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Example of a 4000 calorie menu, backed by popular demand!

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Hey everyone!

Being the newbie on this amazing forum, I thought I'd jump in and post an example of the ilusive 4000 calorie menu. I saw some requests for it on various threads, and seeing as my current intake is hoovering around the 4k mark, I'm gonna share my daily diet with you :)


NOTE: This menu isn't rough on the stomach by any means! I am a dancer and runner, so very active, and these meals can actually be eaten directly before workouts without any nausea! So that's a good thing!


Breakfast: 1 cup of Kashi GO LEAN! Crunch, using 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese (I do breakstone's 2%) in place of milk. 1 cup of Blueberries, 1 apple, 2 TBS Peanutbutter, and 1 Snicker's Marathon Nutrition Bar.

Breakfast Total: 820 calories, 25 grams of hearthealthy fats (PB), 26 grams of fiber, 39 grams of protein.

Snack: 1 bowl of Quaker Oatmeal mixed with 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1 TSP cinnamon, 1 TBS Honey, 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk, 1 packet carnation instant breakfast (french vanilla), and 1 bannana. Use a BIG bowl!

Snack Total: 510 calories, 5.5 grams of fat, 12 grams of fiber, 13 grams of protein.

Lunch: 1 sandwhich made with 2 slices whole grain bread (try for 110 calories each), 1 slice of 2% cheese, lean turkey breast. 1 Kashi TLC Dark Chocolate Cherry bar, Carrot sticks, and two cups spinach mixed with 1/4 cup almonds and 1 glass of V8 veggie juice on the side.

Lunch Total: 730 calories, 19.5 grams of fat, 14 grams of fiber, 35 grams of protein.

Snack: Heart Healthy Ice Cream Sandwhich! Recipe below:

Two whole grain waffles (eggo makes really yummy ones, as well as Kashi), 1 cup fresh, chopped strawberries, 1/2 cup Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Frozen Yogurt.

Directions: Toast waffles, and fill with icecream and strawberrys. Enjoy, and serve with a glass of V8 fusion (our veggie count is looking a tad low Surprised)

Snack Total: 620 calories, 10 grams of fat, 7 grams of fiber, 15 grams of protein.

Dinner: It's difficult to eat with your family while still ensuring adequate calories. Thus, for the time being, it may be wise to invest in some pre-packaged meals, if desired. One of my favorites:

2 Stouffer's French Bread Veggie Pizzas, 1 cup cooked broccoli flourets.

Dinner total: 710 calories, 24 grams of fat, 10 grams of fiber, 30 grams of protein.

Snack: 1 cup Dannon Vanilla Yogurt (comes in big tub), 5 TBS of raisins mixed in, along with 2 TBS ground flax meal. 1 Kashi TLC Cookie and some more carrot sticks, or vegetable of choice, on the side.

Snack total: 610 calories, 15 grams of fat, 12 grams of fiber, 15 grams of protein.

Daily total: 4000 calories, 99 grams of fat, 81 grams of fiber (believe me, you'll need it!), 147 grams of protein.

I hope that this helps!

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wow!  youre an athelete and dancer, rt?  thats awesome, you seem really motivated an i know others would like to see this.  im only a bit over 2000, youre awesome!

keep it up!

That's awesome! Is this what you maintain on? Hopefully I can keep maintaining eventually on something like this. The nutrition stats are amazing too. I manage to eat 4k just fine but my fats are like twice that at least and my protein is usually a bit lower :\

how much do you exercise?

this looks like a very well done plan for the day. hopefully i can pull off something like it.

my daily intake is way below the 4k :/

Ok, so maybe i'm freakishly crazy, but I'm on a 4k diet too, but I don't have as few things as you do. I don't like feeling stuffed all the time, but i DO enjoy having a large variety of different things in my diet, so i tend to have a little bit of a LOT of different things, rather than mixing so much together. Here's a day in my life (today actually)

B- 1/4 c dry 5-grain cereal, cooked in water, 2 morningstar "sausage" patties, 2 Tbsp natural peanut butter (yes, by itself:)), 1 box rasins

610 cals

S-2 cups 2& milk w/coffee and pack of sugar free hot cocoa

320 cals

L- 6 in. Subway ham on wheat w/tons of veggies, pepperjack cheese, and olive oil, 1 homeade blueberry bran muffin

