fast and then I'm afraid I might not be done yet! Also I'm still having a few anxieties sometimes....AND I'm waiting (rather deliberately^^) for my period to return...which might take some time:( But basically, yes, I am proud!! It feels good to care for your body and see it recovering, not abusing it anymore!:-)

Do keep me up-to-date how you're doing:)


PS: I know, nutritionists can be b******... (no offence, there certainly ARE great ones!!) Maybe you could go to another? I didn't have a 'proper' nutritionist during recovery, that is, one who designed my meal plan, regularily checked my weight and all that...I did however have some nutritional sessions on skype - haha funny, I guess?;) - but she helped me really much because she had had ana herself and therefore understands:) I'll give you the link for the institute she works for...just in case you're interested!

Hi everyone:) I'm female Almost 15 and 5'4 My lowest weight is 77 pounds
Im female, almost 15, and 5'4. My lowest weight is 77 pounds,And my current weight is 80..... I have gained 3 pounds in about a month, but I was up to 89 in september after ip but I lost it and was down to 77 by Xmas my goal weight is 88, just to shut the drs up! :) (sorry for the 2 posts) :)

age: 17

height: 5'5 1/2"

cw: 116 lbs

lw: 101 lbs

time: a month


I gained weight like crazy! My body was super malnourished :)

Age:22, female

Lw: 43.1kg

Cw: 58.8kg

Took me just over 4 months, I'd starved myself for years so my weight went on quickly due to my body being very malnourished

I've got a similar problem!

I'm 5'1 currently weigh 85 lbs and I need to get to a healthy weight of around 115-118. My metabolism moves so fast i've never been able to gain a lb in a really really long time.

Can I ask a question if I decide I am hungry and then eat, but then don't stop for awhile do I have BED because I eat slow but then eat sooo much but I don't get painfully full though BTW 15 male 5 ft 9 in lw 112 cw 124.5
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