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When Will My Cravings/Binges End?

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Throughout my recovery from anorexia, which regards extensive binges and late night eating, I have achieved a healthy weight. However, it has been almost two months since my recovery has began, and my cravings and binges are not subsiding. I do NOT want to gain anymore weight! Please help. :(
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An additional note; I am 5'8, 145 pounds. And all the weight I have gained has settled around my middle, which I hate immensely.

Not that I have an answer entirely, just saying I'm going through the exact same thing! It's been a year since my recovery and I can't stop eating at night. Trying to figure out how though .
I think the best plan is to make a meal plan. When you know what your gonna eat it's easier to stick with it. But maybe someone who's overcome it has better advice.
Good luck regardless!

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Wow... I'm surprised I'm not the only one here. I thought it was an individual problem :/

would like to hear some tips on this. It would help immensely. I've been 2 years recovered and still have night-time binges :(

Hi.  :) Good job gaining!  I was anorexic and then bulimic (which I'm still fighting with)... I've found the surest way to set off binges is to still have food restrictions of any type.  If I have a set amount of food for one meal, eating a little more freaks me out and makes me want to binge (and purge) because, "what the heck, I've ruined the day anyways."  Or if I label a certain food as bad, then have a bit of it, same thing happens.  I don't know if you have any rules still but if you do- and it could be they're only subconscious- drop them.  It's the only way.  Not that you can't have you're usual breakfast/lunch/dinners and snacks- in fact, it's good to have some structure and regularity, but don't make anything strict.  Hope this helped.

I think it's time to leave the scale and look in the mirror. Your mid-section might seem big but if you ignore that for a second and ask yourself - are my legs and thighs skinny or juicy and feminine? :) Is my bum flat or is it nice and round? When I touch my arms can I feel flesh or bones? If your body still looks like a boyish runway model's figure, you can carry on gaining. Maybe its time to start working out too. You can lose some fat and gain muscle where you want. Took me a long time to realize that when I'm gaining weight, SCALE isnt the indicator of how I'm doing, but mirror and clothes are. Doesn't matter how much I weigh, as long as I can still feel my bones and clothes fit the same, I have to carry on gaining.

I understand you. I'm sort of going through the same thing, but it's actually in the morning or afternoon when I feel like gorging my self for no reason. I only gain a small amount of weight from doing this, and it comes off within the next few days, however I still hate doing this because it leaves me feeling sick and bloated and I don't think it does my metabolism any good. And my period returned 2 months ago, I'm at a 21 BMI, and I have plenty of meat on my bones, so my body doesn't need to gain anymore weight.

I think it's just that once you've been consciously gorging yourself and beating your metabolism into submission so you can gain weight and recover, it's difficult to get used to eating less afterwards, just like how it was hard to up your calories when you first had to start recovery.

Though I still struggle with this slightly, I've learned to deal with it very well and lately my weight has become more consistent. Planning what you're going to eat throughout the day definitely helps. Also, try to only eat when you're hungry, and stop as soon as you're full. Like I said, it's difficult to do this when you've been stuffing yourself for several months, but once you consistently do it, the habit will begin to break.

But, like snowcastle said, if you still look all skinny and boyish, then perhaps you simply need to gain more weight.

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Thank you all so much for the wonderful advice and information. As a few people have mentioned, I, too, find planning my meals ahead of time to be effective in regards to reducing the desire to binge. I just long to eat how I did before I had my ED; it's almost as if I've forgotten how to eat, and forgotten what it feels like to feel comfortable full or hungry as opposed to bloated of bored.
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I think I'm just going to have to break the habit of gorging at night. But it will be a major challenge. :(

I'm weight restored and I still eat most of my calories at night. I know it's not normal, but if that's when I want to eat, then I might as well learn to deal with it. So I usually eat a small breakfast (still full from the night before) and a good meal with lots of protein and veggies later on. Then at night I usually will have a ton of cereal and more veggies. Volume really helps- sometimes I just need to feel full, so I'll eat a bunch of cauliflower or something and then go to bed.

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Also, I feel as if I have list all self control. I tell myself I can have a cookie, and before I know it, I've eaten six or seven. It's horrible. Has anyone else encountered this?

Yup, right here. It's happened for the past two nights and it's making me mad. I don't even feel hungry and I still want to eat and I'm getting tired of it. It isn't really the weight gain that is making me mad, it's the actual trolling around my kitchen looking for a snack when I don't even feel hungry, even though I snacked a lot through out the day.

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I'm wondering if for those of us wrestling w/ binges --- if we could connect w/ our fear we might be the root there has to be something driving this.  For me, that 'driver' is FEAR.  Fear of failing, fear that I'll never be free from this affliction.  It is all consuming.  Maybe, if a person takes time to really deal w/ the 'fear' factor, then the consuming of food will be dealt with.  Does that make sense?  I think we all use food for differing reasons but the fact is that we are getting something out of the binge otherwise, we wouldn't do it, right?  So, I think that one assignment might be to really face the fear.  Then, ask oneself, what is the worst thing that could happen if my most prevailing fear becomes reality.  I think there is an ominous monster  in all of our minds.  I do know that people do overcome.  We can be one of those people!Kiss  So, what is driving the binges?

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That is a seriously valid point. But I'm very happy with my current weight; I am healthy, and I do not want to gain anymore. And I know I will continue to gain if I can't control the binges. So that is definitely my fear.
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Everyone advises me to refrain from restricting, because that will result in binges. However, no restrictions is the same as no self-control, is it not? I'm so stressed!

No, it's not the same thing.  

Restricting: "I'm hungry now but can't eat until a certain time," or, "I really want a sandwich but that's too many calories so i'll have a salad instead," or, "I better eat less tomorrow because today I had cake."  

No self-control: "I'm NOT hungry now but I'll eat anyways."  "I'd rather have salad but it's too much of a hassle to make, so I'll just grab any processed food I see."  "I feel good after one slice of cake but it's there and it tastes good so I'll devour it all."  

You see how restricting and self-control are not mutually exclusive?  

I think a good rule is this: do what you WANT to do as opposed to what you FEEL like doing.

You may FEEL like having cake, but don't actually WANT it (maybe you're already full, maybe you don't really like that type of cake at all, etc.).  So don't have it.  That's not restricting, that's having healthy self-control.  On the other hand, you may WANT to have cake, but FEEL like you shouldn't (oh no, it will make me fat, sugar is poison, i don't deserve it...).  That's restrictive behavior.  

Of course you don't have to always be perfect- sometimes you pass up on something you want, or give in to something you feel.  That's OK.  But in general, I think you should generally satisfy WANT instead of FEEL LIKE.

Hope that made sense.

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It makes perfect sense, thank you very much!
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