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2,500+ Calories ONLY please! Weight Gainers, What did you eat today? MARCH 25th - APRIL 15th

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New thread, guys! Whoo hoo! i think everythings in order... : )


  • Do not post here if you are not reaching 2500+ calories (3000+ for adult men). We strongly recommend 3000+ to gain.
  • Teens must reach 3000 a day minimum
  • Also remember I do not support you using alcohol as a calorie substitute. So if you reach 2500+ with alcohol in your diet, eat a little more to make up for it.
  • If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount (and everyone has at some point) then please post a separate thread w/ questions.
  • Do not post links to your personal blog.
  • No partial meal plans. Only post complete daily intakes.

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This thread is for those of you looking to actively gain weight for whatever reason.

Requirements- If you are a male you need to eat at least 3000 calories, females must eat 2500-this is so that your body can begin to now only gain weight, but also for your internal organs to begin to recover, this takes fuel/calories.

It is NOT suggested that you excercise while underweight.  Excercsie is often an addicition seen with those with eating disorders. Try to stop cold turkey, IF you excercise, 2500/3000 is NOT enough.  You are only harming yourself+prolonging the illness by excercising.

If you are struggling to reach the necessary amount, and we all did, then please post a seperate thread w/ questions.  It is harmful for ppl to see posts that are under the food reuirement amount.  There are suggestions on this forum  regarding higher calorie+denser foods that should be incorporated to aid in reaching calorie goals

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baybeehannahx: I'm glad to hear all went well with the not measuring your breakfast! Soo amazing! And yes, it's def better to have more food than less :)

lilcarty: welcome! Your eats are looking yummy - yay someone else who likes dried apricots. I have them every day.. no joke. And it's nice to hear that you want to up your cals. That's a HUGE step in the right direction, so keep up the great work and determination. What's a boysenberry trumpet, btw?

elle_xo: 34 degrees? Man that's hot! I'm glad you had some fro-yo to cool off ;) And where did you find brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts?

thebiggerpicture:  you continue to amaze me with your accomplishments - your lunch and dinner with friends sound very challenging but delish, too! As for the low cal w high cal foods... I haven't felt hungry at all, which makes it really hard for me to eat. I feel like I don't need to, or rather my ED tells me I don't need to, eat when I am always full.. but I know that food is medicine right now. When I was last hospitalized I tried to stay away from food as long as I could and instead had all ensure for a while. Something about wanting to avoid calorie counting and feeling stuffed 24/7. I wish my metabolism was slower or digestion was faster - aha! Thanks for the advice! And good idea to challenge your preconceptions of preferences. Isn't it funny how a food you thought you hated can actually become one of your faves? I used to "hate" yoghurt, yet now have it every day.

browneyedcolly & muchlinski: yay! You are both so close :)

glitterandsprinkles: As much as I know a cal is a cal, I still have certain food groups that I am more comfy with.. like proteins & fruits/vegs.. but am trying to challenge myself everyday by having a balance of fats and carbs too. It would be soo much easier if I wasn't such a healthy/picky eater. I used to eat all sorts of "unhealthy" foods, like tablespoonfuls of cookie dough, moose tracks ice cream, chocolate truffles, cake, chocolate-chip banana bread warmed up w margarine on it (yumm used to love that!). Now I rarely use margarine, and have difficulty w sweet desserts. One step at a time, though! Great job w trying an unknown cal meal. Do you find that you count, or are you just eating intuitively? (If you don't mind me asking)

spiritriser: I never used to drink cals until I had ensure for the first time two years ago. My doctor basically cut off my water intake, so I needed to get liquid somehow! Plus, I find liquid cals less filling. And soy milk is pretty great - high protein, has "good" fats, some has fibre, and it even tastes good, too. My mom, who hates soy milk, actually said she enjoyed it on her cereal in the morning. Maybe a place to start? How did the cake sale go? The snack sounds very tasty!

