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2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - January 23rd until February 21st

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  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum
  • Also remember I do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500-this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Excercsie is often an addicition seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you excercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by excercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and we all did, then please post a seperate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for ppl to see posts that are under the food reuirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum  regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.


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B: Bran Flakes with dried fruit and one small apple, 1 fresh lemon squeezed into green tea = 398  

S: 1 slice of rye bread with sunflowerseeds, 1 small apple, 1/2 myoplex shake = 268  

L: sandwich (wm granary bread with mayo, cucmber and tuna), tried a bit of a Trek peanut and oat bar (hello yumminess!) = 334  

S: almonds and dried fruit, 1 small apple and 1/2 of bread = 239  

S: 50g Quinoa, with cottage cheese and lentils, served on a bed of veg (greens, spinach, broccoli and mushrooms) = 551   

P: yog with flaxseeds = 182

S: mix of alpen and grapenuts with oatly milk = 529  


 Taylor:  "I just wish I could be that thin and still healthy.. There are some people like that! Why couldn't I be one of them??!! :( I know I know.. I have to accept my body the way it is but it's so hard now that I know how I can look" - Yes, I know how you feel! Why is it we give ourselves such a hard time and long to be a certain way rather than just accepting ourselves as we are. I have this thought revolving through my mind and think of the friends and family I have...they don't decide whether to like me or not based on that size I am. So why do I decide whether to like myself or not based on what size I am?!

Mashed: how are you feeling? When I read your post I just wanted to give you a huge hug. I remember a previous post in which you said how you don't want to go back to ED times as you have a life now. Just remember that thought - it really stuck with me and I try and remind myself in my 'weak' moments. And it is ok for us all to have weak points and let it all come out. As the saying goes - it is good to talk! The one thing we cannot escape from is our head so it is good just to let it out. No one can be strong (mentally or physically) all the time.

Daydream28: I have also been noticing real weight gain and having scary panic attacks. I feel so silly to admit they are because of how I look. I made the (stupid) decision to wear my black skinny jeans yesterday. They also fit me perfectly now. To begin with I was like 'yay! hello bottom'. But being able to actually feel the waist band and them on my bum...it didn't feel right and I couldn't stop thinking that a dew weeks ago they fell off so in a few weeks they won't fit at all!

Singinintherain: Yup, I have to weigh out everything! And then start to panic that calorie guidelines are for cooked weight not raw weight and get myself into such a muddle!

 I too was having a bad day yesterday and have been waking up with my depression worse than the day before. But this morning I put on a new pair of tights and the feel of the fabric made me so happy! The smallest things eh?! There is nothing better than putting on new/washed socks or tights when your feet/legs are cold!

 Does anyone else feel they have eaten so much over the gaining period that they are so full up there is just no room for anymore food? My extreme hunger only comes back once a week now if that. Otherwise I am just so so full all the time and now experiencing stomach pains. Also chronically fatigued?! 

I agree with you carrotcakelove Its so nice knowing I can sign in here at the end of a day and share with others my successes and your successes too. It also helps to share the struggles we are all going through too. The fact we are all feeling so supported really speaks a lot for the power of group support in beating ed.

Im hoping to start maintaining soon as I think I am up enough to go back to work after half term break! Yay. I get weighed at dietician tomorrow and know I have gained lots so even though I feel wretched about the weight gain im excited to get back to work and the 'real world'.

Does anyone else feel that they have glimpses of life without ed when things are going well? Sometimes I just feel so good and forget all my worries and when ED panics and pulls me back I try to grab on to those moments. It still is so hard tho when i physically feel so repulsed by my body. Anyho chin up I say!!!

