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''what did you eat today'' topic..

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I find it really hard... I'm eating enough to be gaining, but as yet, my metabolism is still quite slow from restricting some I'm not quite hitting 2500. I think it seems kinda harsh for people to put potential posters &posters down because they aren't meeting certain guidelines that moderators set...   just saying.

Also, because dieticians set each individuals calorie goal... surely its up to them to  say whether its enough or not? isn't it more about mind set and gaining weight, than eating what others think is enough? when in reality, if you're eating a certain amount &gaining, thats okay?

just like to get others opinions..... &no offence meant at anyone!

I think everyone on here is doing really great, and should keep it up, but think that everyone should be able to be involved, no matter their calorie intake, as long as they're gaining, and in the recovery mind set...  (:

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So if your metabolism is slow from restricting... then that should be motivation to eat MORE right?  That way you can fix your metabolism and fully repair your body!

I realize I'm not at that point myself, but I still think that 2500 (OR MORE!) is a good guideline.  When I was recovering last winter (before my current relapse) I felt healthier/happier/more energetic once I made the leap to 2500.

It isn't the moderators setting an arbitrary guideline.  It's supported by medical evidence.  And while it might be somewhat artificial to assume that there's a magic number that works for everyone, I think it's a good starting point.  If there isn't some boundary set, then people would very likely end up posting low-calorie mealplans which are 1-triggering and 2-fooling themselves into believing that they're recovering when they actually aren't.

With that being said, I'm not nearly there myself.  But it's a goal I'd like to strive for. 

I'm pretty sure there are specific reasons for the 2500 calorie minimum. I think there are some journal entries somewhere...I haven't been here that long, but I know there are some journals that explain why you need to eat that much...if anyone could help out with finding them? I think there are some people on CC that are really qualified to give advice. I've also found that many doctors/dieticians/nutritionists absolutely do not know what they're talking about. At my lowest I was like 69 lbs and my doctor said it was okay if I didn't gain as long as I ate! I think if you're eating a low amount and gaining it means your metabolism isn't working correctly and if I understand right, to speed up your metabolism, you have to get your intake up to 2500+. But I'm not there yet either. I find it hard to reach 2000 right now but I'm working on it.

the guidlines arent there to single people out, they are there to make sure people are having enough, which is 2500 minimum. People can gain weight on a silly low amount becuse their bodies are desperate, but they are gaining weight so thats ok right? wrong! Why? 21532.html

According to your previous posts your nutritionist put you on a 2500-3000 cal meal plan. Therefore if you are heeding her advice you should have no problem sticking to the guidelines.

If a poster is on a particular medically supervised plan, we are not here to tell you to go against your doctors. We may tell you to seek a second opinion if the advice seems way off. However, for this forum we do have a 2500 calorie minimum. It's just the way it is. It's based on the fact that the average person maintains on 2200 calories (myself included at 5 feet tall!). Therefore to gain 1lb a week the average person needs 2500 calories a day (300 extra cals a day = 1 lb per week). Teens and young adults need more, because their metabolism is waaay higher than a mature adult.

Your BMI is 13, so I do advise you to listen to your doctors and nutritionists because quite frankly I am afraid, since your BMI is so low, that if I tell you to do something it could hurt you. Please listen to your medical team and try to get better. Because not reaching 2500 and saying it's ok b/c you are "gaining" just sounds like excuses delaying your recovery to me.

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