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20 pounds in 3 days

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so i have been on a pretty strict diet since about january. i haven'y had any splurge days at all in that time.  in the last three days i have gotten off the diet and have somehow gained 20 pounds in that time. i know it dosent make much sense but i swear i have. my scale and my brothers both say it. i went from 210 to nearly 230 in just three days. any suggestions on what the hell happened?

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I really doesn't seem possible. Unless you ate 20 pounds of food before getting on the scale.

Hi Jrob462

Have you been eating food that has a lot of sodium in it?  Check those levels. If you have, drink water to flush your system.  It should help.  Sometimes our bodies retain salt when we lower our water intake. Hope this helps!

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It seems impossible that anybody could gain 20 lbs in 3 days that is because the body cannot store that much fat in just 3 days.  I would check with my doctor so as to be sure something unusual is not happening.  But I can almost bet you that it is your scale that is deceiving you.  Even though I have an expensive digital scale, in a single day, my weight could register a difference of a high and low of 6 lbs.

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well it was kind of a test to see what would happen when i got off the diet. i havent' been feeling so well. so i decided to change things up and up my calorie intake. but i took it up a few notches and ate alot in the last three days, or atleast alot more than i normally do.
and i know that all of it isn't fat. i just didn't understand why there would be that much water weight being held in.

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20 lbs in 3 days=totally possible. 20 lbs of fat in 3 days=not likely

i have gained 15 lbs in one day. it is not fun. sounds like youve gained a LOT of water weight. for much of that to be fat youd have to seriously have overeaten

was a lot of food processed? it probably had a LOT of sodium. let your body level out a bit, slowly ease back to the diet and try and aim for low sodium foods.

Hold on a second..doesn't it take 3,500 + plus your body's normal expendeture a day to gain just 1 lb.?  So you would've had to have eaten about 70,000 calories three days in a row...that just doesn't sound physicially possible (that'd be like a full Thanksgiving dinner for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between).  I don't know much about your personal history (if you have a binge disorder, hypo-thyroidism, etc.), but if I were you, I'd just take a deep breath and start making better food choices again.  Good luck :)
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