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Ensure plus + Food = weight gain?

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Well i plan on ordering 96 bottles of ensure plus for $131 which in turn is 3000 calories for 11 days straight.. i did my calculations. I have the money no worries bout that lol

But before i do will this help gain weight?


I plan on drinking 5 ensure a day plus 2 meals EVERYDAY for 2 weeks... how many pounds do you think my body will retain.. i currently weigh 120 pounds male, 5'10.


I am TIRED of being skinny, thin stature is mostly due to my DNA but i also do not eat as much calories needed daily.. So if i start packing in the calories for 2 weeks EVERDAY with 7-10 hours sleep per day.. where do you predict i shall be at?

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To me this sounds like the gaining equivalent of a crash diet. You can pack in the calories for two weeks by drinking Ensure, but what are you going to do when you run out? If you're only in a habit of eating two proper meals a day and the rest of the time have relied on Ensure, you're going to drop all the weight extremely fast once you ditch the supplements.

I would look for a slower, more permanent weight gain if you're really looking to change your body in a healthy, positive way.

Plus - 131??? Ouch!

You have been given advice on this already. Mashed is right - what you are doing equates to a crash diet. You might pack on the weight fast with what you intend but it will just fall off of you again. Why not listen to the advice you have already bloody been given and eat SIX MEALS AND SNACKS a day that total 3500 calories, broken down between those six meals and snacks. If you're impatient you won't get long lasting results, so try PLANNING instead of blowing $131 on supplement shakes meant for MALNOURISHED individuals. Ensure are packed with nutrients that are meant to feed a severely malnourished body and by overloading on these you would in turn put yourself at a risk of overloading on the nutrients, too, which can have catastrophic results.


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It's a nutty plan.

If you want to add one Ensure a day on top of the meals and snacks that make up maintenance level calories, that would be fine.  It would make sure that your extra calories are good, healthy ones, and then when you drop the Ensure, you are still at maintenance level calories.

Everything was said!!  I totaly agree and you should just try that.  Put it this way:  Since you already don't eat enough during the day is going to be easy for you to have only two meals and then the Ensure on top where is difficult to eat 3 good meals and at least 2 good snacks during a day.  Sorry but you really have to try the hard way to see results.  Same thing when somebody is trying to lose has to go with the hard way and eat right, you should start and try eat more and right.

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