B: Granola and milk, 2 toast with dairylea and jam, melon

L: pot of quorn brussels pate, snack a jacks, 1pickle,carrot, cup a soup chicken mullerrice vanilla custard and apple

S: lemon cheesecake and toffee apple style yogs, 1 hobnob 1 pack mango fruit stars and sula sweet. bit of a pick and mix lol

S: nutrigrain raisin bake and chocolate sprinkles yoghurt

D: vegetarian canneloni ready meal and salad-cue tom lettuce, melon, kit kat yoghurt pot

S: Mint Aero ice cream potzz

Went shopping again today and did much better. Almost bought the full fat version of chocolate sprinkle yoghurt but I just couldnt do it! Head was saying why by the full fat when there is a perfectly good fat free version. How do you guys deal with this?

houseelf know what you mean about eating loads but I am so scared to get used to it for when I have to cut back for maintenance. Its such a minefield!

singiningintherain welcome! I know what you mean with the measuring thing but im gradually trying to wean myself off of it. So I now use cups for cereal instead of scales, and I try to have 2 meals a day where I dont count cals just check im getting the right proportions of carbs veg and protein in the meal. Someone also gave me a tip to have something like a yog with a rough handful of cereal in to start with loosening the control. But so difficult I know.

georgieuk just how big is that packet of sour cream crisps lol have you managed to use them all up yet!! I love how english your eats are! Keep up the great work!

Keep fighting everyone.


hopefully i made 2500 today, I'm not 100% sure though as I have stopped counting calories pretty much

i normally dont post my eats as i can't be sure if i am eating enough, but today I ate more than I normally would so though I would make my first post (i've been reading the forum for a while- everyone is so amazing and inspiring!)

today was tough but im so proud of myself for doing it. I'm still in the early stages of recovery and am finding it really challenging. I'm in "self recovery" since I am still waiting for a referal so don't have a meal plan or anything. I try not to plan my meals in advance so today was pretty hard because I challenged myself at lunch and ate what I wanted to have (can't believe I ate the flapjack as well!!! :O) and when I got home my family wanted to have a chinese takeaway. At first I panicked because I'd already had a big lunch, but I managed to eat my favourite dish for the first time in about a year!!!

breakfast: 2 ex large slices toast with 3 tbsp peanut butter, millky coffee

lunch: (at school) big plate of steak pie and chips, carrots, flapjack

tea: (from chinese takeaway) large plateful (takeaways give big portions) sweet and sour chicken cantonese style with boiled rice, 4/5 prawn crackers

tomorrow is my last day at school for a while since we break up for holidays and I've been really wanting to try a chocolate brownie that they make, I don't know if i'll be able to pluck up the courage after today though, especially as I barely ate any healthy foods (eg protein/fruit and veg/dairy etc). i feel a bit guilty for that, bit worried about pilling on loads of fat from eating too much junk food, i should really be eating eggs/cheese/nuts etc :/ but my dad said to stop obsessing over what i eat, and today i ate what i fancied :/ :S




b 2 x extra large slices wholemeal toast, 3 tbsp peanut butter

l sandwich with 2 ex large slices wholemeal toast, 2 thick slices ham, 1 tbsp mayo, mixed leaves, spring onion, 1.5 oz stilton, 1 sliced apple

s 50g bombay mix, 1 apple

dr 2 double vodka + coke

2.5 rolls vegetable sushi (6 avocado pieces, 6 cucumber pieces, 3 asparagus pieces), 1 cup miso soup, dressed oriental salad, pickled ginger

d 25g dark chocolate

oh god, we are all going through some pretty tough times eh? :/ I agree, its such a lovely and supporting forum though, im really lucky to be starting to become part of it.

Can totally relate to alot of what people are saying, so much so that i cant even reply to each and everyone or id be here all day but basically to all of you, i have learnt through getting this disorder, that no food is "unhealthy". I lived off all "the bad stuff" i like the "healthy" stuff too, dont get me wrong, but i ate ALOT and deffinately didnt limit myself, i would litrally have a big bowl of white pasta with tomato soup and lots of grated cheese for tea, then i would go back for more,,,,,twice. I did the same at all meals, i even went back for more at breakfast (one overflowing bowl of mixed cereal just didnt cut it for me) and can you believe that i managed 6 cheese pasties from the bakery one morning! And i would snack and snack and snack until it was the end of the day. Was i greedy? Quite possibly. Did i care? Heck no. Did people not like me for this? Nope, they either thought it was hilarious, or didnt really realise, or were doing the same themselves.

