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Weight Gain
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2500+ calories only: Weight Gainers-What Did YOU Eat Today? - January 7th until January 21st

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  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum
  • Also remember I do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500-this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Excercsie is often an addicition seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you excercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by excercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and we all did, then please post a seperate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for ppl to see posts that are under the food reuirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum  regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals.

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First!!!!!!!!! The New Start to the New Year

deliciousnutritious; your dedication is as inspiring as every. I've just decided to learn from home for the next term at uni, and it was honestly reading you blog from November which gave me the confidence and self belief to tell people that that was what I needed to do. Thank you. Your mental recovery has progressed amazingly! Though you obviously still have a way to go, with the extra support from IP I have so much faith that you will make it to a healthier mental and physical place. Best of Luck, and if you can and want to continue to post or blog, please do.

Today was a day of fear foods. My challenge this week is to try and overcome as many as possible. For me, a fear food isn't a very high kcal thing, so much as something I really like which is relatively high kcal (e.g. not cucumber). The fear is that when I have one I won't be satisfied, and have not be able to stop. So a Cupcake is a food I fear a little, as it is high kcals. However I could easily plan to eat one, as it's not a 'fear food'; because I don't particularly like them and have never craved one. So for the next eats, I'm going to put a * by all Fear Food. Some are v. embarrassing, so please don't judge...

Breakfast; 5 Scrambled Egg Whites (Mum had used the yolks in baking) with Sauteed Mushrooms and Spring Onions, in a Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce. Strawberry Actimel, T

Snack; Apple and Ginger Fruit Juice*, Large Cappuccino

Lunch; Pastrami and Parmesan Wrap with Red Peppercorn Parmesan Mayo, Teriyaku Chicken Schwrap (basically a sushi roll, cut diagonally at one end, to look a bit like a wrap; This isn't what I had, it's just a random Internet Schwrap, but w/e) Grapes*

Snack; Chocolate and Caramel Cake Bar, Banana*

Dinner (at a 'meet up'); Roast Sweet Pepper, Artichoke and Chicken Bucatini with Feta, Black Olives and Spinach in a Tomato sauce. 1/2 Bottle Red Wine

Snack (hungry on bus at 12am); Apricot and Almond Flapjack

Pre-Dinner Snackett; Hot Chocolate, 1/3 Zotter Silent Night Chocolate Bar

I try and eat something new everyday, and never have the same meal twice. My therapist has said it is what I am not eating that is important though, the food I seem to actively avoid, more than the brand new stuff I try. Is there anything obviously missing from my eats? I want to make a list of stuff I need to not avoid, but right now I can't really think of too much (maybe ED doesn't want me to....) so I'm worried I'm in denial.

onesunnyday; how was the Bear?! Oh, and Pizza and cornetto...

mapledream; Do you have an EAT near you? They do a fantastic carrot cake, though banana and walnut is better...

Here's today:

B: nature's path crunchy maple cereal (x2) with 1cup vanilla soymilk, topped with a sliced banana, chopped dried apples, candied pecans and coconut.

S: apricot&almond 'kind' bar.

L: golden chickpea and artichoke salad with toasted almonds; cinnamon raisin walnut baguette crisps alongside. Macintosh apple.

S: maple sweetened greek yogurt topped with maple pecan granola, coconut and pear compote.

D: whole wheat cheese&potato perogies topped with parmesan, lemon and plain yogurt; roasted root vegetables w/ olive oil and rosemary. 1cup apple juice.

S: almond butter w/ a sliced pear.