coffeestains18: Congrats on enjoying a lunch out with your mom and sister. I bet they really enjoyed your company, too! Keep it up :)

annaattackk: Hope those last two snacks went well! It sounds like you are doing an excellent job in challenging ED!

joyfulrunner: welcome to the thread! It's nice to hear from someone who just wants to gain weight, too! Good luck :)

B: 1 1/2 c kashi cereal, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c OJ, 200ml full-fat vanilla yoghurt w 1 tbsp almond butter stirred in & topped w 1 c mixed berries

S: 2 ensure

L: large ww pita w 2 scrambled eggs, spinach & tomato; carrots & broccoli, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c juice, 2 wworganic fig newton cookies (looked weird, but were actually ok) w 1 tbsp almond butter, 7 dried apricots

S: 2 ensure

D: 1 baked potato, 2/3 c ground soy, asparagus w 1 tbsp sundried tomato salad dressing, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c juice

S: 1/2 c cottage cheese, more carrots & broccoli, 1 c juice

S: 1 homemade apricot-almond Larabar, 1 1/2 c soy milk

breakfast: two slices of cinnamon raisin ezekiel w/two tbsp maple almond butter & one tbsp raspberry preserves; fage 2% with blueberry flax and banana, and a glass of vanilla coconut milk! 

snack: cran-lemon probar, pink poetry odwalla

lunch: grilled chicken caesar salad (love these!) w/romaine, sprouts, grilled chicken, shredded provolone, garlic croutons & real caesar dressing :) dried mango & bing cherries

snack: black & white bakery cookie (!) and skim milk

snack: baby carrots & white bean hummus, red rome apple & coffee + milk

dinner: angel hair w/vodka sauce, black olives & parmesan cheese! steamed broccoli & brussel sprouts anddd a small piece of whole grain baguette & evoo and rosemary

dessert: green apple sorbet! six squares of dark chocolate

snack: chocolate chip cookie dough poptart (!!), more milky coffee & a banana!


singingintherain: i actually love those ww organic fig newtons, haha! oh & dark chocolate almonds -- amazing, please give them a try soon girlie ;) what really helped me to challenge myself was seriously just doing it..pushing myself -- one challenge at a time. believe me, it gets so much easier, i had so many fear foods (and i can remember the first time i tried each and every one of them after starting recovery) you can do it -- chocolate & nuts are so yummy, too..and really help with high volume meals/high calories! xo

coffeestains: hey love -- how are you?! ahh i'm happy to be back ;) your lunch out sounded amazing, so jealous! and i'm so happy you had such a wonderful time, you & your sister deserve it! (umm, i miss her too -- by the way, haha!) and that macaroon, yum! all in one flavor?! so glad to see youre doing well <3

OK-been slipping a bit and so am going to use this thread to keep myself accountable-please post if you think I am under.

B-1/3 cup oatbran mixed with 1 cup almond milk and 1 T flax seeds-topped with 3/4 cup blueberries, 10 almonds and 1 T almond butter (600)

S-apple and 10 pistachios (150)

L-sandwich on sprouted ww bread with 1 T cream cheese, 1 egg, sprouts, hot sauce. Tomato basil salad with balsalmic and 1teaspoon hemp seed oil (450)

S-3/4 cup plain yogurt with scoop pumpkin and 1/4 cup homemade granola (350)

D-brown rice pasta with broccoli and "vegan cheese sauce" (1 recipe serving-1 -1.5 cups cups??) topped with tempeh (1 serving) and apple and red cabbage cole slaw on the side (600 ish)

S-steamed soy milk, small homemade scone-300  

singingintherain7 I try to just plan a complete meal rather than put meals together via numbers ,which can at times be hard. So say for lunch I would try to make sure I have protein carbs and veg and/or salad. I really want to move towards intuitive eating though, as at the moment im still very rigid in 3 meals and 3 snacks. I just need to take the plunge I think. My problem is I tend to leave meals as long as possible and then by the time it comes to eating Im not hungry!!! Its only because I know I need to get in the 3 meals and 3 snacks that I eat at times, so im not sure what to do!!