Was i healthy? I was in most of the school sports teams, always out with my friends, i could beat all the girls, and guys at arm wrestles, i even played rugby with the lads, could run very very long distances etc etc, had thick shiny hair, never ever got a spot, i was pale, but naturally so. I rarely got ill, and when i did i was very quick to recover, and i was happy. so yes, id say i was preety healthy. And i was never bloated (even though i never did exercises to prevent this, i had a flat tummy but didnt really care), never had a bmi above 20 (so i could have been alot heavier and still been healthy) blah blah blah.

So when i started restricting food and cutting out "bad stuff", did i actually become unhealthy? Well, i now have thin, dead looking hair, dark sunken eyes, grey skin, actually got a few spots, people tell me they are scared to do anything with me incase i "snap", i notice the slightest sensations and changes in my stomach, cant run for more than a minute to save my life, deffinately cant play any sports, and im constantly crying, misrable, have OCD, depression, and an evil B**** living in my head. Ive never been so unhealthy in my life.

You only need to worry about food, if your weight is a problem, get variety, thats all you need.

lol if you managed to get to the end of that blabble, heres my eats for today :)

Prebreaky : Banana topped with yogurt

Breakfast : Usual oatmeal, half with a scoop of choccy protein powder, half made with a scoop of banana, with 2tbsp of PB and 2tbsp of jam ontop.

Snack : Large yogurt

Lunch : Tuna tahini pitta, large wholemeal pitta stuffed with a mix made of a can of tuna, 4 cheese triangles, 2tbsp of tahini and alf alfa sprouts, with a salad at the side.

Snack : Large apple

Dinner : Baked red potato with 2tbsp of PB ( just had this,was sceptical about trying it, but thought id go for it, was megga scrummy :D) a chicken breast fillet on the side with some cottage cheese (they actually all went together well :P) with some salad

Prebed snack will be : An apple Edit: I had a friggin cookie with it! :O omg i cant believe i just did that, i made some choc chip cookies with no intention of ever going near them myself, then my mum said "sod it, after 3" and we had one, eeeaaak and its really late here now aswell and i never eat anything like that late. Ok ill shut up now.

ok i really want to vent something, majorly bad, but i dont know if its appropriate for this forum as its not to do with eating, but it deffinately doesnt help with the current stuggles my family is in :( Oh god...

Keep strong and fighting guys xxx



hello :) i'm daydream's twin :)...I just got out of IP yesterday, i spent 30 days there. I went from a bmi of 12.0 to currently 14.2, it's quite a shock to be home and hard to continue gaining weight without the help of IP...You all are So inspiring in so many ways by the way, it's amazing to see how it's possible to gain at home! I left IP on about a 2800 calorie plan. Now that i am home i'm sticking to this! Although, My weight has plateaued, i havent gained anything in the past 5-6 days, i'm thinking i'll need to increase soon, plus with more activity now that i'm not on bed rest i'll definitely up it asap...

i'm doing well so far! Yet it's been hard to make choices, im a bit ocd when it comes to meal planning, but i have to say, after being in treatment i feel more confident in my ability to do this and i am so proud of all the food fears i've conquered :) it's so nice to be home though, especially with the support of my sister and mom, my twin has been so helpful and it's reallly inspiring to see how far she has come while i was away :) Oh and it's SO lovely to eat foods that i actually like + meals that aren't bland and cold ;P anyway, here's what i ate yesterday (my first day out!) 

breakfast- in IP: 1 cup raisin bran cereal. 1 cup 2% milk, LARGE over-ripe banana. 2 tbsp sliced almonds. 

snack- KIND blueberry-cashew-vanilla bar + Starbucks Coffee (omg i can't even begin to tell you guys how much i missed my Starbucks coffee) ;) 

lunch- @ Whole foods: Indian lentil dal wrap w/ tahini-hummus and veggies + some steamed kale on the side. Kabocha Synergy drink. 

snack on the drive home-  Iced Grande skinny vanilla latte! and a "blueberry muffin" Larabar.

dinner- 1 cup quinoa w/ a Thai sesame peanut sauce. 4 oz cumin spiced chicken, steamed broccoli & carrots, along with a glass of 1% milk.  

snack- Fage, w/ ground flax mixed in, drizzle of honey, 1/4 cup Ezekiel golden flax cereal + 12 raw almonds and some carob chips + chopped dried mission figs & prunes. 


Hi Coffeestains18! That's great you got out of IP, but just keep going! You're a long way from health, so we'll be here to support you as you make your way to it!