Here's Today's Eats!-

B: 1.5c Kashi Honey Oat, .5c Soymilk, Odwalla Blueberry-B Smoothie

S: 1.5oz Raw Almonds

L: 1 can Amy's Black Bean Chili, 1c Almond Milk

S: 2 String Cheese, 1 Pink-Lady Apple

D: Amy's Individual Cheese Pizza (AMAZING!), Steamed Sweet Potato

S: Mint Ice-cream w/ Fudge Sauce

Total: 3000cal :D

Ended up not having work so eating schedule worked out a little differently:

50g oats cooked with 1/2 banana, cinnamon, nutmeg topped with:
2 tbsp flax
2 tbsp peanut butter

2 thick slices seeded bread with 1 tbsp mayo, 5 slices chicken, rocket, cucumber, onion
Carrot sticks
1 oz pretzels
4 pieces dark chocolate

100g granola
1/2 cup soya milk

Grilled lean leg of lamb marinaded in rosemary, garlic and olive oil 
Grilled sweet potato
Steamed broccoli + carrot 

1 tbsp peanut butter
1 oz pretzels
1 apple
1 mug hot chocolate 

kbryson7- is that seriously 2500cal??? you must be overestimating, the only 'calorie-dense' food i see is the pumpkin seeds. i did a quick estimation on your cals and it looks more like 2000cal.

Original Post by muchlinski:

kbryson7- is that seriously 2500cal??? you must be overestimating, the only 'calorie-dense' food i see is the pumpkin seeds. i did a quick estimation on your cals and it looks more like 2000cal.

I've been thinking that for a while about your mps (kbryson's) but I didn't want to be 'that girl' who pulls other people up on their posts... Just to say, I agree - are you sure? 

Edit To be fair, having said that, I did an estimation too and it looks around 2400, but just in such a veggie filled way that it must be so uncomfortable on your tummy! 

B 2 x toast (150kcal per slice) with 2 tbsp PB, 1 tbsp preserves, large banana

L 1 whole wheat tortilla with 2 tbsp cream cheese, 1 tbsp cranberry, 5 slices honey roast ham, salad, cucumber
Carrot sticks
1 oz pretzels
4 squares dark chocolate

S Going to grab something out at the shops - between 4-500 calories. Maybe a scone or one of those giant chocolate chip shortbreads from Starbucks.

S Large apple 

D Cheese and spinach pizza (a whole single serve one), steamed carrots and broccoli

S 170g Greek yoghurt, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 banana, 30g granola (all mixed together) 


B: 2 containers full fat greek yogurt, .25 cup cocoa powder, .5 tsp cinnamon, .25 cup sugar (766) mix together and YUM!
4 slices toast (480)

L: 2 servings chickend breast nuggets (380)
1 can peaches (80)
1 pkg poptarts (420)
1 balance bar (200)

D: 2 cups organic four cheese tortelloni (1280)

S: 1 mini apple pie (840)
1 cup haagen daz vanilla (540)

TOTAL: 4986

yesterdays meal plan:

B- 1 English muffin with Jam and 1 cup sunny d 270 calories

l- Honey sandwich on ww bread, an apple and fruit punch 440 calories

s- chocolate chip cliff bar, 1/3 cup almonds 430 calories

d- healthy choice gourmet steamers: General Taos spicy chicken 1 cup vanilla soy milk 415 calories

s- yogurt with honey and granola 220 calories

s #2 Chocolate milkshake made with chocolate soy milk and chocolate ice cream 900 calories  

Total= 2685 calories :D Yumm

Breakfast: 40g of oats, 250ml of milk, two slices of wholemeal toast with jam, a large banana

Lunch: (at The Breakfast Club - gigantic portions, even the person i was with said so so it wasn't annoying ED) two giant poached eggs on a huge slice of heavily buttered granary bread, looooots of fried portobello and button mushrooms in a buttery sauce, fried tomatoes and baby tomatoes, covered in parmesan shavings, a large mango, strawberry and banana smoothie

Snack: 150g of custard, hot chocolate with milk

Dinner: quarter pounder veggie burger in a wholemeal pitta with hummus 

Pudding: 150g of natural yogurt with 30g of kelloggs multigrain, a plum and an orange

I really hate inpatient, but it's the best thing to do ..

