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3 Ensures a day?! HELP!

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Hey guys....

Sooo yesterday's meeting and weigh-in with my nutritionist didn't go so well--I have lost 2 pounds. I have a goal to gain at least 5-10 pounds in the next month or so, so in order to "step it up", she has asked me to drink 2-3 Ensure Plus drinks a day IN ADDITION to 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. YIKES!

Any ways to make them taste a little better?

I sometimes make "shakes" out of them with fruit or ice cream, and I have put it in my cereal before. But I just find them so thick and creamy and kinda gross. Any tips? 

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DOWN IT! Hold your nose and down it and say in your head-"think of me in 2 months time think of me in two months time", (when I say me i mean you obviously!). Like medicine. Or drink them ice cold-thats nice, thers lots of flavours, add honey or agave syrup, I wouldnt recommend adding too much fruit or chocolate syrup or pb or anything like that if your having meals and snacks too, you might feel a little too full. Hope this helps. xx

I used to drink ensure until I figured I needed something more "hardcore" and went for myoplex... I wish the taste were anything like that of ensure. Anyhow. I always mixed ensure with milk instead of water. It neutralizes the taste almost completely. (I prefer vanilla ensure seeing as it has less artificial flavouring which is in itself crap flavour).

Special K Protein Shake.  They cost a little more but I love them.  The first 20 of them I ever drank I hated it and it took forever.  However if you let them warm up a bit instead of drinking them mad cold straight out of the fridge they taste really good.  I usually drink 1-2 a day but if you need to drink 3 just drink one with each meal.  Either that or just carry one with you a lot because I used to drink a lot of juice and stuff but now I drink these a lot more.

Oh sweetie, totally feel you. In IP for the first four or five weeks, I got nothing but Vanilla Ensure Plus and juice cups six times a day. Even after that, I still had em six times a day, but I also got partial-trays of food three times to go along with.

Make it taste better: Blend with ice, frozen bananas (can use other frozen fruits with strawberry or vanilla flavor) and PB

Blend with ice and coffee (works good w/ chocolate or vanilla)

Pour it into a bowl with cereal, or cook oats, mashed potatoes, rice in it (those last two can really only be down w/ vanilla)

Blend with yogurt and fruit

oh, I know how you feel. IP I had to have 4-5 ontop of my mp too.

We weren't allowed to do anything with ours, the nurses wouldn't let us (we never understood why), but the girls did freeze them once and said it was like a thickshake, and I know that you can heat them aswell.

Sorry, not a huge help, :)

My nutritionist has me on 2 boost high proteins a day and 3 if i exersie.  I used to hate them but they get better after a little while.  I sometimes put coconut extract in the vanilla ones and it makes them taste a lot better.  You could try that or other extracts and maybe cinnamon if you want.  Another thing I go is mix it into oatmeal.  I don't know if you drink coffee but I mix chocolate ones with an iced coffee and it isn't so bad.  Just make sure they're really cold when you drink them, I stick mine in the freezer for 15 minutes before I drink mine.  Good Luck!

The colder the ensure is, the better it tastes.  Maybe put in blender with a cup of frozen fruit, blueberries, strawberries. You might have to eat it with a spoon though.... it may turn out like icecream.

I feel your pain.  I was on a huge meal plan with 3 meals/3 snacks in addition to 4 Ensure Pluses [and no exercise].  I actually would really advise against "chugging" your ensure because a lot of people get quite nauseated by doing this.  Once, in the hospital, like 1/2 the people there would chug the ensure thinking it would help, but most of them threw up (and were given another ensure as a replacement!).

My favorite flavor was vanilla because I found it much thinner (less thick and heavy) than chocolate, etc.  Chocolate was ok, but still just tasted very syrupy and gross.  Strawberry I found repulsive, but that's just me.

Here are some tips for getting it down that helped me:

  • microwave the ensure in a mug (chocolate or vanilla is generally best for this).  You can add things too like whipped cream or marshmallows to your ensure hot chocolate.   You could add coffee to your heated ensure for a "vanilla latte"
  • Throw it in the blender & add what you like:  ice, chocolate syrup, frozen fruit (strawberries or bananas usually taste best), peanut butter, flax seeds, wheat germ, cold coffee, ice cream, yogurt, ice cubes, milk (helps dilute it), anything you like.  And you can even top it off with a squirt of whipped cream
  • put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours to make a "slushee" out of it
  • use it in your cereal
  • where do you use milk throughout the day?  Replace it with ensure:  in cereal or oatmeal, in coffee or tea, in smoothies/milkshakes, be creative!
  • If you drink it plain, I'd recommend drinking it very cold (put in the freezer like 30 min before you drink it
  • If all else fails, drink your ensure with one of those crazy/curly straws.  At least it will make you smile
  • Also, check the Ensure website (www.ensure.com) for recipes

I agree about them being very cold or adding ice. Must drink with a straw. It tastes better really that way. I am not big on adding things to it cause it just drags out the process. I would rather have the add on seperate. Some like other brands like Boost too. You may want to try different flavors. You should be proud of yourself for taking charge.

Its sounds like to me you the goal here is to add high quality protein to your meal plan and I believe bombacho is right on! There are several meal replacements on the market if you don't like Ensure dont torture yourself. I have tried many of them my favorite and is Body Fortress. I like its taste, it mixes really easy and you can get a 2lb container for under $18 at Target.

I'm sure your nutritionist is well intentioned but she should have given you some alternate choices to encourage you to reach your goal.


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