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Weight Gain
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700 calorie = weight gain??

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I've been dealing with anorexia for about 8-9 months now. I went to treatment, but was forced to quit when my insurance ran out (after 3 months). Now i'm on my own and food is driving me crazy. It is all i can think about.

I eat about 700 calories a day. i skip breakfast, my lunch is about 150 calories, and the remaining 550 calories i divide between dinner and nighttime snack. So i guess i consume most of my calories at night. Usually between 7-9 pm. Recently i've noticed a weight gain, and i feel bloated ALL the time. Is it possible to gain weight from eating that much? I was going to increase my intake but the weight gain freaked me out and i don't know what to do. because i don't want to gain quickly. Could i be gaining weight from eating late? or is my metabolism that screwed up?


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oh GO AWAY. I HATE THESE STUPID POSTS. you need to up your cals to a min of 1500 and 2500 if you are seeking to restore weight lost through anorexia.

please dont post about your 700 diet here. it will bug the crap into ppl. most people here are eating on average of 3000. ppl are exhausted from reading this rubbish, and everyone here is working damn hard to recover

Are you truly interested in recovering from your anorexia?
If you are you need to eat all of your allotted calories everyday, not just 700.
You need to eat every meal, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. 
You are going to gain weight, your body needs to gain weight.
Think of it as putting fuel in a car.  No fuel and you are going to get stuck and things are going to go wrong and you will feel sluggish. 
Feed your body the fuel that it needs and it will work properly, yes you will gain weight, but you will feel better and function better.

If you truly want to recover, you need to change your mind set and see things in a different way.  Food is good, it nurishes your body.

Please take care of yourself and also be kinder to your body, it needs to be nurished not to be punished by restricting calories.

Do not be rude. It is not stupid. We have all struggled.

yeah, you're right we all have. its not stupid.

but it is stupid if you refuse to get your cals up.

Ok you said you were in treatment for 3 months correct? Was this inpatient? What tools did you learn while there that you can use now? I am thinking after 3 months you know what to do but for one reason or another you are not. Did you work on the why behind your ed? When you say you have gained how much and what is your weight? I could be wrong but are we talking a few pounds and that you are extremly under? In any regards even if normal weight this is dangerous to eat this little. If you are concerned that you are having health issues or regardless you need to have your gp give you a physical. So if I were you I would go for a physical but stop wondering if it is your metabolism etc with this and work on ways to get on a healthy meal plan to give your body and mind fuel. I understand there is fear but like I said even if you were normal or overweight this way of eating is not ok. Are you willing to start increasing your calories? Are you willing to sit with the fears and anxiety?Are you willing to gain weight? You can do this and I am sure have the tools from the inpatient or what ever program but now you have to push yourself

Your focus and priorities are totally out of whack. You could have asked how many calories you need to recover; if exercise is ok (no) or what recovery support options you have. But simply asking about your metabolism does not imply to me that you are really interested in recovery.

Please only post on CC if you are in active recovery - this community will welcome you if you are; but otherwise you are simply triggering the people here who really want to help themselves.

Just up your calroies by 300 everyday until you reach 2500.

And donot excersise. I learned the hard way.

Anna, listen:

You probably feel alone right now, like you will gain weight eating 700 calories a day when everyone else on here is around 3000+. You feel different, your body is different, nobody understands how fast you put on weight, right?

WRONG. Your metabolism may be screwed up right now, true, but by eating more you will BURN so many more calories so it's like you never ate them in the first place. I promise you if you start eating 2000 calories today and do so consistently, you will put on weight in the beginning, but then you will begin to LOSE weight rapidly still eating the same amount. Your body will hoard the calories at first because it doesn't think it will get anymore, but when it realizes it does have a steady supply of calories it will burn them like crazy, using them to fix all the things you have done to mess up your body during starvation. This is why anyone, ANYONE INCLUDING YOU, who is serious about wanting to gain their health back much keep upping their calories during recovery.

Think of carbs as energy to heal your body, go about your day, and keep up with your friends.

Think of protein as the muscle you used to have, and DON'T EXERCISE. Believe it or not, exercising will just diminish your muscles even more. Your muscles will only grow back if you eat a full, balanced diet including protein and don't use up the calories on exercise. You may exercise when your weight has significantly increased and your doctors say you may, and you must add more calories to your diet when you do so.

Think of fats not as fat on your body, but as glowing skin, strong, shiny, thick hair, strong nails, and a well functioning brain. Fats don't make you fat. Really, who ever started calling them that was an idiot.

I hope you are ready to take the steps toward recovery. It doesn't sound like you are. I ask on behalf of everyone on here, I think, that you don't post anymore threads unless you are serious about getting better, because they can be triggering to those of us who are still recovering. But when you are ready, an incredibly supportive network of people is waiting for you.

Hi anna0076 ... Are you here to try to seriously get into recovery? There isn't much we can do for you, you need to seek outside help and professional counseling and support. If you don't have insurance there are some free services. You need to be consuming no less than 1500-3000 calories a day.

If you have anorexia, your goal should be to gain but you won't do it on 700 calories a day. If you are truly gaining on 700 calories a day, it is probably just bloating and water weight as a result of your organs breaking down from starvation.

In addition, Calorie Count is all about healthy weight maintenance and we cannot and do not support those with eating disorders who are unwilling to seek professional treatment and get into active recovery. 

However, there are some resources we can point you to so you can get help:

In addition please check out the Eating Disorders Resource thread with hotline numbers and websites to help you get the help you might need.

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