Breakfast: 60g rice crispies, 200ml milk, toast + butter + marmite, 200ml orange juice

Snack: Pear, 2 choc disgestives

Lunch: Soya mince bolognese, mashed potato, mixed veg, cherry pie, 300ml milk

Snack: Choc chip cake bar, 200ml milk

Dinner: Sandwich - half egg salad half chicken salad, crisps, apples, grapes

Snack: 200ml milk, hot chocolate, rich tea biscuit, choc chip digestive biscuit

Breakfast; Crumpets* with Flora and T

Snack; Strawberry Benecol, Banana*, T

Lunch; Dad's recipe; basically a Moussaka, but with a tin of Tuna added to the tomato sauce (per serving, individual pots Smile), Slice of Lemon Drizzle Cake

Snack; Crumpet* with Honey*, T

At the Bar; Bellini, glass of Champagne, 1 slice Fruited Brioche*, 1 slice Onion and Tomato Bread*, Salted Chilli and Honey roast Nuts (had 1 almond, 3 cashews, 1 pecan, 4 peanuts, and 2 of some type I've never seen before...) 2 Large Olives in garlic EVOO, 3 Wheat Crackers, 1 Deviled Whitebait dipped in Mayo

Dinner; 7 Grain Pita with Phili and sliced Chicken, Lamb Pastilla

Too tired to eat much more, and it was already 9:30 : ( So to make up kcals;

Pre-Bed Snackett: Hot Chocolate, Fuit and Nut Flapjack, Chocolate Honeycomb Rice Krispy Cake.

Didin't enjoy, but I ate it. Done, now I can sleep.

The biggerpicture: well done for being strong, eating enough and eating what your dad prepared! X P.s im still blOgginG :)

Mashed: relief to not have work? :)

Loopydingdong:hang in there!

So today was sooooo hard, every inch if my body is telling me to not try and gain but I'm fighting it like a mo fo! Oddly I actually couldn't NOT eat, the thought of doing that makes me sad=thats a good thing i guess.

Brekkie: buckwheat flakes, sunbutter, apple sauce, honey and rice milk. Toast with butter and honey

Lunch/snacks: -working - Small slice of nut loaf with pesto dressing

Yoghurt with seeds and maple syrup


a choco macaroon

Dinner: loaded chicken salad, chicken, croutons, Caesar dressing, seeds, dried cranberries,green beans and peppers.

Dessert: cup vanilla ice-cream and cup of pecan granola

Today was realllly hard for me, getting my cals was easy for my stomach since I have a good appetite, but hard mentally. It can be soo confusing sometimes, and around this time of year with all the 'lose weight' resolutions, it's hard to be the one who is trying to get as much food as possible. :/

Meal Plan:

B: 2 Eggs, 1TBS Olive Oil, 15.2oz Naked Strawberry Banana Smoothie

S: 1 pint Blueberries

L: 2x Ezekiel Bread, 2X Swiss Cheese, 1TBS Mustard, 2c Steamed Veggies w/ Butter Sauce

S: 1.5TBS Peanut-Butter, 10 Baby Carrots

D: Amy's Baked Ziti Bowl, Steamed Sweet Potato

S: 'Snacky' Snacks with my best friends watching movies! (400-700cal)

Total: 3000 or a little more :)))

thanks muchlinski and mashed...I do find lots of fruits/veggies make me feel 'full' but I can't get the thought out of my head that I need to eat lots of them everyday, its so frustrating bcuz it makes it hard to get cals up, even when i'm eating all day.

B- big bowl 12 grain cereal with lots of pb, mixed berries and a kiwi

S-an orange, coffee and 1/2c nuts

S-1.5c milk + choc. myoplex, banana

L-2x chicken breast on spinach and veggie salad with chunks of swiss cheese + dressing

S-choc soy pudding x2cups, carrot sticks

D-pork tenderloin, 1.5c ww pasta with cooked beet+brussel sprouts+tomato+red peppers

S-an orange

I went to the movies last night with a friend..wanted to see little fockers but showtimes were messed up so we saw the animated Tangled, its actually pretty good.

