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Is it true that one burns more calories on cold weather? So would you need to eat more in the winter?

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:'[ i really hope not!

it is 5degrees celcius here.

i'm only just increasing to 3000.

i'l have to move to africa.


You burn more calories in the cold given you're not exercising.  If you exercise in the cold, you actually burn less calories (than doing so in warm-to-hot temperatures), since your body doesn't have to keep you from overheating.

You only burn more calories in cold weather if you are exposed to it for long periods of time. Most of us have heated homes and therefore do not have to worry about that. If you have to walk home from work or school in cold weather, just make yourself a nice cup of hot cocoa with some marshmallows as an extra treat when you get home.

Its 3 degrees here, brr! adn im getting a lot hungrier in this cold winter weather, xoxo

As far as I know the cold it self does not make you burn more calories, but if it is very cold and you start shivering you will burn calories. The muscles contract at a rapid speed to heat your body and that burns calories. Maybe an hour or two sitting in your fridge every day might add to the workout? Tongue out

Ive been told by my treatment team to keep as warm as possible as shivering burns calories - so always wearing a hat/gloves/scarf/thermals and keeping yourself above the point where you are really feeling the cold. Its 3 degrees here too  - thank goodness for central heating - I should by shares in british gas for the amount we are using at the moment.

Depends on what you are doing. Your body does work harder if you are cold to keep warm but I would not say it is enough to justify eating more. The difference is small. ml

i never thought anything of it, until my mom kept accusing me of trying to stay cold, becasue she read on a Maudsley Parents forum that girls stayed cold to burn more cals...but i dont see how you could burn too much.

OY people this is very ed thinking. Healthy people do not take in to account such small factors. In daily life whether it be doing more errands,weather,less sleep etc it balances out because you are in a healthy range caloric wise from day to day.  When thoughts come to mind like this or like the other post about weighing at different times a day it is key to challenge those thoughts as not being healthy. Your body is not a calculator and is meant to vary slightly weight wise and caloric wise but not to extremes

Sorry abbi!! i didnt mean anything ed related behind this! i was just wondering why i was getting very hungry in the cold, thats all, sory!

Drivenlass - I have some thoughts as to why you might be feeling more hungry in the cold weather.

Are you a person who usually spends a great deal of time outside doing things when the weather cooperates? If so, being cooped up inside can lead to boredom and thus to the urge to eat.(not really hungry)

In the summer time,when we are hot and sweaty, we are more inclined to drink more fluids - especially water - than we are in the winter. In the winter, when we drink it is usually things like coffee & hot tea - both of which serve to strip fluids. The point to this is that we often mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. Try drinking a large glass of water the next time you feel hungry, wait 20 min and see if the feeling is still there.

Finally, winter time is the time of soups, chili, and stews full of rich sauces, etc. It is a comfort thing. Look for recipes that indulge the whole concept, but are still healthy for you.

Good luck and blessings on your journey,


Original Post by sunnim:

The point to this is that we often mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. Try drinking a large glass of water the next time you feel hungry, wait 20 min and see if the feeling is still there.

Since the OP is posting in Weight Gain, she probably doesn't want or need advice on how to eat less.

Remember, there are a variety of users on CC, and not everyone has the same goals.

Thanks sunnim, but amethystgirl is right, i am trying to gain, and i eat the same now as i did in the summer (fluid wise too) except less cold meals and more soup. I was just curious, like does my body need more heat now to stay warm through eating more food, thats all.

It does not bother me so I did not mean to make you feel bad. I wanted you and others to be aware that this type of thinking is not normal. If you are more hungry then you need to eat more. The goal is to gain anyhow and regardless of the why it means you need more fuel.

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