Do you have a buddy you could sign up to help you with some challenges? My cousin has been a rock and everytime I have wanted a challenge she has joined me. It makes it more fun. So the first time I had unmeasured fro yo out she came with me, the first time I went out to eat in a restaurant she came too etc etc Plus my mum has always been happy to join me in a chocolate feast!!! Funny thing is after you have done each challenge you think to yourelf , oh is that it? Whats the big fuss about? lolol Keep up the great work you are still meeting your cals and thats the main thing!! One step at a time!

annaattackk- well done on conquering so many fear foods! I'm loving the "snacky" meals- oatmeal for dinner etc :)

thebiggerpicture- yeah excactly, it may look as though others undereat but then you realise that when they do eat they certainly make up for it! Oooh well done on the desserts etc- you have a lucky friend if her dad works at Mars lol!

muchlinsski- Yeyy! Your almost there- well done youre doing an amazing job! Would you mind if I asked you what your  goal BMI is?

SO today I hasd a weigh- in, it didn't go so well so I have decided that although I am not meeeting with a dieetician again for over a week I am going to increase my meal plan on my own, otherwise it will just be another wasted week!


Singinintherain, whyever would your doctor cut off your water? I have tried soy milk and I cannot stand it. I don't really like normal milk either though, I couldn't eat it on it's own, only on cereal. The cake sale was great, I made 120 for charity!!

Breakfast: large sesame bagel with 2tbs. PB and a sliced apple, toasted and milky tea

Snack: 3 roses chocolates (thank you maths teacher)

Lunch: butternut squash, tuna and tomato curry with couscous (large portion) 3 carrots with 1/3 large tub of humous and a latte

Snack: 60g Ike and sans sweet and salt popcorn, 55g bag of sour skittles

Dinner: large sesame bagel topped with tomato sauce, fried onions, mushrooms and 35g cheddar and stuck under the grill. Peaches and passionfruit innocent smoothie

Snack: raspberry activia yoghurt with a raisin and hazelnut jordans bar crumbles in, 2 plums and a 4 finger kitkat bar

Hello Lovelies! Good day today; before dinner ED was telling me I was doing too much snacking, and was compulsively eating. I know I went over my mp today, which is really weird as I rarely ever do. But I'm ignoring boring old ED and sallying forth!

Epic Breakfast! Unmeasured, large portions, fear foods, and no-one there to tell me to eat or be impressed with me. YAY!!!!

Breakfast! Large bowl (1.5+cups?!!!) mixed fear food cereal (Honey Nut Shreddies, Honey Nut Cornflakes, Apricot Shreddies,  Apricot Special K, Bran Flakes) with lots of Milk, T. Pink Lady Apple, sliced and smeared with 3 types of Marmalade, 2 types of PB, 3 types of Jam and 1 of Honey (wanted to try them all...), more T. Muller Cherry Compote Corner with handful (1/3-1/2cup) of Fruit, Seed and Nut Dorset Museli. Coffee and a few grapes. Didn't feel stuffed or 'binge like'!!!!

330ml Berry Protein Shake


Lunch: 2 Ryvita with mini Red Pepper Hummus Pot and Cucumber; 1 with Flora, Marmite and Tomato; M&S Black Olive Flat Bread with much Sweet Chili Cream Cheese, Baby Corn and Cottage Cheese, T

T, Cracker with Blueberry Jam, Potato Farl with Honey

2 Glasses of Tattinger, small handfuls of Pistachio Nuts and Honey Roast Cashew Nuts

Dinner: Vitabella Pizza with added Sauteed Mushrooms, Spinach and Goats Cheese Balls

Pre-Bed (full but happy Smile); Hot Chocolate, few Milk/White Chocolate covered Peanuts

Baybeehannahx; well done for taking the iniative to up your mp! You're right; there is no point wasting more time. This way you can also discover and particular problems you might have, and so have a more productive and informed meeting with the nutritionist than you would have done before. 

spiritriser why is it 4 finger kit kats taste so much nicer than 2 finger ones! I reckon its the extra choccies!! I always think of my brother who used to slap my leg and leave a 4 finger kit kat slap mark!! Little brothers hey!!

baybeehannahx increasing by yourself is a fab idea. Its you giving ED a kick up the butt and saying I want life!! You can do it!

