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Clif Bars

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I am currently 5'5 women at 109 pounds (not active, except for walking to class), trying to gain to 115 (and more). I am eating four Clif Bars a day to reach 3,000 calories.

I am in class during the day so I use these as snacks between breakfast, before dinner, and a night snack.


Is this a safe method to add the calories I need to reach my daily goal?

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Clif bars are delicious and easy to eat for gaining weight, but 4 a day seems a bit much and is probably expensive. I suggest incorporating other quick, calorie dense snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, homemade muffins, etc. But bars are by no means a bad thing to eat!

thats perfectly fine because they are a good source of multiple nutrients as well as good ratio of carbs/fat/protein..but unless u are buying them in bulk it can be expensive. although your health is #1 so if thats what it takes for you to gain by all means eat them. I myself have multiple meal replacement drinks like ensure everyday in order to get my cals up and although sometimes I wish I could do it with just eating 'natual' or 'regular' foods I can't and because i need to gain weight i'm accepting this. There's nothing wrong with it.

It's probably fine :) You can substitute with other bars if you want variety, like larabars! They're so much more natural and taste yummy. Or you could try the Clif Builder Protein bars, they have over double the protein and a tiny bit less sugar. If you're looking to gain you may want to try these, as they have more calories+protein, plus they have multiple layers of goodness (delicious, hehe).

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Thank you for your replies. Yes, I buy them in bulk.

I sometimes eat them 2 in a row before bed with milk, making my stomach uncomfortable.

I will try some other kinds and maybe space them out better. I have been looking at PRO Bars online.


Has anyone tried these?

While it's not harmful or unsafe it's definitely not the healthiest way to gain weight.

Cliff bars have over 40 ingredients and are very heavily processed. I would snack on nuts, avocados, etc. Natural, unprocessed food will always, always be better for you than artificial, heavily processed food.

One cliff bar a day isn't bad but 4 is a bit too much.

I can't say I agree with that. I thought that a lot of the ingredients in cliff bars are quite 'natural'. a calorie is a calorie when gaining weight plus they're not high in saturated or trans fats and those are really the only thing u would need to worry about beisdes being deficient in nutrients, but cliff bars also have a wide range of nutrients in them.

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Thanks kbryson7! Id have to agree with you, Clif Bars are a pretty great choice (even if they aren't perfectly natural!) The focus is to gain, not eat perfectly whole foods all the time. I get my other nutrients from my meals.


I would recommend them over Ensure or Boost drinks, they seem to digest better (as long as you space them out!)



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