I'm going IP next week on Tuesday you guys! GAH! I'm scared, but soo ready. It'll be 2-3 weeks depending on how well I'm doing. It's a super nice building though, and my parents can visit too. Yay!

Today's Eats:

B: 1c Kashi Cinnamon Oat Cereal, .5c Soymilk, 10oz Starbucks Mocha Frappucino (2% Milk)

L: Amy's Macaroni and Soy Cheeze, Gala Apple, 12oz Diet Coke

S: Chocolate Ensure, 6oz Blueberry Fruit-On-The-Bottom Yogurt, 5 Ritz Crackers

D: Amy's Cheese Lasagna

S: 2c Peanut-Butter Bumpers Cereal, .5c Soymilk

Total: 3500cal :)


muchlinski-those eats look yummy!

beth22- i can totally relate. i was the exact same in high school. ate all carbs in sight, played all sports(and was mvp and captain of most teams)..and then i cut out 'unhealthy' foods to try and get 'more fit' with the intention of gaining muscle which i did at first and then over time i lost it all and a lot more.. and now i find myself eating all this 'unhealthy' food i restricted from to try and gain weight back and its very depressing. I probably don't even have the V02max of a 60 year old anymore. I can't run, i have no muscle, i have no endurance what so ever and i should be in my prime years right now!

tonight i went on a rant after supper and threw out a bunch of foods in my cupboard that reminded me of when  i was restricting or looked like 'healthy foods'....ie. date/all natural bars, riceworks chips, soups,soy milks(substituted now for real chocolate milk) etc. they're just too triggering even though some of them are high cals its the thought i associate with them.I used to choose all these bars because they had less sugar or 'natural sugars' than say oatmeal bars or muffins but i don't like them nearly as much and they actually make me feel sick because i find them so sweet. I had one after supper tonight and thats what set me off. no more! if i want a snack im' going for the processed foods i like!

B-oatmeal x 2, cottage cheese + berries

S-orange+starbucks coffee

L-2c milk+ vanilla protein muscle maxx, 2xspelt bread with cooked turkey breast and honey mustard, large salad with peas,broccoli,peppers,asparagus and 1/4c edamame dip

S-apple, 8carrots, 1c milk

D- pork sausage, 1c sweet potato, 1c gr.beans, brussel sprouts+ mushrooms and honey mustard, whole foods vegan bar(last one!)

Welcome coffeestains! :), glad you joined us! Oh I KNOW, when I was in IP I almost died without my coffee (im a crazy starbucks addict as well ;). For the first weeks I went through caffeine withdrawl and had horrible headaches! First thing I did when I got out was go straight to starbucks, lol. Your food looks yummy, keep it up girly!

muchlinkski- I am soo inspired by you taking such a big step and going IP to finish it up. Cant wait to hear from you when you get back! :) Btw, peanut butter bumpers are one of my fav cereals!

Today it was SO WARM, it made me so happy. It was like 60 and felt like spring, I went for a walk and it was just so beautiful.

B: 1 vanilla orgain, 2 slices cinnamon raisin ezek bread, 2 tbsp almond butter, 2tbsp honey, turkey sausages, 2 hard boiled eggs, the usual coffee with whip/almondmilk/starbuckssyrup (1200)

L: Huge salad with lettuce, tomato, onion, bell pepper, banana peppers, cucumbers, everything lol, with 4oz grilled chicken, 2 servings feta cheese, 3 tbsp honey mustard dressing, 1c soymilk, apple pie larabar (1000)

S: Honey greek yogurt, 1/2c maple walnut granola (500)

D: 2 veggie burgers on 2 sandwich thins, steamed broccoli and zucchini, 1c soymilk, honey wheat pretzels, an apple (750)

S: 1c pumpkin mixed in greek yogurt, cinnamon brown sugar almonds (500)

The past few days I have started to feel like the pre-ED me is emerging again! I have had so much more energy, motivation to do work, concentration, and life. I need to remember this next time I feel like recovery is unattainable and that it is too difficult and scary to get there.