Dear ED,

Apologies but you are not welcome here. I know I kicked your butt today and you may feel sad but tough s***. Im fed up with your rubbish!!

What a day, so many fears challenged and rules broken!!

B: Cinnamon and raisin bagel and jam, cup of just right and milk

L: quorn peppered steak fillet, soy crisps, pepper and onion stir fried with salad and pickle, pear, aero ice cream pot

S: 9 seed bar

S: 2 bags mini popcorn chocolate pecan and white choc strawberry

D: sweet potato with hummous and pepper and onion stir fried, 2 pickled cue and 2 toms, clementine and 3 huge scoops of mint chocolate and white chocolate ice cream [this was a huge achievement as my mum served this for me and gave me a small portion and I actually asked for a bigger portion and finished of the pots!! Im mega proud of this achievement. Full fat ice cream from a parlour!!!]

S: bar of chocolate with smarties in. [Saw this in the pound shop and couldnt resist!! challenged my rules about what im allowed as snacks in a day here].

Not going to feel bad, im only gaining for another 2 pounds so may as well enjoy! 

wow everyone is doing amazing lately! goodjob to thebiggerpicture, glitterandsprinkles for challenging ED! and to baybeehannah for increasing so you can get the job done :) and to everyone else for keeping up with these tiring meal plans :p


bfast: i actually had.... peanut butter cup icecream individual serving cup FOR BREAKFAST!! [i wanted to challenge ED early off cause kids eat cakes for breakfast all the time, so why cant i?]; also, an apple dipped in 2 tbsp crunchy pb [sooo scared of pb and had tons at the start of the day!]

snack: caramel nut blast balance bar!

lunch: turkey and swiss on 2 pieces whole wheat toast; nectarine; peach cup; 1 serving (60) parmesan goldfish; 1 serving (60) cheddar gold"chick" crackers

snack: 2 "grandmas" oatmeal raisin soft cookies; white/milk hot chocolate!!! [fear of drinking cals and i made it myself!]

dinner: [left me feeling v. full] mixture of 2 scrambled eggs, 1.5 cups shredded hashbrown potatoes, 1 oz swiss cheese, salsa, 2 sausage links all together cooked with olive oil; 4 cups broccoli with butter and seasoning - loooove my broc ;)

snack: fudgesicle, chocolate tootsie pop, fiber one oats and chocolate bar

snack: vanilla yogurt with oatmeal raisin chewy bar crumbled in; 2 sliced apples heated in the microwave with cinnamon and topped with syrup and a chocolate vanilla swirl pudding cup

Todays eats-

B- Quaker apple and blueberry porridge express pot.

S- Waitrose ff scottish raspbery yogurt.

L- Cinnamon and raisin bagel with raspberry jam and big bowl of bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk ( atleast 45g of cereal andd 130ml of milk.)

S- Apple, 10 grapes and special K chocolate and raspberry bliss bar.

T- Large chicken breast wrapped in parma ham and stuffed with mozzarella cheese with 2 giant mushrooms stuffed with homeamde vegetable ratatouille and topped with mozzarella cheese. (yum meal!) 5 pieces of yogurt coated honeycomb.

S- 10 grapes, 6 blackberries,  bran flakes (maybe 38g) with semi skimmed milk ( around 100ml) and 3 squares of lindtt chocolate.