680 cals

S-1 oz mixed nuts, can 100% treetop juice, cheese stick, 2& sugar free starbucks latte

740 cals

D-(at a friend's house) "burrito"-large tortilla, lots of steak, lettuce, salsa, and tons of cheese, more cheese on the side

about 780 cals

S-1/2 c dry oats, cooked in water, 2 c 2% milk w/sugar free hot cocoa(its freezing here in the winter), 1 chocolate south beach diet protein bar, 1 large apple


coming back from the holidays and traveling so much it was difficult to meet my needs, and i lost .. its taken me 3500-5000 to gain last time and i have a high maintenance. mostly after gaining i tried to stray from counting and enjoy cooking and eating again and eating intuitivly. 3 meals and 2 snacks of course but whatever i wanted. but i have lost some weight from the holidays so im sort of counting again. its a little annoying. but heres my favorite bed time snack .

it makes 3-4 servings

my favorite late night snack paired with the cute duo of bunny grahams.i love the friends forever comes in a tye-dye box and it has all the bunny flavors in it hah. and a couple tablespoons of oh so creamy barneys almond butter and you have yourself the perfect easy to get down snack.anyways for the recipe i use ORGANIC whole milk from trader joes. and for the peanut butter you have to use DARK CHOCOLATE DREAMS PEANUT BUTTER from peanut butter and co. this recipe was specifically designed for that product only, otherwise it wont taste to good. now onto the recipe =]

  Ingredients 2 1/2 cups whole milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 cup sugar 2 1/2 cups light cream 2/3 cup Peanut Butter Directions

  1. now in a medium saucepan heat the whole milk (organic or otherwise) and vanilla till its hot. whisk in the cocoa and the sugar and keep stirring until its disolved. add the cream and the dark chocolate dream peanut butter (yummy yummy in my tummy) and let simmer for 3-5 minutes and stir constantly.

  2. serve in 3 or four warm mugs with mini marshmallows. a big dollop of whip cream or marshmallow fluff


of course if your lactose intolerant you can use non-dairy alternatives. but it is absolutly delish. and the bunnies add a nice touch.


also in the note of cooking i found this great website and ive been making a dish each night for dinner scince i hot maintenance. but the food is superb its old eastern european food from old historical texts and travelings that this guy came thru its great. you can make anything and its so easy because it has pictures. and it really enfocuses on appriciating food .

heres the link mp;orderby=date&orderdir=desc&pg=1


best of luck to all of you. ill be posting some more here. scince i see new gainers that i havent met yet.





Breakfast:  1000 calories

oatmeal (1 cup dry--300 calories) cooked in 1 cup whole milk (150) sprinkled with 1/4 cup almonds (170) and 1/4 cup raisins (130) and 1 yogurt (150) with 1 large banana (100)

Snack:  1/2 cup trail mix (350 calories)

Lunch:  1,060 calories

Peanut butter & jelly sandwich:  2 slices whole wheat bread (200), 4 TB peanut butter (400), 1 TB jelly (50)

1 granola bar (180), 1 cup chocolate milk (150), 1 apple (80)

Snack:  350 calories

yogurt (150), with 1/2 cup granola (200)

Dinner:  575 calories

3 oz chicken stir-fry (150) with stir-fried veggies (75), 1 cup brown rice (200), 1 cup chocolate milk (150)

Dessert:  980 calories

Milkshake:  1 cup whole milk (150), 1 cup haagen-dazs ice cream (540), 2 TB peanut buter (190), 1 banana (100)

Total:  4,315 calories

That's so much fiber, just don't do it all at once

Kudos to all of you eating 4000 calories a day. You guys are awesome!

I was just going through the old threads and found this and decided I would put up an easy 4000 calorie plan that I did:

Breakfast: 1 cup dry oatmeal (300) + 1/4 cup raisins (140) + 14 halves walnuts (185) + 2 T. nut butter (180) + 1 extra large banana (120), ensure plus (350) Total: 1,155

Snack: 1 large apple (100) + 2 T. nut butter (180) + 1 cup [soy]milk (100) Total: 380

Lunch: 1 multigrain bagel (300) + 2 oz shredded mozzarella (140) + 5 slices deli turkey (100) + 2 T. pesto (95) I always put it in the panini maker :) 1 cup [soy]milk Total: 735 cals                    

Snack: Fage 2% Honey (180) + 1/4 cup protein granola (140) + 1 extra large banana (120) Total: 440

Dinner: 1 cup cous cous (250) + 1 cup veggies (negligable) + 1 T. evoo (120) + 1 crumbled veggie burger (120) + 1 cup orange juice (110) Total: 600

Dessert: 1 cup Ben and Jerry's ice cream (500) + 4 famous amos chocolate chip cookies (150) + 1 T. nut butter (90) Total: 750

Total calories: 4060!      