B: C muesli, grapes, C greek yogurt, almonds

S: almond and coconut KIND bar

L: sweet potato, lentil and cauliflower dal--made with coconut milk

S: 1/3 C trail mix

D: black bean, cheddar, spinach, salsa burrito

S: apple and 2tbsp crunchy pb

B: C muesli, pumpkin, pear, C yogurt, almonds

S: Nutz over Chocolate Luna bar (I used to like Luna bars but I don't anymore...it is nice to be able to actually taste what I am eating and decide whether I enjoy it though, instead of just eating because I had to and not really tasting the food)

L: tofu, spinach, and carrot with peanut butter+soy sauce+sriracha+ sesame oil sauce on a wrap

S: clementine, 1/3 C trail mix

D: C ww fusilli, sauteed kale, olive oil, parmesan cheese, toasted pignoli nuts

S: oats with soymilk, sunflower seeds and raisins

B- cottage cheese, granola, melon 330

L-wrap w/ turkey, swiss, mayo, apple 400

S- ensure plus, kind bar 530

D- Amy's enchaladas, ensure plus 670

S- strawberry ice cream w/ brownie 480

S banana w/ pb 200


glad to see everyone is having a better day. funny how that usually happens - one day will be a complete downer where everything seems to go wrong, and the next day will be amazing.

coffeestains18: congrats on coming home! it must be great to have your family's support and nice to sleep in your own bed. plus home food is wayy better than hospital food. just keep up the amazing work!

muchlinski: so the countdown is on! good luck in IP :) i'm sure the 2 or 3 weeks will fly by, and you'll be that further along the road to health. it's nice that your parents can visit, too.

natmelts: do you have a journal or something that you can write in when you're feeling especially strong? maybe it would help to be able to re-experience these positive feelings to help you get through a hard time. motivation is really important in recovery (obviously.. haha) and you sound like you've definitely got lots! recovery IS attainable and the difficult journey to get there will only make you a stronger person!

beth22: i definitely agree. when i was younger my friends and i would make chocolate chip cookies every week, and always ate loads of cookie dough (why does it taste better than the cookies? seriously!) it got to the point where i had the recipe memorized and didn't even measure any of the ingredients. i have had a homemade cookie once in the past 2 years (didn't want to go near the dough), and am hoping to have one again some day soon. congrats on eating yours! i bet it tasted that much better since you made it yourself ;)

everyone's eats look really good! here's today's mp:

B: 2 blueberry waffles topped w 1 c mixed berries & 200ml fruit yoghurt, 1 1/2 c soymilk, 1 c orange juice

S: granola bar, 1 1/2 c soy milk

L: turkey sandwich (ww bun, 1 tbsp mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, 2 slices sundried tomato turkey breast), 1 1/2 c soy milk, carrots, 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1 pear, 1 c juice (i added this on because my totals didn't add up - suprised my mom with my "initiative" i think).

S: 2 chocolate protein shakes

D: unmeasured (!!) amount of cous cous w 1 tbsp evoo italian dressing, mahi mahi, stir-fry veggies w evoo, 1 1/2 c soy milk

S: 1 c vanilla bean frozen yoghurt topped w crumbled dark chocolate praeventia cookies (really tasty, actually), 6 dried apricots, 1 c juice

do you guys ever feel like eating off your meal plan, even if you are not hungry? sometimes i feel like challenging myself to "extras" but am afraid that i will regret it later. it's happened in the past where i actually restricted later on in the day to make up for what i thought was a good idea. ugh.

Omg it is so so good to see everyone doing so well, lets keep it up lovelies!

welcome mu3icxbabee!  Listen to your daddy... he has the sort of philosophy that wer are all trying to adapt on here, however much it may look otherwise, and well done on eating wha you fancied!

woohoo beth!  Cookies taste especially yum at night don't you think? ;P

glitter with regards to going full fat, I can relate soo much to your struggles.  In my house we (my brother and I) were brought up on fat free and low fat things...of course we still had pizza and the occassional treat although things as 'healthy' as yogurts and cereal bars were always fat free and low cal so when I wanted something different in recovery I felt so guilty getting something else (lame eh?)  The best advice I could give you is to just NOT think about it, literally go up the isle, pick up the FF version straight away and chuck it in the cart then scoot off, gives ED no time to get on your back about stuff.  good luckx

Would love to post but very ashamed to say I'm not even sure ive been making the calories recently... :(.  I find it sooo hard at uni with eating intuatively and eating calories dense foods often. 