Weigh in tomorrow- gotta keep feeling positive :) 



B- Whole milk porridge w/ chopped apple + cinnamon

S- Tuna Mayonaise; Nakd bar

L- Large portion of home-made noodle soup (like a nutritious, wholesome pot noodle, yum); fruit smoothie

S- 9 Bar Pumpkin; Ensure plus blackcurrant

D- Salmon fillet; parsley mint + lemon cous cous; spinach; green beans

S- Ensure plus vanilla; 2 digestives

B: english muffin with two TSP PB, yogurt w/ loads of granola and rasins, babybell cheese, T

L: sandwhich w/ whole grain (turkey and mustard), babybell cheese, chips, rasins, kitkat, T w/ splenda

S: ensure + and apple

D: steak, salad, roasted carrots in olive oil

S: to be decided, maybe a donut ; ) mmmm....

muchlinsski- all i can say is Go go go!!! Haha! We're almost there! Your about to beat me too! I gotta step it up!! : ) Good luck to you! lets beat this!


browneyecolly- Looks like I was wrong... I have 7 pounds to go!!! I wonder who will make it first! :)))

baybeehannahx- My BMI goal is 18.5. It's fine with me, but my treatment team decided my goal weight. It's 116lbs and I'm currently 109lbs. 7 to go! :)))

Today’s Eats:

 B: Bagel, 1TSP Butter, Yoplait Mixed Berry Fruited Yogurt, 1c Strawberries

 S: 8oz Chocolate Ensure, 10oz Starbucks Bottled Mocha Frappucino, Apple Cinnamon Nutrigrain Bar

 L: 2oz Nachos, 3oz Chicken, 2TBS Sour Cream, Tomatoes, 1c Low-Fat Milk, 1c Vanilla Ice-Cream

 S: Yoplait Mixed Berry Fruited Yogurt, Keebler’s Dipped Fudge Stick

 D: Cilantro Beef with Orzo and Yellow Pepper, 1c Soy Milk

 S: 1/2c Trail Mix, String Cheese

Total: 5000 Calories :)


great work on the gains everyone!

B-1.5c good for you muesli +1cblueberries+1/2c cottage cheese (i used to love this muesli with vanilla breakfast to go drink..it made it so thick and sweet)...unfortunately didn't have any BTG drinks at home but the cottage cheese was still good with it...and the muesli is 200cals per 1/3c!

S-an apple+ 1/2c trail mix+starbucks coffee

L- 2x rye bread+turkey breast and zucchini, 3c veggies+ 1/2 avocado

S-1c soymilk+chocolate myoplex shake

D- a sausage, big red potato, 2c broccoli+gr.beans, red pepper and carrot slices, ~1/4c italian dressing, a n orange

S- 1.5c kashi+1c soy milk+pb

great work on the gains everyone!

B-1.5c good for you muesli +1cblueberries+1/2c cottage cheese (i used to love this muesli with vanilla breakfast to go drink..it made it so thick and sweet)...unfortunately didn't have any BTG drinks at home but the cottage cheese was still good with it...and the muesli is 200cals per 1/3c!

S-an apple+ 1/2c trail mix+starbucks coffee

L- 2x rye bread+turkey breast and zucchini, 3c veggies+ 1/2 avocado

S-1c soymilk+chocolate myoplex shake

D- a sausage, big red potato, 2c broccoli+gr.beans, red pepper and carrot slices, ~1/4c italian dressing, a n orange

S- 1.5c kashi+1c soy milk+pb

Wow, sounds like everyone had a fantastic, ED butt-kicking day. Way to go :)

clairedeterre: your eats sound very yummy, and I admire your variation from day to day. It's great to see that you are not afraid to branch out and have different foods and not get stuck in a pattern. Green apple sorbet? For some reason I immediately think that that is sour, maybe because everything "green apple" I have had has been sour? haha. Yay for the cookie dough pop tart - did you toast it? I'll be getting onto the dark chocolate almonds soon enough, I promise!

glitterandsprinkles: Thanks for the advice. I definitely have my mom's support in whatever challenge foods I have - she loves chocolate and chips etc. And I definitely agree with the feeling after the "challenge".. I'm kinda like, why was that such a big deal again? Aha. But then I feel nervous before each new challenge, no  matter how easy the previous ones were. Weird. Congrats on all of your achievements for today, especially w the 3 ice cream scoops & chocolate w smarties. Hope you enjoyed them both!