Not too filling and filled with foods I really like!

Awesome CutieDida! Thanks for posting.

thank you so much for bringing this back!! I AM 4HGirl!!! I changed my account name! lol. well, sad to say i relapsed and lost weight after that, but have been doing better than ever and am now only three pounds away froma healthy weight!!! right now im on about 3600-3700, is it ok if i post-things are quite different than before! man-i cant even remember the ast time i had a mroningstar patty!!!


B: 1c. 100% apple juice120; ensure plus w/coffee360; WW english muffin w/hummus240; Gogi berry flavored yogurt80=800

S: coffee w/creamer80

L out!!!!: massive burger @ the Blazing Onion w/my mommy! Anaheim chicken burger (large chicken breast, two pieces pepperjack cheese, huge anaheim pepper, lots of veggies on a MASSIVE (cut into two peices) Kaiser roll toasted w/butter (785 cals)

D: chicken chili 330(corn, beans, chicken breast, and tomato sauce); 12 baby carrots90; 1.5c apple juice180=600

S: 2 packs SF oatmeal260 w/ milk130; pure protein bar200; apple120; strawberry and clementine salad160; 1.7 oz almonds350; healthy choice bar100=1320


I wish I could achieve these amounts of food, I don't see how it's physically possible for me, I'm full on a bowl of oatmeal with just a banana or something added in! Sounds great in an ideal world though.

just out of curiosity... why are the cals so high?? i mean are yall gaining or maintaining? and if ur maintaining-HOW?? haha sorry for the questions i was just wondering!

it's probably real easy to get them high calorie meals with milk products thrown in. I'm allergic to milk, so I stuff my face all day and barely reach 2000 calories. Then off to my nightshift to throw heavy boxes around for 8 hours. Kick ass!

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Just interested to know how active you all are, as I am on 2800 per day and have been for three weeks and have gained 4 kgs, really worried about the rapidness of it all........... I am 163cm and now 42.2kg from 38kg . I go to work each day but thats it. What are your thoughts?

Hey Plumage, Im on around the same as u and I am gaining around a pound a week, also, at a much lower weight, u can gain on lower amounts sometimes. No need to worry.


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That much fiber sounds like a recipe for disaster. It doesn't seem natural to consume fiber enriched foods when you're eating plenty of fiber as it is.

Frankly, if I ran on that breakfast, I would be extremely ill. Tongue out I hope you're drinking an insane amount of water!

I just wanted to thank you all for posting your MPs.  I am really struggling to up my calories, and knowing that other people can eat this way and be healthy and not blow up like crazy is really reassuring.  It also makes me not feel like a freak when I dump peanut butter into everything I eat.


I can totally relate to all of this!I have a super fast metabolism and it takes me 3500-5000 to gain.On bedrest IP i started on 3500 and gained for a couple days then started to loose on that.Metabolisms are crazy things!I will post what a 4000 calorie MP looked like(this is from when I was in Day Treatment so it isnt necessarilly full of safe foods)

Breakfast-1 cup of 2% milk,2 cups of cereal,1 cup of juice,2 TBS of peanut butter,large costco muffin,175ml of full fat yogurt,1 cup of fruit

Snack-Any two snack options(yogurt,granola bar,chips,chocolate,cookies)with a cup of juice or milk and fruit

Lunch-2 turkey/cheese/ham/roast beef sandwiches or a footlong Subway sub,1 cup of 2% milk,2 cups of spinach salad,2 TBS of full fat dressing,either 4 cookies or a cup of ice cream,and a fruit

Snack-Same as AM snack,except you can't have the same item more then once in a week of menu planning

Dinner-2 large chicken breasts,2 baked potatos,2 tsp of margarine,1  cup of cooked veggies,1 cup of 2% milk,and either a bag of chips or a chocolate bar with a fruit

I am in Outpatient now,and am on 3500,but it is full of foods that I choose to eat,this was all a set meal plan.

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