Like today, I know we will be having a big party later with lots of boooooze etc. and I want to be able to drink/eat all I like without the feelings of 'oh ive already eaten such and such cals today'.  Would making meal plans help do you think?  Does anyone else find it easier gaining at home? So sorry to call on you guys for support when you all have your own problems to be working on :s


B 2 ex. large slices wholemeal toast with 3 tbsp peanut butter

L 2 ex large slices wholemeal bread, 1 tbsp mayo, mixed greens, tomato and 2 thick slices ham. 
3 tbsp hummus + carrots
35g dark chocolate

S 1.5oz stilton cheese, 1oz pretzels, 1 sliced pink lady apple

D Savoury oatmeal (50g oats, 1 cup broth, 200g mixed peas, sweetcorn, carrot, green beans, 1 oz cheddar, onion and herbs) 

S Nana's Chocolate Chip Cookie  

mapledreams, it sounds like a meal plan would be helpful for you for the time being. With all of the added stress and obligations of school I find that I quickly forget to take care of myself and fall behind with my food. While having a meal plan can be a pain--like when I have to eat a meal during class--it makes it much easier for me to meet my calorie needs without detracting too much from my ability to do school and live my life.

Hey guys.

I'm sorry I don't have time for a full reply to everyone! It seems like there's so much I want to say & so many welcomes to everyone new, but I'm currently out of town and just popping in on the hotel computer.

I really didn;t do to well at dinner last night. We went out to a restaurant that had very limited options for vegetarians; what's more my (very healthy) mom wants to lose weight, and I found myself being very affected by her choices all day, and especially at the restaurant. I think the healthy part of me knew I needed to order more than a salad; but that was all my mom was ordering and what she suggested for me. It also m ade me uncomfortable because my little sister (she's 12) and her friend were with us and they kind of 'took over'. I didn't really have enough time to process the menu and ended up ordering a salad (small); with dressing on the side and no goat cheese. The meal was inadequate but my ED was convincing me it was more than enough because I went out to eat. Anyways, I made up the calories at night snack and had eaten better than normal through-out the day, but I'm still upset that the ED can get to me sooo quickly.

Anyways, yesterday:

B: whipped banana-date oatmeal (oats cooked with a thinly sliced banana and dates) topped with dark brown sugar, cinnamon raisins, candied pecans and milk.

S: 4 multigrain fig newtons

L: pasta e fagioli (pasta, cannelini beans, tomatoes, spinach) topped with parmesan cheese; a large bunch of grapes

S: banana, sliced and spread with 2tbs peanut butter (just the kraft kind; and wow, what a difference compared to the all-natural stuff I normally have! Couldn't believe it!)

D: roasted beet and arugula salad (roasted beets, baguette crisps, arugula, chopped dates and small amount of dressing). =(

S: peanut butter cookie larabar; large red delicious apple and vanilla soymilk.

Take care guys, I really do miss you/this thread when I can't post as much as I'd like!

fillmeup- hang in there lovey! i am sorry you had a difficult time at the restaurant. But you still made up for it later!--which is so great and i am so proud of you for that!. I know how easy ED can manipulate us into believing we did ok or it was enough food at a meal, just because eating out in itself is a challenge, i deal with that too…& i know when i look at a menu, i get so overwhelmed and it's so hard to decide, especially if others are making triggering choices around me! Ed can be soo sneaky! sending love/strength & courage, you can do this! <3

coffeestains- :) hello love. i am so happy your home (with me ;) lol) and i have so much faith you can do this at home now. think of IP as a "diving board" it gave you that jump start so now at home you can continue to move towards optimum health easier. That's super amazing how many food fears IP helped you conquer! I'm so amazed by how much foods you are now not afraid of any longer! makes me so proud! and inspired. :) i am right here for you 100% of the way! and as mashed said - it will be a major challenge to be together. But, we have to encourage each other (as friends!) <3 you've got a long way to go baby… I'm here to help in any way. I am so proud of how you have been doing so far, your such a star! glad your posting on here - it's a great support! xoxo 