Wow delicious amazing job at keeping it up and being the one to take the leap and go IP. <3 I know how you feel, ever since I found out I have to begin day patient Monday it's been a struggle not to just give in to the ED becuase all he wants is for me to be as low as possible and just throw in the towel before I go. But we must realize that will do NOTHING in the long run and will just prolong the goal.

thebiggerpicture- GREAT JOB at the fear foods. I can so relate with why I used to be afraid of certain foods. It wasn't so much the actual food than it was I was afraid I would not be satisfied/full at one.

Everyones eats sound sooo yummy, I see someone recently had carrot cake :D (MY FAV!) as if it isn't obvious *points to username* ;).

I didn't get to post yesterday because I was really busy but here's today. I had a job interview and I was so nervous, haha. I hope I get the job, I really wanted to be at a healthier weight because looking underweight does not look very reliable, ect. I hope that wont work against me..

B: 3 slices pumpkin chocolatey french toast (3 slices WW, 2 eggs, .5c pumpkin) with 2tbsp maple syrup and 2tbsp nutella on top. On the side 1 vanilla greek yogurt with an orange (1200)

L: Panera half chicken caesar salad sandwich, whole cafe salad, 1c soymilk, and some roasted cashews I brought(1200)

S: Starbucks vanilla latte (300)

D: Steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, stir-fried zucchini, (had a massive veggie craving), grilled chicken sandwich, 1c orange juice, and 1c BUTTERFINGER ice cream (this was sooo good, I forgot how much I love butterfingers) (900)

S: Caramel pudding, a sliced apple, 4 chocolate covered digestives (these are just so good) (400)


The carrot cake from tesco was really moist and I tried it because everyone at school always rants on about it. Its probs my second fave, Costco on the otter hand Is soo good!

I cant post yesterdays because I didn't meet my cals. Stupid ed made me feel guilty for getting up Kate and then lying in bed all day doing homework and not exercising. I hate him! I still deserve food even If I don't exercise. Well done to everyone else!

Here's yesterday:

B: sweet potato oatmeal (oats cooked with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, garam masala and sweet potato puree) topped with dark brown sugar, candied pecans, cinnamon raisins, flaked coconut and milk.

S: dates stuffed with maple roasted mixed nuts.

L: almond butter and pumpkin butter sandwich on whole wheat bread; lots of fresh grapes and maple sweetened greek yogurt.

S: cinnamon raisin baguette crisps (x2 servings) with lots of hummus to dip.

D: navajo stew (sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper, black beans in a cilantro, tomato adobe sauce) with roasted broccoli. 1cup vanilla soymilk.

Yesterday's Eats :)

B: Stonyfield Strawberry Greek Yogurt (120), 1/2 c. near naked granola (240), slice of honey wheat toast w/ tbsp pb (200), coffee w. cream & sugar (20)

S: slice of colby jack cheese w/ 4 club crackers (125)

L: Turkey Pot Pie (380), rice pudding (130), grape juice (90)

S: Chocolate Boost -glucose control (190)

D: Panera bread 1/2 ham & cheese w/ small macaroni & french baguette (900)

S: handful of godiva pretzels! (150)


Total: 2545 && feeling AMAZING


B: 4 6"-pancakes (700)
.75 cup syrup (630)

L:2 slices bread (240)
4 tbsp pb (380)
2 tbsp strawberry jelly (100)
2 bags sunchips (420)

S: 1 pkg whole wheat macaroni and cheese (650)

D: Four cheese & spinach ravioli (1100)

S: 1 container haagen daz FIVE milk chocolate ice cream (770) five as in the brand, not as in the amount of pints i had!

TOTAL: 4990

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