baybeehannahx: Good for you on upping the cals on your own. That's a big step in the right direction!

spiritriser: I used to have problems w drinking water excessively, like a lot of ED patients do I guess. Instead of eating, I'd drink water. What with having over 10 ensure a day, she only gave me water to take with medications. At first I was sooo thirsty, but I got used to it. It turns out I lost a lot of water weight after the first few days in the hospital, but then everything I gained afterwards was "real" weight which was much better. And that's amazing about the money you raised through the cake sale! It seems everyone loves cake ;)

annaattackk: Fantastic work today! Yay :)

incandescentmoon: Good luck on the weigh-in tomorrow!

B: 3 slices french toast (3 x cinnamon raisin bread, 2 eggs, splash soy milk, 1/4 c pumpkin puree & cinnamon) topped w 1 tbsp almond butter, 100 ml vanilla yoghurt & 1/2 c cottage cheese topped w 1 c blackberries, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c OJ

S: 2 ensure

L: 3/4 c ww cous cous w 1/2 large can tuna, mixed veggies & 1 tbsp sundried tomato evoo salad dressing; 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c juice, 1 large pear

S: 2 ensure

D: grilled chicken breast w tandoori sauce, large red pepper cornbread muffin, broccoli/red onion/asparagus/orange pepper stir-fry w ~2 tsp evoo, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c juice

S: 1 c vanilla fro-yo, 7 dried apricots, 13 almonds, 1 1/2 c soy milk, 1 c juice



singingintherain7 -  Thanks for the welcome!

I tried to keep a rough count of calories today... I'm a math major so at least I'm good at adding! Now that I know I'm eating enough to post here I don't think I'll count anymore though. 

Breakfast - 1.5 cups almond oatmeal crunch (360) with 1 cup whole milk (160) and strawberries (negligible). 1.5 cups whole milk (220) mixed with 4 tbsp whipping cream (180) and chocolate instant breakfast (145). 

Snack - .5 cups trail mix with seeds, nuts and dried papaya (400-ish). Bell pepper sticks with ranch dressing (60)

Lunch - bagel sandwich - bagel with mayo, mustard, tomato-basil turkey and cheddar cheese (500-ish). Juice box (100).

Snack - yogurt-covered raisins and chewy candies. (250-ish). This wasn't the best snack because I was really hungry 45 minutes later, and didn't have any food with me. 

Dinner - catered at a meeting. Chicken breast in mushroom gravy, roasted mini-potatoes and green beans. Small dinner roll with butter. (700-800-ish) Probably on the lower end as I didn't get to finish before they took it away. I

Snack - Yogurt (120). Peanut butter - scraped my jar empty :( (200-ish). Vanilla "milkshake" from the dairy section (310). 2 Roasted-red pepper crackers (50).

Total: 3,600-ish Hooray! 


So past few days have been terrible so can't post, but hopefully I can get myself back on track with the help of my flatmates...

thebiggerpicture: Thanks! Haha well all of a sudden I do like bananas! They too were a huge fear food of mine! That sounds amazing, I think I will push myself to try that tomorrow :)

singingintherain7: I am going to have to up my cals now... have to make up for the past few days... but a boysenberry trumpet is an icecream that is amazing!!! Maybe you can only get them in New Zealand haha you should look them up... :)

Everyones eats look so good! So impressed with everyone!

lilcarty: wishing you luck in getting back on track

joyfulrunner: welcome! i saw you had trail mix at snack..i love having it at snack too, however I only count my 1/2c as ~250cals. (almonds,cashews,pumpkin seeds,papaya,filberts,raisins) Don't u hate when the pb jar is empty..

kbryson7  - thanks for the calorie count! I am so bad at counting, never thought about calories in my life before! Will have to eat more trail mix today, but I'm going to stop counting unless the scale stops going up. 

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