I've been doing well, nice to have my sister home! :) it is hard with both of us doing this, especially making meals together, and being at diff. stages in recovery as far as our weights & calorie needs. But it's going well; getting along a lot better than in the past! Well, i have been eating 2500 calories now for 3 weeks about. My weight gain has slowed down. Although i have not weighted myself in 1 week, i am dreading weighing myself soon! (i hate the scale!) But i know i really should just do it, so i know what my body is doing etc.. Q- after being on the same amount of calories for a while, does your body start to maintain on it? or plateau? …and then need more…like i've seen that in the first 2 weeks of eating 2500 i gained 2.5-3 lbs a week and last week i gained about 1 lb…does it start to stop after a while?

B: Irish oatmeal, fage cooked in, 1/2 large banana whipped in, raisins, 1tbsp walnuts, 1tbsp sliced almonds & coconut flakes. Coffee with lots of skim. (450)

L: ww wrap with: 1.5tbsp sunflower nut butter, spiced-chicken strips, alfalfa sprouts/lots of carrot shreds. pink lady apple. (530)

S: Fro yo at 16 handles(self serve! had a small cup with: pistachio/praline/banana flavor toppings of: blueberries/strawberries/mango & mochi :) (200)

S: Cottage cheese sans salt, truvia/cinnamon; roasted flax, 6 raw almonds, 1.5tbsp cashews + 3 chopped prunes. and a Natures Path Sunny Hemp granola bar. (450)

D: Pesto Tortellini! (my fave! :) with roasted cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach & grilled asparagus. 4oz grilled herbed chicken. (yum dinner!) (520)

S: 1cup Fage + cinnamon with a Maple Pecan BOOMI bar crumbled in. 4 Trader Joe's chocolate covered gingers. (360)

Hi everyone I guess today is my day to ask for help. Im so angry and upset I weighed in 5lbs heavier this week at my appointment. It was the first week I have really let go of control and not obsessively weighed everything or counted every meal and my greatest fears have been realised. Im on 2500 and the dietician said I can reduce to 1800 if I want as I am 8kg away from my healthy weight. Im so confused and upset tho it feels like I finally made some progress with battling my ed thoughts and now I may need to restrict again.

I lost 2lbs last week so was really positive this week as I thought after my initial few huge weight gains I was steadying in to a steady gain but after that weigh in today I am freaking out. I dont want to eat another morsel and just forced myself to have a snack. I really wish I could slow down, I seriously need some reassurance.....

Im going to post my meal plan as im hoping this will force me to finish my days foods. :(

B: Granola and milk, melon, wrap and pb

L: Innocent veg pot and salad and rice crackers, pear and muller crunch corner

S: 1 sula sweet, 1 yoghurt with a hobnob and porridge [sweet cinnamon]

S: 2 hobnobs, dried fruit and mullerlight yoghurt

D: chicken broth and carrots, sweet potato and hummous and salad ,white choc magnum

S: white kinder bueno +5 tic tacs [every little helps lol]


Okay! Let's Do This! Today's Eats:

B: Whole-Wheat Bagel, 2TBS Plain Cream Cheese, 1/2 Banana, Black Cherry Soy Yogurt

S: Blueberry Soy Yogurt

L: Sandwich (2x Ezekiel Bread, 3 slices American Cheese), 10 Baby Carrots, 3TBS FF Ranch

S: Starbucks Mocha Frappucino (2% Milk), Nutz Over Chocolate Luna Bar

D: Wrap (Whole-Wheat Tortilla, 4TBS Garlic Hummus, Onion, Bell Pepper, Sprouts), Sweet Potato Salad (Sweet Potatoes, Mayonaisse, Cilantro, Bell Pepper)

S: 2c Cottage Cheese..... Yes, that is a pint of Cottage Cheese. Don't Judge! :)

Total: 3000-3200cal

 Come on glitter! You CAN do this! 8 kg is still quite a lot to gain! You shouldn't reduce yet, especially since the thought of restricting (the fact that you feel it would be like restricting) gives you anxiety! You have to learn to do what is right for your body, and do what it tells you to do, because now is the time to learn to listen to it, what have you to lose? if 1800 leaves you feeling a bit deprived, that is because you are being deprived! You need to gain, more than just weight, FREEDOM!

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